The Daffodils are still going strong. That sounds like an excuse for some more photos.

Purely by accident we have a few different types.

A lot of things happen by accident.

Today we tried to find the little pots of paint so that we can decorate some hard boiled easter eggs. Last year we had great fun although I was a little offended when I presented my wonderful recreation of a Darth Vader egg.

Dad is that Peppa Pig”

Still worse was to follow when I accidentally forgot to boil the eggs before we painted them. A few days later it took me three egg messes before I realised my mistake. Oops.

Stacked cup racks are such a great space saver. I bought a really cheap set a few weeks back. It was the day after Valentines Day and the shop was selling off the unused gift items. One item caught my eye. A four cup stack reduced from £10 to £2. The only potential issue. Each cup had one huge letter emblazoned on them. The four cups stacked together spelt





That sort of talk is not going to fly in our kitchen. But a bargain is a bargain. Thankfully the same cups arranged differently can also spell VOLE. Unfortunately four cups stacked together is a four times bigger disaster waiting to happen in our house. This morning while cleaning I accidentally sent them all flying towards our stone floor at terminal velocity. I did manage to catch one. So we now have a cup stack of one which spells.

Oops, Oops, Oops…

That cup accident was quickly followed by son knocking over a full glass of chocolate milk onto the beige sofa. It’s a interesting pattern as it’s just next to the tomato ketchup stain from last year (that was mine).

Dad let’s sit down before we have any more accidents.”

Great advice which I followed. Unfortunately I sat down on my reading glasses – what possessed me to leave them on the chair. So in the absence of Hermione Granger and her glasses repair spell, I will just have to tape them up until the Opticians reopen again in a few months.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Unbelievably I found the paint pots and small brushes. So we were eggcellently placed next week for Easter egg production. However a few hours later I had no idea where I had put the paints. The house was ransacked then suddenly that sinking feeling. Oops. Surely I didn’t accidentally put the paint straight into the bin. Normally not a disaster however today was bin collection day and they have just been. Oops.

Stay safe everyone, especially if you come any where near me.

79 thoughts on “More accidental Daffodils

  1. I hope you find the paint! When I was doing the plant cleanup i looked everywhere for my stash of heavy duty bags. Nothing. Yesterday I found them totally out in the open, right next to where I put the leftover bags from the box I purchased. Gremlins, I tell ya!!

    As for dropsies… I spilled tuna juice on AdamCat’s head a short while ago. The other day I had the dropsies so bad that I had to give up on whatever I was doing.

    We don’t get daffodils here. I appreciate your pics!.

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      1. Dog don’t mind any dropped food!!

        It’s been weeks, maybe a month, since I put the bags right next to the missing bags… which I swear weren’t there at the time!

        And the $50 Amazon card and $100 bill are *still* MIA… since late Jan, I think.

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  2. OH I hope it was okay to be laughing through this post. I feel for you I do, Sounds so much like a kind of day that i have had before, so just know you aren’t alone! But I do hope tomorrow is better for you! Though its Apri Fools Day, sooo… LOL!

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  3. Hoping this is an April Fool’s post and tomorrow you’ll reveal it a such. If not, sorry, sorry. Do you have food coloring? that will work with vinegar to dye the eggs. Or use tumeric for yellow, cinnamon for red, etc. Experiment with real spices and foods… beets, blueberries. Sok in hot water and put vinegar in to set the dye. Might be fun.

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  4. I adore how, just like me, you have these kind of mishaps and happy accidents.. I love the daffodil variety that has the cream and yellow got a really good shot of one last year from a bunch I bought at the market..Is it late for daffodils? I remember them being in bloom in February when Jonathan and I lived in the UK… Sounds like you two are having some fun escapades.. I laughed so much at the broken egg story.. you always bring a smile to my face…love this so much..<3

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  5. My already taped glasses got new tape today… Zeus sat on them after they fell off while I was leaning over.🙄🤓 Think we can make taped glasses cool? A fashion trend?? Nah, me neither…😂😂
    You know how in Toy Story the toys move?? Inanimate objects jump out at me all.the.time! It’s not your fault😉😂💌

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  6. Beautiful Daffodils!! 🌼

    My grandmother used to grow roses 🌹… we always had beautiful roses on the table – she knew exactly how to care for them – she shoulda taught me that!! Lol … those are beautiful!!

    Lol on your Peppa Pig egg 😄 that’s hilarious

    Sorry about your off day. I have those too.

    But FYI… Smack a “2020” on that mug… and you have a Virus memorabilia mug lol sorry – I had to say it – I’m so sorry

    But that’s not a bad thing… is a memory good or bad – you remember

    Kinda like the shirts that say “2020… the year shit got real” lol … I would do that – you have a instant and free token of remembrance

    Even if is hard or bad – 10 years from now you see that and remember the time. I like that sorta stuff so that’s what I would do … I like memory things – I always want a memory

    What this? Oh that’s my virus mug 😄 …also would be your very OWN personal mug lol – there are perks

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      1. Lol… I saw this one photo … it was a pic of a Corona Bottle… but it said … Corona changed its name to avoid affiliation with the Coronavirus… and instead it was called Ebola Extra lol 😄 … I know is bad to laugh at that – but is slightly funny not meant in a bad way ever

        And lol… that’s funny – get your kettle on 😄

        But yeah… I like your V for Virus mug! Lol ✌️

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      1. Great! They didn’t post it, so this is from my memory – but this was this mornings class:
        30 sec plank
        30 sec glute bridges
        15 shoulder dislocates
        Specific Warm-up
        50 single arm Deadlifts or Swings L/R
        5 get ups on each side
        ( I did 10 L, 10 R, 1 Get-up L/R 5 times)
        10 single leg deadlifts L/R
        10 single arm deadlifts L/R
        10 single arm swings L/R
        5 push-ups
        10 reverse lunges L/R
        1 minute of farmer carries
        Do that on repeat for like 15 minutes
        Then every minute on the minute for 10 minutes do 15 swings, 5 squats then rest until the minute starts again.
        It was a good one! Hope you enjoy! x

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      2. Here ‘s today’s workout:
        10 deadlifts or swings
        5 goblet squats
        10 single arm deadlifts or swings
        5 racked squats L/R
        Repeat once
        It’s a ladder – the deadlifts or swings go down by 2 as the floor presses go up by 2
        So it’s 20 deadlifts or swings, then 18, 16, etc
        After every deadlift or swing set do 2 floor presses, then 4, then 6, etc
        Wrap up
        Push ups 1,2,3,4,5 and then back down
        10 deadbugs
        10 bird dog exercise
        so the push ups change but everything else stays the same
        It was a bit lighter today and honestly I was glad – I needed an easier one today!

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  7. Goodness, I have days like this! I feel like I should have a t-shirt made that says “Warning: My Mercury’s in retrograde and I’m dragging everyone down with me.” 😆

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      1. LOL. Pas de quoi. I’ve always thought “daffodil” was such a poetic name as it resembles nothing else. lot of English vocabulary comes from French, via the Normands, or Saxon (Door = Tür), or Latin. ‘s why I like the word daffodil. Cheers

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