Lovely midday weather here in Yorkshire.

It’s funny how you can overthink even the simplest of tasks. We try to make Saturday evening the official movie night of the week. A regular thing for son to look forward to. Popcorn, cola and a great movie. We save up new movies for the full Saturday experience. If we don’t have a new movie then the next best thing is a blockbuster. For days I had been working on a list of potential movies for this Saturday. Scores of candidates slowly whittled down to three favourites.

The Martian

Terminator – Dark Fate


So Saturday night arrived. I proudly gave son the list of three movies.

Ok Dad, let’s watch Toy Story.”

And with that it was Woody and co. A top top movie. Perfect escapism for today’s anxious world. But how much energy did I waste on picking an unused movie list. But I guess the point is that it successfully distracted me for a few days. While watching the movie I played my usual game of trying to pick which character I was most like. Toy Story was easy, clearly I am Rex. Although this morning I am a bit more Mr Potato Head.

We often forget how stressful the current situation is for kids. Confined to base, seeing parents stressed, unremittingly bad news on social media, kept apart from friends. In our sons case the confined to base and kept apart from friends is not really an issue. But his Aspergers requires routine and controllability. These have gone out of the window over the last few weeks. Adjusting to different daily routines. Food on the set weekly schedule (which has been in place for years) becoming unavailable. A completely unpredictable world. The fear of illness and worse ramped up by a spreading pandemic. He’s so young, had to deal with so much already and he’s facing this.

He asked what my best guess was for when things might begin to settle down a bit. Sadly I couldn’t say anytime soon. When he asked about schools opening and I couldn’t see anything happening and sticking before September.

“Dad is that September 2020 or September 2021”

I wouldn’t like to bet my shirt on that. We just don’t know who long the current restrictions will be in place for. When they do come off, how long before they need to be reintroduced. But we just have to deal with that. I’ve got to focus on the one overriding aim. Give son the best childhood possible. So we make the best of the new normal. Strengthen the new routines. AND above all try to have as much fun as possible. So Toy Story is perfect. It’s fun. Thank you Woody and co.

85 thoughts on “Toy Story

    1. I honestly think in all this media blitz of facts and numbers and politicians standing like rabbits in the spotlight braying even more doom and gloom, we are so scared by death we are forgetting how to live.

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  1. I watch grown men and women (figure of speech, of course) around me that are completely disoriented with the current situation. And we’re not as far into the crisis as you are, on the other side of the ocean… So I can’t imagine how complicated this must be for you and your son! I’m sending my warmest thoughts, stay safe and have fun everytime you two can 🙂 xx

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  2. I was given that movie from a couple of missionaries from the LDS Church to celebrate my 3rd wedding.
    A really good and entertaining film which we watched often.
    Ice age is another good family film that usually results in me belly laugh 😂 😂
    I know that these are difficult times but it is very clear how much you love your son and I am sure that he not only knows but feels that love.
    I know with any type of mental health condition and I include Aspergers syndrome in this how difficult it must be for your son to deal with the world as it is today but I am sure that with your love and support he will come through this safely 🙏🤗

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  3. I’ve heard my neighbors leave, by car, at least 3x today – clearly not essential errands. But after the nuclear meltdown by the kid, when the mom needed her phone back, I don’t blame them for seeking whatever diversion they can find!!

    The Martian is sooo long. It was good as entertainment on my flight home from Costa Rica but I don’t know if I could sit through it at home.

    Trolls was on tv last night. I tried to watch it but noped out in less than 15min.. tooo much singing of non-original songs!!

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      1. It felt like nearly non-stop singing. Maybe it slowed down when the Trolls were searching for their friends but when I flipped through later, the leader of the troll’s tormentors had found happiness and was singing.

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      2. Trolls is waaaaaaay more singing. All upbeat hits from the 70s to 2020s. I think the fact that it was commercial music, rather than written for the movie, was part of the problem for me. I don’t tend to like when artists redo established songs (except Annie Lennox’s “Medusa” album).

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  4. We did a couple of Movie Nights with Ben, he can’t sit still or be quiet or really pay attention longer than 30 minutes tops. The first time we rented Toy Story 3 and we were bummed that we couldn’t really watch it with him be-bopping, so the second time we went with Wall-E, free and much loved. You can’t go wrong with Pixar.

    I think the media is really making people feel worse. It’s good to stay informed, but all the doom and gloom isn’t helping anyone. 🎶💃🏼💌

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      1. I have seen both 3 and 4. To be honest my brain is giving me some trouble right now, so I can’t recall the plot of 3. But we tried to watch 4 last night again. I was experiencing some depression, so I was having trouble concentrating on anything. We actually didn’t finish it.

        Yeah, I can’t really give you an accurate assessment right now. We made the mistake of trying to watch Ralph Wrecks the internet. This is not a good movie to watch when you’re depressed. Another terrible movie to watch while depressed is “Inside Out” I like that one, but even on a good day it can be a bit depressing.

        I should have watched “Tangled” That’s my happy movie. I love the scene when she gets out of her tower. That’s me. I get excited about things, yet my mood can swing easily. I laugh that scene though.


      2. Other brand? But you’re A Yorkshire… ( I so want to type pudding. And so I did) Yep you know she’s feeling better when she says what’s on her mind. That’s dangerous sometimes. Now I want Yorkshire pudding. That’s about the only Yorkshire thing I know how to make. It took some practice though, and I don’t know if I can make them anymore since I went gluten free. Can you make Yorkshire puddings gluten free? Does it work? Have you tried this? Do you like Yorkshire Puddings? Have I asked enough questions? You didn’t know I was going to give you a homework assignment did you? Apparently I get yappy when I get happy.

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      3. My grandma used to make Yorkshire pudding all the time with her roast dinners. Ketchup? Never heard of doing that, or using them as a desert, but that’s something Andrew would try I’m sure.

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  5. I also think it was a great pick. I’ve worked with children with Asperbergers-that comfort of the familiar routine is gone. Hard for us, even harder for them.
    You’re doing a good job. Hang in there.
    I like your pics of various vacation spots. i’m going to try that.

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  6. The Toy Story movies are wonderful. Me and my 21 year old daughter just watched Toy Story 4 . We watched them as the kids grew up and they still like them, just something about them!
    You go Dad, you are right, we need to ease our kids nerves as much as we can. Sounds to me like you are doing the best job that you can!

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  7. i’m still confined to mostly binging on Netflix( at work). My Mac air has no DVD drive so i cant watch the ones i have on disc unless i am at home. But when i am, i do. There’s something about re watching old movies that brings a sense of normalcy, almost from the nostalgia i guess. Some times , a random moment occurs when i have to just stop and take all of this awe…Only a month ago i was out & about and no one was worrying about much expect the day to day. Now, i am in a twilight zone. Since i work nights, i come home go to sleep. When i wake around 7-8pm , every single day for 2 weeks now there is some new development in the way of what we are and aren’t allowed to be doing( along with what we should & shouldn’t do). First, just stay 6 ft apart, wash hands, limit large groups…then stay at home orders state wide then stricter for various counties in the state, then more businesses closing….store hours reduced…along with the hoarding and empty shelves when i finally have time ( although much of THAT was greatly exaggerated- only bread, TP, and certain staples were low).But also, just the entire “feeling” of things…I miss my grandchildren so much and i cannot imagine having children at home right now. At the home care cases i already see the stress building and tempers flaring. Just taking it one day at a time…breathhhhhh…..

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    1. That’s the start. Just to breathe. My work has been mothballed till this sorts itself out. Was up to mid April, then end of April, then end of May. Now it’s going back to end of June. It’s like a never ending rollercoaster. It is the Twilight zone. Then like you say, on top of that is that seeing those you love. So so tough. Look after yourself. x


  8. An excellent post Gary and one with a topic l have been struggling with myself as well recently – nicely expressed. Toy Story is always going to be a winner for me, next to perhaps Shrek 🙂

    Your plight reminded me of a new series l have starting this month –

    Also, could you possibly drop me an email please to just with the title Boo!

    Many thanks.

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  9. You’re such a sweet Dad, his mother would be so proud of you!

    Yes diet and routine are out the window for all of us and I really hadn’t thought of the impact of that on those with special needs. I can eat most things and the things I like others are not so interested in.

    Take care both of you and try to establish a routine if it helps … use the list next week 😎

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      1. That’s awesome! Here is the one from today:
        Shoulder Dislocates:30

        :30 Wall Squats ( Back is on the wall not face the wall squats!)
        10 Deadlifts or Swings
        10 Face the wall squats
        10 Deadlifts or Swings 10 Goblet Squats
        A: Get a TOTAL of 50 push-ups throughout the workout
        B: 10 Squats (goblet, Front )
        C: Split Squats X 10
        D: Farmers Carry (Stationary if needed)
        E: 1 Get up L/R
        F: Wall Squats x15
        Finisher! 🤩
        200 Bodyweight Squats! Every time you stop you have 10 Deadlifts or Swings – Happy Squatting!!

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  10. Gary, I just want to thank you for keeping up the routine of daily blog posts. You have no idea how much they are helping me these days. Reading your words, looking at your photos. They really mean a lot to me.

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  11. Also, the Martian is really excellent. My daughter, who normally has no patience for movies, was engrossed. Plus the hero is a botanist! Big deal for me as I studied Botany and that was seen as the boring science choice.

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  12. From what I have read in your posts I suspect you will have been working hard to give your son the routine and the fun he needs in equal spades. You have a great understanding of what works for him and what doesn’t. I think his time with you at home will benefit him immensely!
    The last two toy story films are pretty sad. Good but they definitely are tear jerkers! X

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      1. Managed to pull myself up out of the slump. Focusing on getting work done and now I can be at home some days I’m getting the boys organised. I mean they haven’t even put things into folders!!! You can just imagine how delighted they are that I’m here! X

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  13. So do you have a list for this coming Saturday? I’ll try to think of some to tell you. Last night I spotted a movie . What lies beneath. Well I got pulled into it and it was creepy. Good but creepy. With Harrison Ford and Michelle Phiffer . I know it must be hard for these kids and your son. But I think he is in great hands . Your doing a good job just take care of yourself also. And a lot of laughter is needed hugs (sorry this is so long) In a talkative mode😊

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