Oh no WordPress (our very own friendly Terminator Skynet) is messing about again. I’ve found out that many of the comments I’ve made on other sites have disappeared into the ether. Plus a few are struggling to comment on my site. SORRY.

So I am going to have to do a complete reinstall of the app and reset all the settings. This may take minutes or a millennia. See you on the other side.

132 thoughts on “Oh WordPress

  1. I’ve talked to a few people who have had this same problem and I told them they need to contact wordpress about the comment goblin eating their words. 😉 Good luck.

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      1. Yeah saw that. Personally i am getting really scunnered at the over hype. And see these delays up here on the death figures so the daily in your face you are not doing well enough here spew out, has figures from days ago. ‘Oh,’ ses Nicola who I generally have great respect for, ‘that’s because there been a delay in contacting the next of kin.’ THAT is a lie of the first order. The delay is on the testing results. Older girl’s friend’s dad died on Monday.. He had very bad diabetes but he was admitted with pneumonia. That family still do not have the test results.

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      2. They need testing to know who has had it. End of And they need to know exactly how this is spread, Cos while they bib and bab and fanny about, about those who have had it being able to go out and work etc. no , they can’t go back. Not if it is spread off of surfaces and then carried into someone’s house… Either you say one thing or you don’t. A German scientist has done a lot of testing of surfaces in their hardest hit bit and concluded that yeah supermarkets are minky but he never found any coronavirus in any. And frankly if they don’t stop using the scare tactics to keep people in lockdown while fannying over testing and everything else… saying one thing, doing another, well… I don’t like to think of the breakdown in social order that could happen.

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      3. They are more than happy to point the finger at rich footballers and yet they are silent on a Rees Moggs company saying its a great time to make money out of the virus. Or the likes of Branson milking the cash cow after years of his lawyers attacking the NHS. I spent 6 months successfully fighting off Virgin Healthcare in the courts when we awarded a contract to the local hospital.

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      1. Your stuff is brill. eriously. What aye entertains me on here is that there are those who actually do write banal crap, seriously dreadful stuff and think they are god’s gift

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      2. Well let’s be clear re that little one. IF China never lied about the extent of that virus, how come I and all the other authors have an email apologising for the delay cos the Chinese team were ill…

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  2. You washed your phone the other day, right? Did you wash away your words? Lol kidding ✌️

    My WP has freak outs once in awhile too… this past week it’s had quite a few! 🤨 … to fix mine I have to just get out of it, then close it completely down… then reopen and it’s usually ok… I would totally think a reinstall would fix that for sure.

    Good luck

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      1. Lol – no worries … I have had that happen myself – but if you try to go repost or say something else it will post both or double post lol … it has done that to me!! 🤨

        Well your iPhone must have needed a little cleaning then lol … I’m glad to hear is working!! I have washed a iPhone myself once 😮… my experience did not go as well as yours lol 😄✌️

        But I got a new phone which worked brilliantly so ended up same results lol (that was years ago btw)

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  3. Oooh no what a pain … you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about all this computer stuff though. And your pussy is unbelievably cute!! Oh God I’ve just thought of that programme ‘Are You Being Served”. You’re quite possibly too young! Hope you resolve the issues quickly.

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  4. I was designated as a “spammer” for a while. Rory still has to ‘approve’ all my comments on his site. I quit using the app a while ago. I just use the WP dot com and have a ‘shortcut’ saved to my homescreen. Everyone should check their spam folders. You didn’t get sent to mine, so the gremlins ate your comment.🤷🏼‍♀️ Its VERY frustrating when our comments dont go through. WP is our coffee/tea house, where we meet up and chat.💌💌

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  5. Super cute photo of your kitty! WordPress certainly is glitchy. As far as I know I have recieved all of your comments! 😯 But this reminds me, I need to double check my spam often. I forget!

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