It’s Sunday so it’s time for a bit of Switzerland.

The Alps are one of the worlds greatest mountain ranges. Certainly not the tallest but they are big enough. Especially when you get close up to them.

But what they do have is a magic. A special atmosphere.

A place where it’s still possible to feel small. Humble in the face of nature.

A place where you feel a million miles from our vast urban sprawls.

Somewhere you can reconnect and just breathe.

56 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I was thinking of you yesterday. Goldfinch took me to Mount Lofty botanical gardens….where there were an abundance of daffodils.

    We also saw a koala, three kangaroos, two kukkaburra and a bandicoot….and a black swan.

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  2. Awesome beauty! 🙂 (with some awesome emotions attached no doubt?)

    These, and the beauty and wonder in the flowers we see every day, are some of the things we need to focus on to overcome what negatives ‘society’ imposes upon us.

    We also need to let ‘be’ what is in our past so as to focus on the things of value we have now and make room for what we hope for in our future. Hope is vital (life reaffirming).

    I hope this week has more pleasant things than the last one did. 🙂

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  3. Truly breathtaking. My favourite was the second one. Made me think of the cowbells you mentioned before. Want so much to hear them.

    Perhaps I did hear them this weekend, little chimes, here and there.

    Hope you did too.

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  4. I’ve felt this in a place so opposite the Alps–North Dakota. At night, there’s more stars than blades of grass. You stand in the plains of nothing, nothing for miles around, nothing but stars to touch. You can breathe there, too. xxxxx

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