Nothing like a power cut to disrupt the daily schedule. We are in the first part of a storm battering which is due to last for a few days. A small house on an exposed northern hill is wonderful except in a storm. We get an absolute belting. The back door is exposed to the full force of the elements. It floods during normal wind and rain so when a storm hits…… Time to dig out the ark. We are inside with about seven layers on. Living in the sticks when the power goes so does the heating. We do have a small chimney place but it needs serious repair work to make it safe to use. It’s on the when money appears list. So it’s cold without the central heating. As it’s an electric oven, hot food preparation is fraught with problems. So it’s Pot Noddles and Soup for lunch.

The power is back currently. It’s on and off like a Yorkshire Cricket match. Son is on the internet while he can. All the thermos flasks are filled. Every battery item is on charge. The floor behind the back door has been deflooded. Writing this while listening to the wind scream through. So far powers gone off twice in the time it’s taken to write these two paragraphs.

To someone with Aspergers all this can be an absolute nightmare. The break in routine, the uncertainty and the unpredictability. Sunday is such an important day as it’s the transition to the school week. A day which hopefully smooths the bumps from that unpleasant ride. For that to work then the safe and well tried Sunday ritual needs to be followed. On days like this all that goes out of the window and is currently being blasted towards Norway. Yes Son is on the internet but he’s severely on edge. Pacing the room. Senses on overdrive.

I’ve sent school an email to warn them but deep down I know it won’t be acted upon. That’s modern secondary schooling in this area. His last school (admittedly much smaller) would certainly have at the very least kept an eye on him. Even rescheduled the teaching plan. Not at his current school.

When the power is down it makes you realise who reliant we have become on technology. Yes it’s progress but it’s such a fragile progress. Pull the power and quickly it’s gone. For me I can fall back on my books as my safe option. Unfortunately for someone with dyslexia that safety net is not available. He needs technology to read them. His Dad can try but quickly my lingering cold kicks in and reading out loud becomes a cough fest. We can’t play ball sports outside due to the storm. The trampoline is filled to brimming with every heavy object I can find. Thankfully we still have other old school options. Card games. Top Trumps. Lego and one of the best cheap presents ever. A little battery operated air hockey game which cost less than a bag of chips. Endless fun until the batteries run out or the fingers finally break.

So hopefully the power will now stay on so we can try to have part of Sunday as normal as possible. Hopefully Son’s anxiety levels will recede a little. Sadly I think there is as much chance of that happing as there is of his Dads getting a Michelin Star. Don’t you just love a storm.

72 thoughts on “Storm

  1. We went shopping for a birthday present and the store’s server for handling purchases wasn’t working. I asked if they’d take a check, but no. She finally got out some carbon copy slips to write down the credit card numbers, then severs came back on. It made me think, as you have, about how reliant we are on technology.

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  2. Eek. Sounds like our area a couple of days ago. Rain flying sideways, 60/70 mph winds, trees everywhere, trash/recycle cans all over the place, howling sounds, loud drops on the windows, flooded streets, over flowing river, muddy riverwalk, debris stuck in fences… Geez.

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  3. I was wondering how you guys were doing. Glad to read that you haven’t floated away or been blown out to sea.

    I know how awful losing power and especially internet can be when an autistic kiddo is involved. Last time we lost power it was at sunset, so we had to bring out candles on top of trying to explain why the tablet wouldn’t work. Thankfully my phone had a full charge an internet access through the cell tower. (It was a local, minimal outage)

    If the storm keeps up, maybe keep him home tomorrow? It might be safer physically and definitely better on the mental health. School will be a zoo if they’re having power problems tomorrow.


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  4. That is not fun. It does make you realize how much we need electricity. And technology. I feel for your son. I can see how it can shake him up a bit I feel that way when it happens. You just feel out of sorts. At least you’re staying warm. Can you read to him will that calm him down some?

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  5. You have my sympathies. You don’t mention it, but are probably in the same boat as we are. We have a well with an electric pump. When the power goes out, so does the toilet. However, we do live on a slight rise so we don’t have flooding

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  6. I saw that storm Clara stopped the Manchester city- West Ham match. So read about it online. Contacted my daughter to ensure they are okay.

    Storms here can mean seeing days on the floor of a school, or staying without power for several days.

    Just hate them.

    Both be safe 🙏

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  7. Oh my gosh, I have seen some other posts from over there, and wow – there’s a lot of weather! I always cringe when we lose all the things that help our family – such a hard night. Here’s hoping things get better soon!

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  8. I must admit, I love the photos and wish it would storm like that here. (You know me, I love the gloomy weather), but I feel for you and the kiddo. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still fighting your cold and that his Sunday routine has been blown away; I can only imagine how difficult that must be for him. I’m praying that this storm (literal and figurative) passes quickly, and that you both have a much better Monday…with power. Take care of yourselves. ❤

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      1. I’m glad that yesterday was better! I hope today has been a great day for you both. We finally got a bit of a thunderstorm last night. It was wonderful; the first time in days that I felt truly happy. Sending you both lots of love and hugs from cloudy Arizona.

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      2. Brrrr. That is definitely coffee and blankets all day, weather. I really haven’t done much sewing since Christmas, but I plan to get back to it. This week I’ve been doing some silly crafts, making little Valentine’s for the kids -one for each day this week.

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  9. A storm, or high winds of some kind that are a bit strong I find I get anxiety in the last few years, whether in it or not.
    Yesterday, knowing it was coming, I knew I would be staying in. I kept my curtains closed so I did not see or hear. I found a distraction in dvd’s from getting up and it wasn’t until I had a break from one to focus on lunch that I became aware of outside.
    It seems strong not to my liking this morning, but no option but to walk to work which at parts I will need to make sure I am not blown sideways into the road.

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  10. brr…sounds cold…but the pic above reminds me of the scene at the beginning of Wizard of Oz, so i’m gonna go with of my favorite movies:) It’s been a mild winter here, but we do have our windstorms and cold rain as well..i hate those times because i have to walk on my treadmill( inside- boo!).So far been lucky this year- no power failures..Fingers crossed!!

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  11. The same storm hit us in Belgium as well. At its worst one of the twins was unnerved enough to want to play in the basement — at least he couldn’t hear the wind from down there.

    I had a quick look this morning and we seem to have survived without any damage. Hope you’re all okay now as well.

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  12. I wondered how you were getting on as o say Yorkshire was badly hit. I hope things are calming down and your son is able to relax a bit tonight.

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  13. “Nothing like a power cut to disrupt the daily schedule.”
    Which I usually find very exciting. Gets all the neighbours talking to each other. When the powerful finding alternative ways to cope. A pail of water next to the toilet. Crank up the wood stove. Check on how the neighbours are doing. Then settle down to watch a favourite episode on Netflix… not happening because the power is off.

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