Sometimes school does make me laugh. On his return from school today I found a severely scrunched up piece of paper. It’s the invite to the annual parent/teacher consultation. I’ve got to decide which teachers I want to see. Tick the appropriate boxes then get ‘your son or daughter to arrange times with the teachers’.

I just looked at our son and said that’s not going to happen is it really. Son smiled and said

Never in a million years”

Then we both burst into fits of laughter when we read the next bit of the letter.

We are happy for students to attend with their parents. School uniform is not required but we do ask that students do not chew gum or wear hats whilst inside the school building.


Dad isn’t that Hatist …”

Yes son it’s very anti hat and it’s also very anti kiddie as well. So apparently it’s ok for an adult to chew gum and wear a hat but not a child.

Dad does that mean that I’m ok going in nude or wearing a satanic cross as long as I’m not wearing a hat..”

Apparently so.

So we probably won’t get any teacher appointments booked but we are still turning up so I can wear the biggest and silliest hat I can find at the charity shop.

45 thoughts on “Parent Evening

  1. Your son makes such good points – it’s definitely hatist, and I guess anything else is totally fine as long as the no-hat rule is adhered to. I’d love to see what hat you come up with & what happens when the hat rule is broken!! x

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  2. Oh, you have to share photos on that. Perhaps your son can bring a big bag of humbugs, or Werthers Originals that you can both share with the teachers… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mmmmffff, chewy, just like gum!

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  3. Go for it, Dad!!! I do love the way your son thinks … โ€œDad does that mean that Iโ€™m ok going in nude or wearing a satanic cross as long as Iโ€™m not wearing a hat..โ€ … he is brilliant!

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  4. What do you say! Lol ๐Ÿคฃ

    Pupils have to attend with their parents – no doubt to hear the same thing as was said to the parent and child before them. Oh well….

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