80 thoughts on “Return to Bluebell Wood

  1. Stunning! There are woods near us called Bellburn Woods but the locals call it Bluebell Woods. I hope your walks in the woods brings back many happy memories for you and your son.

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  2. My Mum would have loved it. I’ve been given some plants by an elderly gentleman in the next road as he thought I’d like them. They’re blue flowers similar to bluebells and will go mad once they establish themselves.


  3. When the trees move and sway, we hear the voices of the past. They are the great recorders of history… And of past loves. I hope their message took you into a beautiful space with the memory and energy of your partner. The bluebells are particularly stunning.

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  4. Bluebells are so magical, it is easy to see why there are so many stories about them enchanting people and taking them to fairyland. I love their scent which is what is supposed to do the enchanting..

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  5. Love your bluebell photos. πŸ™‚ A little slice of Peace and Enchantment in which to forget about the world for a while.

    You carry a piece of her with you always, in the heart and in the memory. ❀

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      1. You know what? I am pants at these things unlike my dad–army man– who at least kept his options open, or my Mr who is a complete believer whatever, BUT, as an atheist, I have seen things I honestly cannot explain because I don’t know that is it as it is has been laid out. So yes, I would hope.

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      1. I did, despite some things said by my inlaws–nothing bad for the record, more like face-palm kinds of statements. I don’t know how two parents can be so oblivious of their own kid, but it happens…

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      2. Ha! Short answer: Hell, yes! I kind of forgot about a presentation I had to put together for the university. I’m still behind on that western short story, but this week I WILL finish it, dammit!

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