Same view – different season.

I never asked my partner which view she preferred. One of thousands of questions I never asked. Oh for those 17 years again…. I suspect she would not have gone for the snow version. She didn’t like being cold. To be honest she didn’t like it too hot as well. She was a Spring and Autumn person.

I would definitely opt for the snow version. I have always liked the cold. Maybe it was all those years of sitting watching the most northerly English Premier Football Team. Sat in a black and white shirt in the middle of winter. In summer I would melt. That’s a Yorkshire summer. Lord knows what I would do if I lived in Arizona or The Mediterranean or The Middle East.

Switzerland can get hot in the summer. I remember one really hot day. It was too hot for my partner. After a quick visit to the zoo she stayed in the hotel with our son while I went for a run along the lake. Never been so hot. After 40 minutes it was too much and I just jumped into the lake. Oh the sweet cool glacial waters. And I can’t swim… When I emerged from the lake a sweet old man was walking past shading the sun out with an umbrella. In almost perfect English he said

Grüezi. You must be English. Only someone from England would be mad enough to run in this.”

But I digress. This is Swiss Sunday and it’s not supposed to be about me. That’s wrecked any chance of a free Toblerone from the Swiss Tourist Board.

Switzerland is a special place. A place for special memories. A place where you can visit a valley one trip and it’s deep snow perfect for skiing. The next trip it’s scorching hot and it’s beach soccer.

Unlike the UK these days it still gets distinct seasons. Stunning colours in Spring. Heat in the Summer. Moody Autumns. Proper winters. That is how it should be. Something we need to try and preserve.

74 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I can definitely identify with preferring spring and fall to summer and winter. I am originally from Newfoundland where the weather is somewhat similar to the British Isles, or so I’ve been told. Spring there is a lovely graduation from the cold of winter with the days slowly getting warmer. Of course the reverse is true of fall. Spring and Fall here are normally very short – a few weeks at best. Then it’s onto extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold by February. But it’s doable (and what choice do we have anyway LOL)

    The photos are stunning. I doubt I will ever get to visit Switzerland or the UK, but I wish I could. All your photos make both places very tempting to see. Sigh. I do enjoy the photos though.

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      1. Yes… I used to live near Toronto, Ontario… And it is on the same Parallel as North Spain. I loved the Autumn colours. I didn’t mind the snow… Except for driving in it.
        Clearing it was good exercise (always plenty of that).

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      2. Yes, it’s so beautiful – so many places around the globe I’d love to visit, If you ever get to visit Newfoundland make sure you go to Gros Morne National Park – breathtaking vistas there….and in Labrador the Torngat Mountains…

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      3. One of the best features of WordPress is being able to connect with people all over the world – it is mind blowing sometimes. So, while I may not be able to physically visit places I go there in my imagination (back to that LOL).

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  2. I am a Spring and Autumn person, too. Here on the East Coast, the Springs and Autumns are too short for my taste.

    I love both shots but, I’ve noticed that the big, cream-colored/tan building has a slightly different configuration in each photo and ‘Belvedere’ is missing. And, a tree to the left is missing. What is the time frame distance between the two?

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  3. Your love for Switzerland is infectious. Thanks to you, I’ve fallen in love with Switzerland myself. When the day’s work is done, I’m often there, thanks to the Internet. What a beautiful and civilized place. Modern yet very respectful of the charms of old life.
    If I have another life, I’d very much like to live there.

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  4. Give me sunshine! Nothing nicer than cross-country skiing along crisp tracks under a sunny but cold blue sky or cooling off in the lake when it’s scorching.

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  5. I don’t like to be cold, either. However, I do think that snow scenes are among the most beautiful, second only to autumnal scenes with leaves of every vibrant colour of fall. Someday, perhaps, I will get to Switzerland … if only in the travels of my mind.

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  6. What a beautiful view regardless of the season. Reminds me of a holiday I took to the Black Forest in Germany. Just stunning. I am definitely a more spring/autumn person I hate the summer.

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  7. A beautiful view in both photos. You may not have asked your partner which she preferred, but it sounds like you knew her well enough to not have to.
    I thought it was gross out today, but we’re supposed to hit 111 degrees on Wednesday…yuck! You sweat the second you step outside. If you ever decide to visit Arizona, I would definitely wait for winter. I long for a home with real seasons.

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  8. Where I live we range from very cold winters (-8°C last winter was the coldest I saw) to a few very hot days in summertime (44 °C the hottest I remember).

    I think you’ve hit on the reason why autumn is my first favorite season and winter’s my second. 🙂 I would’ve jumped in the lake, too.

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