Apparently that is a cake…. Cake or Richter Scale 9 earthquake. The feeling of baking success….

Thank you Sadje for asking about my 10 favourite life feelings.

So here goes

  1. That feeling of holding your child for the first time. That moment of bliss as the little 6lb bundle of joy screams the place down,
  2. Feeling love,
  3. The feeling of warmth when you hold someone special,
  4. The feeling of waking up after a long and pleasant dream …. forgotten what that feels like but it sounds so cool,
  5. That feeling of joy when you realise it’s not Monday and it’s still the weekend,
  6. Those few moments of release when you get time to read a book or listen to your favourite cd,
  7. Finding that the empty box of chocolates has a hidden, untouched second layer,
  8. That moment of connection when you get an unexpected smile from someone,
  9. Sitting down for a bowl of your mums wonderful Apple Crumble and Custard,
  10. The feeling of elation when your favourite team wins a major trophy …. I picked the team which can’t even win the best match day pasty contest. No idea what this feels like but it does sound wonderful.

I was tempted to add finding bathroom paper (toilet paper) in the shops these days….

I guess the feeling of baking joy when you produce a wonderful culinary creation must be in there. One day I might be able to confirm that. Maybe it will happen this week, maybe in July when the Great Bloggers Bake-off happens. 18/19th July.

Remember the Bake-off is for everyone, including those like me who can’t bake. It’s not often we get a chance to show off our complete incompetence in the kitchen. Lets embrace our inner baking muppet. Let’s have a laugh and give everyone a giggle as well. You know it makes sense.

So from now until the big weekend I am going to do at least one bit of baking each week. No practice runs. Photograph the disaster. This week I might just have a go at a Meringue….

Remember to send in your baking creations (you can start early) to Mel so that they can be featured in the Great Bake-off.

99 thoughts on “Mood baking

  1. Your list is wonderful. Holding your child for that very first time! No parallel to it. Thanks for responding to the tag. I think the cake looks okay. Arenโ€™t home made cakes supposed to look like this? Mine do.

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  2. Number 6!! Lately, that is exactly what I am thinking of too very often. I am soooo looking forward to reading a book again. There are so many great books waiting on my shelf to be read.
    Btw. if you want a cake looking perfect (although it does not)… just use frosting… hehe!

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    1. Yes Ive ordered plenty just in case. Itโ€™s so easy to get out of the habit of reading. This may be a silly question but what language are the books. Iโ€™ve bought myself a German book on ski jumping. Trying to read it but it will take me years….

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      1. Wow, I am taking a bow that you even ordered a German book! I think reading is actually easier than listening, at least.
        And I agree, you can really get out of the reading habit. I am not a novella reader at all but there are so many interesing books waiting to be read and I ordered new ones too regarding plants, healing methods, remedies, … But I will make room for it now. I went the wrong way for too long…

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      2. Yes, I do, actually quite a few. I have lavender, horsetail (growing wild), dandelion (growing wild), savage, thyme, rosemary,.. and some I just planted or am about to plant but they need some time to grow…hehe.

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      3. Oh, you want me to start? Haha… OK: Dandelion is detoxifying and draining. It is the number one means of draining toxins through the kidneys. At the same time it stimulates the liver, bile and kidney function. It stimulates the metabolism. All this in turn helps with rheumatic diseases, but also rashes, acne, cellulite, and overweight. It supports the intestinal flora, promotes digestion and also helps with sensitivity to the weather. That’s only some basic effects of dandelion.
        Isnt’t it amazing?

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      4. That’s fine! You can keep doing that. You can collect and dry them yourselves and use them over the year. Maybe that is something you could do together with your son these days.

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      1. I have three lined up….what I am worrying about is Jack. He has an idea that I don’t think will work. He can’t bake where he is. But I told him to make some African dishes to bring along to the picnic.

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