Who doesn’t love a rainbow. My partner adored them. They remind me of happy memories. But they also show me that life goes on. A rainbow doesn’t last for long. But if you are patient, then another will eventually appear.

Life goes on. After you lose someone special, you do forget this. There is always rebirth. That took me a long time to figure that out. For months death marked the end. That’s the frustration. If it’s the end, why is the world still spinning.

Maybe a better way to look at it for me is that death actually marks a boundary. A demarcation between two life’s. That way life does seem to go on. That’s how the world keeps spinning. That makes more sense to me.

So now I look back and see my partners death slightly differently. Her death marks a boundary. The ending of our life together. As the boundary is crossed, no more joint memories can be created. She has left this world. But here’s the key. She left the world a better place than she found it. She did her bit to enrich the people she encountered. That’s a sign of a life well lived. Surely that’s what we all should be hoping to achieve. When she left. She left her little part of this world, a better place. Filled with many memories. Some memories make you smile. Some bring a tear. But these are all memories to be treasured.

So my partners death did mark a boundary. I crossed that boundary. I brought those memories with me. On the other side of the boundary my life changed. Full time parent, tidying up the outstanding issues from the last life, treasuring the precious memories and starting to live again. Striving to leave this world a little better than I found it. Just like a beautiful rainbow.

63 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. I love rainbows too! Everytime there’s sun & rain I’m outside looking for the rainbow.
    As I was reading your explanation of the boundary, it struck me that although my ex is alive, our relationship died. Almost 23 years of one life ended, and a new life began. I have memories from that old life… some not so good, some absolutely fantastic, but distant, removed… a different life. Hmmm…πŸ€”

    I’m glad that rainbow stayed around long enough for you to take it’s picture. No go find that pot of gold, it’s about 13 and answers to the name of SonπŸ˜‰πŸ’Œ

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  2. I love rainbows too. And those are beautiful pictures. And I love your way of thinking. Death signifies a boundary indeed. I’m glad that you have come to this beautiful realisation. This was so beautifully written. Even though they may not be with us, they’ll continue to live in our hearts. The memories will always stay.

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  3. You have said v it so well Gary. One part of life ends and another begins. Now your role as a parent is important. You’ve to guide your son and show them how to life a as good life.

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      1. There is something about loss that fixes us in place or freezes us. My own experience is it takes time I think.it may be the same for you. β™₯️ Thanks for being here life’s more bearable knowing people like you exist

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  4. I love rainbows too they makes us feel happy and colourful they shows that life is full of colours . Everyone has a rainbow in their life and everyone sees it with different perspectives but yess you are right in spite of all that colours and happiness they also tells us that everything has to be end one day just like rainbows they appears and then suddenly end within minutes similarly our life is like rainbow we have no assurity how many time we have left to see the colours of life.


  5. This is the most beautiful post. Such a lovely take on what has happened in your life. I have a feeling others will draw comfort and support from this. Fabulous metaphor 🌈 🌈 🌈 x

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  6. That’s such a beautiful way see things. You’re rainbow photos say a lot as well. Life is full of grey skies, but look what comes out of that grey sky! Amazing! I love those blue skies. I would choose blue skies in a heart beat, but those moody grey skies aren’t all bad.

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      1. Yes, I agree. Never ending rain would be a downer. Looking at the clouds is nice. I was looking at the clouds today and thinking were having a Yorkshire summer this year. It was quite windy today too. ☺

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  7. Gary, you are making a difference in this world. I am so grateful to have “met” you. Your posts are uplifting, inspiring, and so well thought out. I am so glad you have wonderful memories to treasure on this side of the boundary. Rainbows are so beautiful. And so is this post. I thank you for sharing pieces of your heart and for telling us all about your wife, whom we cannot meet on this side of the veil, by doing so you continue her work, so to speak. Life can be so good.

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  8. This is a very beautiful recollection of your partner’s life! It struck my heart strings. I can see that your partner lived a good life with you and your other loved ones. Indeed, a life worth commemorating.

    May God bless your new life!

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