Finally we got a break in the weather. Yes it is feeling very autumnal but it is so much better than the rubbish we have had over the last few weeks. So we seized the opportunity for a trip. Son is trying to visit 12 new places this year. That is such a big commitment for him. Especially as these are completely unplanned and unscripted visits. To avoid undue anxiety or even a meltdown we usually micro manage and completely script every trip.

So we sat in the car at 6.30am with a healthy packup. Crisps, Coke, Cakes, Waffles, Chocolate, Coffee, IronBrew Lollies.

Ok Dad where are we going

Absolutely no idea son. Looking at the road outside our house. Left or Right?


Ok clever clogs, left it is then. We did this for 2 hours until we found ourselves North of Newcastle. Beautiful and very remote Northumberland.

Looking at a Road Sign. It’s decision time. Is it Scotland. Is it a bit of Potter at Alnwick Castle or is it Kielder.

The Potter Castle will just be too busy. Scotland needs to be a longer trip. I’ve always fancied a bit of Kielder. Have we got time to do the Forest and the Lake.

We have as long as the Troll doesn’t eat us on the bridge.

An hour later we were walking through Kielder Forest. It is the largest man made woodland in England with 75% of its 250 square miles covered by Forest. It’s a wonderful place. It is definitely Conifer, Spruce and Pine heaven. It’s also one of those places where the car parks are full yet you never see another human. Feels like you have the place to yourself. Which is brilliant for our son.

Son also had time to launch into a tirade at our so called government. He was not happy that they had turned down an application to reintroduce Lynx into this area. Let’s hope the second application is successful. Not had these creatures in the UK for over 1300 years.

The small minded, money driven losers. They sit in their mansions, driving the earth killing sports cars. Behaving like modern day Feudal Lords. I bet if they do reintroduce them they would find a way of hunting them for sport. Well I think we should let the animals hunt Boris and his Sheriffs of Nottingham’s. That would help the planet. Dad last year they told kids to stop protesting and get back to learning. Well why doesn’t the Government get back to running the country.

I would have said the same but with many more bad words included. Good job one of us has good manners.

Going to split this post up into three parts. It’s a proper lads road trip. The second will feature Kielder Water and a bit of aviation. The third part will go very Roman with a bit of Game of Thrones feel.

62 thoughts on “Kielder Forest

  1. What a fun trip! To set out on the open road with no plan in mind – and to find such beauty! Excited to see and read what else the road brought to you today 🙂


  2. Those are some pretty brilliant shots with that steam-driven camera phone you have! 🙂

    Glad you both could enjoy the trip, although i have serious questions about the ‘goodness’ in that packup??

    From what we hear here it sounds like you are performing way above ‘average’ at bringing up your son! (but see also para #2!) 😉

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  3. Iron Bru lollies? As in Iron Bru flavoured lollipops?!! I have got to try those. Funny how even though we’re so alike and nearest neighbours etc there are still so many British snacks that we can’t get here in Ireland.

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  4. You could not have written a more perfect post for me today! In the same way that some people are drawn to beaches, I am drawn to forests. For eons now, I have thought that if … if reincarnation exists, I would like to come back as a wolf (you may have noticed a wolf theme on my blog 😉 ), and lately a friend and I have spoken about the efforts to re-introduce wolves and bears and such to Scotland, as well as other parts of the UK. I’ve since decided that is where I’d like to be, and seeing these pictures of this beautiful forest … I love it! I want to be there! (But then, given where I am at the moment …)

    I am happy that you and your son had such a lovely place to visit, and I hope he enjoyed it immensely! I might have argued about your choices of “healthy” foods, but … what the heck … life is short … enjoy!!!

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      1. Considering my thoughts on humans these days, and some of the humans in this nation, I’ll take my chances with the snakes and rabbits and squirrels … I find them much nicer some days. 😉

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      1. It does! Oh, it does. But now that I’m working for multiple schools, I’m not sure when we can do anything. 😦 BUT, it sounds like Bo’s work schedule has changed, so we might be able to swing a family weekend out of town in October. Fingers crossed!

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