Well it looks ok. Looks like bread. That’s not a bad effort from me. Especially as it’s gluten, dairy and yeast free. But then there is always a downside. Time to taste it. Wow. How can I describe the taste.



Might as well be eating paper….

‘It’s bread Jim but not as we know it”….

Yes even a Vulcan like Spook would struggle to quantify this baking attempt. Even when I spread something on a slice it just tasted odd. Tried to toast it. Refused to change colour even when I incinerated. This is officially NOT bread. So what to do with this non food item.

Maybe it’s better than the paper towel I usually use to rest the spoon on, which is being used to stir the contents of the slow cooker….

Maybe as a saucer….

As a page marker….

As something to sort out the wobble on the table….

As a dog toy…

As a frisbee….

And finally, as bird food….

The Great Bloggers Bake-off is fast approaching on the 18th-19th July. Why don’t you join in the fun. Whether you can bake or not. Let’s have fun.

Remember to send in your creations (you can start early) to Mel (CrushedCaramel). Maybe your entry is not baking just something for a picnic like a sandwich, drink or salad….


Let’s see if we can literally blow Mel’s and our wonderful judge Jeanne’s (A Jeanne in the kitchen) socks off with our creations and monstrosities.

86 thoughts on “Baking, it’s not ….

  1. U was away to say you could feed Tolstoy… Yeah I named your sparrow 9(or me anyway). Tell you what though? It looks like bread. 10 out of 10 for that. Long as you can do a quick leg out of a place, you could pro sell quite a few loaves on a street corner if need be.

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  2. You should taste the keto bread the sell here. It’s made from some sort of flour that has enough fiber to make the total carbs zero. But it IS like eating cardboard.

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      1. In Canada Tim Horton’s had chilli on the menu a few years back. It was served in a bowl baked like bread. You could eat the bowl once it had soaked up enough of the chilli juices.


  3. Your bread looked great. Sorry it was better suited as a bookmark or bird food. Perhaps drizzle some olive oil and herbs and a dash of salt on a few slices, cut into cubes and toast in the oven as croutons? Or leave then out to dry completely and crush, add (generous amounts of) seasonings to make gluten free bread crumbs? Ironically, as I read your post, I was eating toast made from GF (store purchased) bread that looked just like yours. And yes, it takes much longer to toast, and it’s pretty bland. So I usually put either cinnamon sugar or jam on it. Hope your next iteration comes out better.

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  4. Yep! The frisbee was genius!🤣🤣 Our generic white bread is pretty tasteless too and it’s got loads of chemicals and sugar plus the gluten and dairy. I don’t even bother with it. I’m not a huge bread fan anyway🤷🏼‍♀️

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  5. One question: Did the recipe call for saltl?
    Secong question: Did you put any in?
    First time I made btread, I forgot the salt.

    In Canada we use them for hockey pucks, or lacrosse balls!

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      1. That’s what I remember when my mother used to bake 10 loaves a day for her family. One day she had no salt, and no money to buy any. She made the bread anyway. What a disaster!

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  6. Very funny.

    I’ll preempt this comment by saying that I make really good bread.

    Pre-Coronavirus we had gluten-intolerant friends coming over for lunch so I made gluten free bread. How difficult could that be, right? Wow.

    The brick I created was spectacular. It weighed a tonne and needed a mitre saw to slice through. It was truly awful.

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  7. Reblogged this on pensitivity101 and commented:
    I just had to reblog this after my second reading. I remember kitchen disasters, and my first effort at bread didn’t remotely resemble it. I hope this raises as big a smile for my readers as it did for me. I love this guy’s blog

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