Dad are you going out in that T-shirt. I wouldn’t be seen in that.

The look the cow gave me I think indicated a similar interest in my attire. What is so wrong with a bright yellow T-shirt which has a photo of a reasonably well known TV personality on the front.

Don’t see a problem myself…..

On the walk we bumped into a family coming the other way. I had a quick chat with them but quickly realised son had pulled his hood over his head and was basically hiding behind a bush. So we headed off promptly. Social interaction just doesn’t come easily for him. Unplanned encounters just freak him out especially if they involve other kids. He hates the thought that people are looking at him. He hates having to make eye contact. He is never sure how close he should stand. He gets anxious when he has to stand still. He is convinced that only a few people get what he’s talking about.

I could tell this encounter had bothered him. Possibly he was a little embarrassed. He has spoken in the past about being a little ashamed that he could not handle chance meetings more confidently. All you can do is reassure him and tell him to be just himself. Being himself is just perfect. Counselling was having a bit of a positive impact on his confidence but that has dried up now. We work on breathing and anxiety control techniques. Occasionally I try to get him into carefully controlled new situations. The Holy Grail would be a club in one of his interests areas.

Hopefully one day he will realise that most of us are like this somedays. It’s called being human. But it’s now time to get him smiling.

“I hadn’t realised my shirt was so embarrassing that you didn’t want to be seen with me. Clearly it’s not a cool look. Good job they didn’t see my Peppa Pig pants”

Tell me you haven’t.

I think my smile gave the fib away and he started laughing.

Do you think they noticed anything unusual about me.

No too busy thinking what a pillock your Dad looked like. Shall we go home and see if we can find a couple of cider ice lollies.

I suspect we will be on lockdown at home for a while now. That’s cool. It’s what he probably needs at the moment. And anyway who needs the outside world. We have a trampoline, we have a football goal, we have a DVD player, we have a Peppa Pig DVD (maybe scrap that one), we have jelly and we have our imaginations. What more do we need.

67 thoughts on “Wow he’s got a funny shirt on

  1. ALL kids go through a period when they think the entire world is staring at them and judging them. Great save with the shirt comment! He’ll get through it. He’s got a terrific Dad to support him.
    Home is a great refuge and it seems you guys enjoy each other’s company. The outside world is good in small doses.

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  2. I think that cow is thinking he’s just found a very large buttercup on two legs!!

    From what you’ve related of son’s operative level of intelligence he’s very close to the mark about few understanding what he is on about. Not many people these days seem to have his degree of comprehension or level of interest… many certainly have difficulty following anything other than what ‘everyone else’ is talking about.

    If his confidence can be built up through contact with others who he can relate to on his own level he might then have more success when meeting others who are not as fortunate as he is! 🙂

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      1. I understand. It seems like too much for a child to have to bear. I know very little about his condition, yet, I’ve come to learn a lot from your posts. If only the world were a kinder place, it’d mean some of the burden off his shoulders and yours too.

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  3. I can totally relate to your son – I try to hide as I am sure all my shortcomings are seen before anything else. And heaven forbid if I have to talk. Then I have hours to perseverate on how stupid I sounded. I am sorry he feels that way though. I know it’s tough. It sounds like you have a lot of supplies for a nice lockdown. Hope you guys have a good one!

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  4. God bless your son – and you too! You really are such an awesome parent. I hope he realizes that yes, all of us have those same feelings from time to time. May you find the holy grail and may it bring joy and healing to you both.

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  5. God bless your son – and you too! You really are such an awesome parent. I hope he realizes that yes, all of us have those same feelings from time to time. May you find the holy grail and may it bring joy and healing to you both.

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  6. As you said, “Hopefully one day he will realise that most of us are like this somedays. ” And that many of us would like to pull our hoods up and disappear behind a bush. Perhaps in time.

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  7. My kids have decided I’m perpetually uncool — doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, it’s all embarrassing. Apparently there’s a continuum, though, because the last time we travelled my daughter said, “Thanks, mom, at least you don’t dress like THAT.” It’s the only time she’s declared someone *more* embarrassing than her mom. 🙂

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  8. I think, my friend, that much depends on exactly WHICH well-known t.v. personality was residing on your shirt. Tell your son that my granddaughter and I are relatively reclusive and if he feels the need for a safe haven, the door is open for him! That said … ugly shirt and all … I think your son has a pretty damn great dad.

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      1. My dad used to wear this funny hat in the winter—I as a young kid was mortified…makes me giggle to think about it now…I miss him.
        Now I like to wear funny hats. 🙂

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  9. God bless u and ur son.
    I remember an instance when my friends had come over and my dad farted in front of them.Trying to cover up I said dad is pulling up a stool and hence the noise.But m sure bolne believed it😂😂😂

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  10. Ah, Blondie is just the same way around new people–she hides behind me and whispers things to me to tell other people (be it adults or kids) rather than speaking herself.

    For all Biff’s awkwardness around kids, he has no problem approaching adults, esp adults with cars (don’t think I’ve not worried about stranger danger with that one). “You’re driving a Chevy. They’re neat. Woah, is that a Dodge Ram? That’s got serious horsepower!” And on he goes.

    Bash is just a social butterfly with everyone. 🙂

    We do what you do–do our best to help their confidence, and find an environment where they’ll be comfortable. xxxxxxx

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