It’s been an ODD day.

Work warned me that today was likely to be beyond busy. Yet I didn’t hear a thing. Finally I was stood down with nothing to do. Not good for the bank balance but at least I could go for a walk

On the walk bumped into a few people but clearly being pleasant was not high on their priorities today. An encounter with one dog walker summed it up perfectly. Her dog ran up to me and jumped up. I bent over and gave the happy little dog some attention. When the owner arrived she curtly told me not to stroke her dog and walked off. Most odd. Then.

I got to my favourite hay bale.

It’s gone… The other bales are still there and it’s not even been moved across to join them. I sadly counted them. I’m going to miss that bale. Got quite attached to it. I wonder if the farmer will think I’m odd if I ask him where it’s gone.

On the way back home I stopped off at the local village shop. Here I bumped into a dad whose boy was at our sons last school. Almost straight away he said

I didn’t realise your son was Autistic. I only found out yesterday when it was mentioned at school. Has he just recently gone down with it”

I tried to explain that you don’t really go down with it. It’s a life long condition.

Probably explains why he always appeared a bit odd to me”

Fighting the urge to relocate this mans head from his shoulders I did bite back just a tad. Pointing out to him that it was a bit rich coming from someone who liked to wear his designer shades even when it was raining in winter. Someone who was the only parent who objected to the school sending the kids on a educational trip to the local mosque. Someone who demanded a teacher be sacked after he told off his son for cheating repeatedly at sports day. And someone who was a monumental d*******.

Needless to say we didn’t part on great terms… an odd encounter

Son came home to tell me that his class ran late so he only got 10 minutes for lunch as a result he didn’t have any lunch. Odd how no food for 8 hours can be seen as creating a positive learning environment.

The day finished off with a viewing of the Fighting the Family movie. The story of Paige the WWE wrestling star. After it had finished our sons on the spot review was

Paige is great. It is so sad that she had to retire at 26. The film was really good but oddly remarkably awkward in places”

Yes it’s been a very odd day.

81 thoughts on “Odd day

  1. An odd, unpleasant day indeed. Can’t believe some people are so stupid and insensitive at the same time. Hopefully its just one odd day. We all have it. Wishing you a great day today!

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  2. Maybe there’s something in the air? Or in the water? yes, odd is one way to describe it. Personally I think I’d have a few well chosen epitaphs thrown in. People can be such asses. sorry to read about such ignorance and downright rudeness. I hope tomorrow brings much better vibes and friendlier people.

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  3. An odd day, indeed! I’m sorry to hear about kiddo’s lack of lunch. Lunch breaks are already too short, but what happened is just unacceptable. As is what that dad said to you. So proud of you for speaking your mind, and for not relocating his head! I hope tomorrow is less odd for you both.

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  4. Naughty Gonzo! – that was bad of you for snapping at that under-informed gentleman father of a sports cheating son! (Secretly fist pumps the air shouting, “GO Dad!!”) 😉

    I thought i’d taught you better than to sink down to their level? Somebody has to uphold the Standards around here? You know you’re better than that!

    Still, i put it down to the shock loss of the hay bale… i suspect it’s gone where all old bales eventually do – to the Great Mown Field In The Sky where he can frolic like a young teenager bale again with all his passed friends!

    (You know that’s a euphemism for ‘cattle fodder’ don’t you??) 😟

    The photo of the honeysuckle is an absolute gem! – from your garden, or a wild one?

    Hoping for a much less odd and happier Saturday! 🙏

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      1. Cool! There’s a better than even chance of it surviving till next year then! 😉

        No – that would be unfair… wild bales need room to exercise and run free! Just hold on to all the happy memories and be thankful for them! 🙂

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  5. Didn’t I tell you, it wasn’t any ordinary hay bale…

    Such days come when we are least prepared, when we most need support. It’s never easy, seemingly never gets easier either.

    But we pull through. As we do each time.

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  6. An odd day indeed, and as for that dog owner, I hope her dog pees on her best quilt.
    On the subject of odd dog owners, a guy locally has two dogs, a yorkie and a jack russell cross. I was told I could pet the JR, but not the yorkie, so I asked if he was nervous or nippy. The answer was he was training him not to expect fuss every time someone came over to fuss the other. I thought that was cruel as he was a cutie and I would have fussed both (I have two hands afterall). I could see jealousy raising its head at a later date, but not my business or dogs, though such a shame as the little one so wanted some attention.
    What a Dad-arse that moron was. Wouldn’t have blamed you for rearranging his bonce.

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      1. In contrast, I have just been greeted by Smiler, a border terrier who befriended me on our very first dog walk here almost two years ago. He recognises me from a distance and nearly pulls his owner’s arm out of his socket!

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  7. How odd that woman didn’t want you to pet her dog?🤔
    Maybe he might run off with nice strangers… Doesn’t sound like she is much fun to live with.

    I guess you will never see the hay bale again. My condolences. Hopefully your son hadn’t named it? 😔

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  8. Wow! I would have to say, that all of those things are very odd, but only accumulating on a frequent basis these days. Makes me wonder if we’ve landed ourselves in the Twilight Zone some days.

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  9. Harry Hay Bale?

    I hope you called him a d******* to his designer sunglasses-wearing face. What an asshole…raising a similar sounding son. The chick with the dog is probably his wife. Both sexually frustrated…SMDH.

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