We have had some big anxiety attacks and tough times recently so it’s nice to have a stress free post.

“Dad I shared a desk with a ladybird today. He watched a bit of history with me.”

It’s always good to get close to nature. Especially when you are at school.

I wish all school days could be this good”

The school has a system that everyday a pupil is taken out of classes and assigned to school reception. Basically for the day they deliver messages, photocopy stuff and do admin tasks. It’s supposed to broaden their horizons. Today was our son’s turn. It certainly broadened his.

“Basically every so often I would deliver a message to a teacher. It was funny when the receptionist asked me to deliver a message to a teacher and the teacher was stood at reception. I delivered it without moving. Then I had to deliver a message about a kid who couldn’t come in today as he had come down with flu – he said he was doing this yesterday as he hated French.”

“Greta would be very annoyed with me. Every time I used the photocopier I kept getting the paper upside down. Wasted so many sheets. I did get a great copy of my hand”

You can’t believe how relieved I was when he said hand….

So what happened when you had no work to do.

I went to see the teachers and they just sent me back to reception. Finally one teacher told me to go to the library and get a book to read. Ha ha he doesn’t know I’m dyslexic. So I improvised”

Did it involve your iPad and games.

Not entirely. Yes I played some very educational games like Space Invaders and Sonic. But I also watched a historical thing about how bad the British Empire was and how the navy went after Pirates.”

So you watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Yes. What a top day.”

55 thoughts on “More school days like this

  1. You can’t believe how relieved I was when he said hand…. 😀 ( = wavelength! )

    I remember studying Space Invaders at University… your boy is very advanced for his age!

    So pleased you got to write a stress-free post and even more so that Jr had a good day at school (such as it is). 🙂

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    1. PS.. I once worked in commercial printing for many years… I still manage to get the paper the wrong way around when trying to reload a photocopier to print a second side. School should invest in a two-sided printer. 🙄

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  2. That sounds like the most awesome day. Would it not be wonderful to have a school for children who learn differently than others…..to be allowed a loose structure (they would still need to learn) but being allowed to learn their way. Whether hands on or reading or however it is they learn. I love love how your son described his history lesson. And everyone should have a ladybug hang out in class with them. I barked out with laughter when I read that he had photocopied his hand and you were so relieved that was what it was and not something else. You are doing an absolutely bang on job in raising your son and you should be very proud of what both he and you are accomplishing.


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