When I was a kid I loved a Garibaldi biscuit. Not had one in years. Sorry rubbish connection but beyond tired at present.

It’s been one of those days. Constant motion. Housework, Pre School Routine, Work, Dinner, Work. Lots of action, no sitting down yet achieving absolutely nothing. Even the dog walk up the hill lane just seemed to take longer today. The days culmination was forgetting about tomorrow’s school uniform. So panic washing cycle started at 11.30pm. Waiting for it to finish now. Then we are going to crank up the Tumble Dryer to its highest setting – equivalent to splitting the atom. Hoping I will get a semi dry uniform to iron by 2am. It’s been one of those days…..

Anyway back to my rubbish connection.

When we went to see Kiss the support act was a performance painter called David Garibaldi. Have to say he is definitely gifted. Frankly it’s just showing off just a bit too much when you can paint Elton John brilliantly, before a Rocket Man finishes and doing the painting upside down. But seriously the guy is a genius.

“Dad he could do my bedroom like a modern Sistine Chapel during one Spongebob episode. It’s taken you a year and it’s still resembles a building site.”

I bet Garibaldi isn’t trying to paint a masterpiece at 1am while he waits for what’s left of a school uniform to dry. But maybe the secret is to take the painters approach to time management. Pick a song then try to finish the painting job before it finishes. I wonder if that could work with housework and washing.

53 thoughts on “Garibaldi

    1. I am from the UK, when I was in NZ I enjoyed all the different names for things like glad wrap (we call that cling film) and op shops which we call charity shops, and many more which I can’t think of right now!

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  1. Here’s a tune you could try… Organ² / ASLSP by John Cage.

    Or, if you want a faster one how about:

    (Run time = 68.51)


    There’s something about your son’s sense of humour i find really appealing! 🙂

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  2. You do know that the biscuits were named after Guiseppe Garibaldi don’t you? There’s a post on my blog about it on 5/5/2011 Garibaldi’s Giro II.

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  3. This is one of my favourite comfort/inspiration/in tune with the universe songs. Always liked it, got hooked again from Sense8 and now hear it regularly everywhere
    4 Non Blondes What’s going on?


  4. Ah, working to music can sometimes help (when it is just the daily grind). I have to make a note of finding out what ‘chasing cars’ by Snow Patrol, sounds like. It is (apparently), the most listened to song of this century… Can’t say that I can recall it, or the band… Maybe I don’t listen to music enough. 😂😂😂

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  5. Oh to find an effective way to get chores done in a manageable block of time. Oh, but that won’t solve the issue of procrastination. The 2 are kind of hand in glove.
    I guess there’s nothing like a looming deadline to get some action.

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  6. Once, when I was trying to get Bobby into running I had him do a 5K with me called “Beat Beethoven.” You were challenged to run the 5K faster than one of his symphonies that was playing overhead. My competitive spirit didn’t allow for much walking, and unfortunately, Bobby’s love of running never developed. Sorry you had such a tough day. Hope the uniform worked out!

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      1. Haha ….kind of! There was one part of the course that was downhill and he oh so wanted to walk. And I tell him, “Never walk on a downhill!” He started wheezing – you know the sound a kids makes that can’t breathe AND wants to cry? Oh my goodness. First downhill I ever walked AND I think it is the downhill that caused Bobby to really detest the sport 🙂

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  7. It would be amazing to find a perf cat solution to accomplishing housework. Maybe the competition again the time of a song would work. I definitely do work better with music as my companion! … Garabaldi biscuits…hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can find those around here.

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  8. I used to do my ironing to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Great for shirts.
    Also, when I was driving to and from Bath before I moved there, I had my cassette where I could place myself per track and know I was on schedule.

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      1. Me too, and I still have it. I had an album with the booklet and everything which would probably be worth a bit of money now, but it ended up being given to charity in the Big Sort Out when we bought the boat.

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  9. Wouldn’t hurt to try! Seriously, it’s something I’m considering, time management. Like, set aside 15 minutes a day for cleaning. No going over the time, just doing that much every day. Should promise at least a little something getting done without letting myself get overwhelmed by ALL the cleaning that needs to be done in the house.

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