In my voice – Tell me why

  • My partner was taken from us when she was so young.
  • The system continually fails our son.
  • The Government can find billions to bribe other parties to keep it in power but can’t find the money to fund education support for the kids who need it.
  • I don’t sleep anymore.
  • They say the world is getting smaller yet I feel so isolated.
  • Chocolate has so many blooming calories.
  • Hair doesn’t like growing on my head yet it sprouts like an Amazonian Forest on the back of the my hands.
  • The cat continually finds a way into the wardrobe.
  • I can’t find any socks in this house.
  • They never made a Captain Scarlet movie.

In our son’s voice – Tell me why

  • My mum had to die.
  • Both my grannies had to die.
  • My hamster had to die.
  • My girl cat who was like a sister to me had to die.
  • I can’t read.
  • Some people think I am stupid just because I am autistic and dyslexic.
  • Shops have to be so busy.
  • Hazard is leaving Chelsea.
  • Do people have to kiss in films.
  • Marvel Movies are way better than DC Movies.
  • Most kids don’t like rock music.
  • Broccoli wasn’t deemed an inedible plant.
  • My Dad can’t cook.
  • In our dogs voice – Tell me why
    • I get shouted at for pinching socks.
      I get shouted at for digging holes.
      I get shouted at for eating garden tools.
      I get shouted at for eating garden furniture,
      I get shouted at for digging up plants.
      I get shouted at for burying stuff like socks.
      I get shouted at for pulling bits of the apple tree off.
      I get shouted at for escaping.
      I get shouted at for climbing in the hedge.
      I get shouted at for eating cat poo, cow poo, sheep poo.
      I get shouted at for pinching food.
      My best friend isn’t with us anymore. I know I am a dog but she was a really cool cat.

    In our boy cats voice – Tell me why

    • My sister isn’t with us anymore.

    • My best friend, the really lovely woman has gone. I miss siting on her lap.
    • I get shouted at for missing the cat litter by several feet.
    • I get really shouted at for missing the litter by so many feet I hit the wall.
    • I get shouted at for sitting in front of the TV when a movie is on.
    • I get shouted at for sneaking into the wardrobe and getting white hairs on all the black clothes.
    • I get shouted at for falling in hot plates of food.
    • I get shouted at for always tripping people up.
    • I get shouted at for sleeping on the laptop.
    • I get shouted at for sleeping on the toaster.

    In our gerbils voice – Tell me why

    • We don’t live in a toilet roll factory.

    119 thoughts on “Tell me why

    1. Wish I could tell you why all this happened or come up with some motivational crap about time healing and everything happen for a reason. It’d be a shit way to prove a point if it were true.

      The system is failing you as a family because it operates on the basis of whoever shouts the loudest gets the treasure. It’s a shocking system but as mentioned previously, I will try to help and be more than happy doing some of the shouting on your behalf.

      Although you feel cut off isolated and alone – it’s only how you are feeling. This blog alone is proof if ever it were needed how much support you have from people all over the globe that understood your battles and are fighting your corner. Honestly there’s strength in numbers right here 🙂

      I don’t get hairy hands or at least I don’t at the moment :/

      The sock situation needs to be taken up with the cat (see below)

      Wish I could tell your son he is smarter than all his teachers combined. People might think having autism and dyslexia is stupid but that’s because they’re stupid. We’re talking dumb as a stump stupid too.

      I don’t know why his Mum Grannies and pets died either. It’s a sadness like nothing else and I wish there some simple magic wand to make things better. Not going give any cliché and slightly patronising answer – too smart for that and I wouldn’t dare talk down to a kid with that level of smarts.

      Most kids don’t like rock music because they follow the crowd and listen to whatever everyone else is into whether they like it or not. It’s one of the reasons you stand out and shine much brighter. Not a sheep. Not swayed by others. That’s real strength of character and an ability to think against the herd and use your own noggin which one day I hope you will realise is higher up on the scoreboard than reading, writing and anything that’s “normal”

      I’m not sure what the deal is with broccoli it’s just a tiny soggy tree

      There’s always kissing or some love interest in films it ruins them too. Petition to ban kissing is overdue

      I don’t think the dog is wrestling with questions and answers. Dogs don’t dwell or think too much so he’s probably –

      Ooh digging holes my favourite thing! 😀
      Ooh gardens tools my favourite thing! 😀
      Ooh ragging at the apple tree my favourite thing 😀
      Ooh an escape route my favourite thing! 😀

      The cat will know things have changed but like dogs, they don’t dwell too long and hard. I’ll bet anything his concern is more

      “At what point with someone notice the socks I’ve been stealing and using to build a thermonuclear-super-mega-laser-beam cloud-busting orgone machine? Wasted on this family I’m just wasted”

      “And when will the dog stop being amazed by everything he’s literally done 402,003 times?”

      “Amazon sell extra large cardboard postal tubes. Add to basket”

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      1. I’m not sure what the deal is with broccoli it’s just a tiny soggy tree <—-but but but….dipped in ranch dressing it's an AWESOME tiny tree. Just don't cook it!!


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        1. I HATED broccoli growing up. Till I discovered it dipped in Ranch. Don’t let him go thru life without knowing the joy of that yummmmmmmmmmy combo!!???

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    2. The animal parts were very true, poor babies. I wish I could answer the father and son part. Only our God knows and He is there even if you don’t seem to feel Him. I continue to pray for you. Love in Christ.:)

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    3. I loved your photo of the 2 cats. Just loved it. I have a similar one up on my wall, just not of cats. And like yours, one’s still here, but one’s gone.
      We all have whys, and we travel many journeys seeking their answers.
      Sometimes the answers come, often not.
      For a time, not having all the answers will hurt.
      One day though, the hurt will ease.
      But we will always love.

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        1. It does, however oh-so-very-often we humans make the serious mistake of directing the vast majority of our love to a single thing, be it material or mortal. All ‘things’ come to an end or can be taken from us, leaving our hearts empty and/or broken.

          The Only answer is to love everything! That way our hearts are constantly being filled with the emotion of our love in action!

          Some do this by loving what they perceive as the Source of Everything which then, in turn, leads to them loving everything, putting nothing above their love of the One thing that they see as being inside of all that is. 🙏

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    4. Oooh and a small, cheap and cheerful Dictaphone might be handy for your son to get out thoughts and feelings or whatever questions he suddenly has randomly popping up

      A few mini-cassettes to go with it and say he can use it as a private thing to get his feelings out and off his chest which can be wiped over and deleted if he wants.

      To maybe kick-start and encourage him to talk and record his thoughts, feelings and questions I’d ask him to start off with a specific topic. It’d be like a project he has to do but rather than feel stressed out or feel restricted by problems he has with Dyslexia, he has total freedom, privacy and can get everything out with just one click of the record button.

      We started Sam’s interesting in voice acting / characterisation through a similar thing when he was feeling really low and had no self-esteem or confidence and believed he was stupid and would never amount to much. The more random the subject and topic I asked Sam to talk about in a short video diary the funnier it became and eventually it grew into his main escape, hobby and passion.

      Recording session in the sound booth we had for voicing characters in his video game was hysterical. Sure we went nearly 15 minutes just screaming with laughter.

      So yeah definitely consider the Dictaphone thing and go from there. The more random, bizarre, sporadic and entirely out of nowhere things come the better 😀

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        1. You had to buy a new iPad to join school? :/ Seriously have I misread that or are you saying the school’s own admission policy includes making pupils have an iPad??

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    5. Heart breaking. I guess all we have is this imperfect often full of pain human life where so many things don’t make much sense any more. The system is failing so many and we need a new one but how that happens I just don’t know? Big big hugs. My dog would resonate with some of this. xoox

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    6. the cat and the litter tray? Often one of two things: anxiety (is the tray in an ambush location where the dog can watch? Does it have a lid, which makes him feel like he could get trapped in there?) or the litter hurts their paws (try paper).
      Most of the time, these are the issues with little. Often, it’s the stress/anxiety

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    7. Sweet but so sad… ❤

      …well I am not so sure the chocolate calorie issue is resolvable…but I am convinced that the most important things that clearly are absolutely not acceptable will be fixed. I am waiting for a lot of major stinking problems caused by humans thinking they can rule themselves to be undone in the near future.

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    8. (In my voice) Tell me why –
      – I don’t like Mondays?
      – Tuesdays aren’t all that great either?
      – Wednesdays usually suck Big Time!??
      – Thursdays get on my wick?
      – Fridays are bearable and occasionally awesome?
      – Saturdays are the best days of the week? and
      – Sundays are not to be trusted!


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    9. Why indeed? Life is decriminatory when dishing out unfairness, leaving us wondering what we did wrong? No answer to that.

      By the way, a cat I once loved had a habit of peeing up the wall (not deliberately), missing the litter altogether. So my litter tray liner became an industrial sized rubbish bag that I carefully sculptured around the tray, and taped the one side up the wall. Caught most of it, except when she turned around of course, but then at least the floor was easier to clean up! 😉

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    10. I’m on vacation, trying to stay away from blogging, but I can’t get your blog from yesterday out of my head – so sincerely written from the heart and endearingly funny. Thank you. This is what blogging is all about.

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    11. Oh how I wish I had the answers. This made me feel all the feelings – the sadness, the heavy grief, as well as the abject silliness of life. There are so many mysteries in life and so many injustices – I hope it helps to know you are NOT alone, ever and that the prayers and well wishes of so many people are with you, always. I wish you strength. I wish you courage to carry on. I wish you and your son all that is life-affirming and all that is good. I wish you shelter and protection from the pain and the storms of life. I wish you immense joy and sunshine to lighten your days. And I wish you so much more than words can express….

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    12. terrific post; both sad and amusing ; cleverly done representing so many voices, so many points of view. a tour de force. If I had a hat I would take it off to you 🙂 love your grumbles — the hair one is my favourite

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    13. Hilarious. This is the very best outlet for frustration!!! You should compile these into a book. It might bring some changes about! How was your son injured at school? (I’m a bit behind in my comments.)

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    14. This made my eyes tear up and my heart hurt, but then put a smile on my face with the more silly questions.
      I was going to say that the only thing I could answer with any level of certainty- is that the dryer eats the socks. Well ours does, but I think Captain Chaos may be the culprit in your home. Oh wait…no, he’s a good boy and would never do such a thing.

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    15. I felt full of such questions on Friday after Biff had a particularly bad day at summer school (and having forgotten to do laundry discovering no one had any clean underpants for the day). These questions here make me think of writing them all on scraps of paper and, during a blustery day, sending them into the wind. Who knows who will catch your questions? Who knows how they will be answered?

      Hugs to you from Wisconsin!

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    16. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
      My Featured Blogger this week is Bereaved Single Dad (I’m afraid I don’t know his name), a widowed Englishman with wit, hope, and an indomitable spirit. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he rants, but he’s always engaging. Bottom line: He cares. Which makes me care. He’ll make you care, too!

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