A random Yorkshire tree. When it snows, a random Yorkshire Tree positioned at the end of our sledging run. So a random Yorkshire tree with a very hard trunk which I have collided with on more than one occasion. It’s like a Rome. All the sledging runs seem to abruptly end at this tree.

So this morning’s fight with WordPress was a bit of a score draw. On the plus side it went remarkably smoothly and very quickly. On the downside my attempted fix – didn’t pigging work. So the app is still possessed. My comments on many sites just disappear. One explanation is that I’ve upset one of the Spam filters. I might have used a naughty word on a comment (or two ). See kiddies swearing is not big or clever. Anyway until it’s resolved I will keep trying to comment on your sites – a few comments are still sneaking through. Enjoy the peace and waffle free time while it lasts.

So the school version of homeschooling has ended for another week. It’s now the two week Easter break. A break which will probably look very like the last few weeks. Normally we look forward to these two weeks but this time it feels like just the same as the last few weeks. No real change except the school iPad can remain switched off.

But as everyday is FUN DAY let’s try to make the most of them.

It’s good to see school is getting into the celebratory mood. The kids have been set homework and have been given plenty of revision to complete over the holiday. After Easter it’s straight into online exams and YES the delights of spelling tests. Deep joy.

But we are not going to let school put a dampener on life over the next couple of weeks. So at lunchtime we reverted back to one of sons favourite games. Bouncing on a trampoline while holding a bucket filled with water. It’s amazing how even Son’s bucket of water ends up over his Dad. Maybe that’s why the game is so much fun. Then it was back to online lessons and trying to explain to a bewildered son the finer details of love poetry. You might have seen my sledgehammer writing style in Thursdays Terrible Poetry submissions. Me advising on poetry is like asking a pheasant to operate a pedestrian crossing. Some lessons are about personal growth and development. However this one was just about survival.

After the last lesson of the day the Easter break started with a dog walk. A walk to our sons self imposed world boundary. And a look over to a distant random tree. A tree beyond our little world. Let’s hope that when we get snow again, once again all our sledge runs will be able to meet this tree again.

116 thoughts on “Random Tree

  1. What a strong, beautiful tree. So happy you and your son can have a nice Easter break. I know you will make it fun for him. Love how you jump on the trampoline with a bucket of water in your hands. Hahaha how does your sons end up on you? 😂

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  2. Maybe you guys need one of those dunking tanks. Where if you hit the target with a ball, the person inside on the bench, falls in the water. Son could work on his throwing, or footy aim and you could add another way of getting soaked to your list😉😂💌

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  3. “See kiddies swearing is not big or clever.”

    Ah, so a bit of do as I say not as I do? *raises one eye brow*

    I can’t really raise one eyebrow. It’s more like squinting one eye, and trying really hard to raise that eye brow. I have no idea how spock ever did that. He had amazing eyebrows.

    As far as I can remember you haven’t used any bad language on my page including the word pigging which still makes me laugh, and now I’m afraid to use because WordPress may decide that it’s worth banishment. But yeah, this could be why I’m still receiving your comments. 🐣🐤🐣🐥🐣🐤

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      1. 😃 I’m not sure how to take that. I think it’s a good thing. You’re not afraid I’ll get after you are you? If you did I would just edit your comment and insert the word “pigging” 😆

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  4. I’ve been reading the books of James Herriot that gives a peek into Yorkshire and the picture here of the single tree standing amidst miles of green only strengthens my faith of the rural and pristine beauty! Ah what joy.

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  5. I feel this way, too. Every week is feeling very much like the last, and it’s easy to lose track of where and when we are. The fact we want to take the kids on a nature walk tomorrow now feels like this HUGE challenge because we can’t go near any sort of playground. We just have to do our best keepin’ on. Hugs to you from Wisconsin! xxxxxx

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    1. I know that feeling. They only get one childhood and this often feels like wasted time. But maybe we can make it into great memory. Just got to think outside the box. But that’s hard when your tired and anxious. Hope the job thing went so well for you. Hugs from Yorkshire my friend. xxxxxx

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      1. It did! Teaching summer school will slip right into the hours the kids attend summer school here. Yes, I will still be teaching online when the kids are home, and that’ll be tough. BUT, that extra income could help a lot.
        I also get to work on taking back another one of my stories out of serial publishing and see if I can republish it as an ebook this summer. Fingers crossed I can make that happen in spite of teaching and more teaching!

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    2. I’m having real problems posting on comments on other people’s sites, some get through but it’s all a bit random. Still trying to fathom out why. If you post something and I don’t seem to reply – it won’t be for the want of trying and will keep trying. x

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      1. You’re not the only one to say that! WordPress must be all weird for some reason.
        You just keep doing your best with what you have. I just picked up a few fun Easter things for the kiddos’ Easter Egg hunt–a little candy and a toy. It’s too important to me not to. When I was a kid, Dad would hide our baskets for us to find Easter morning, and there’d always be a little present and candy in there. Bo’s keen on egg hunts, so we’re doing hidden eggs instead of baskets, but I still insist on a little fun something to unwrap.
        You two just keep doing your best being you, being loving, being hopeful. Get out with Captain Chaos and run around. Create nonsensical jokes. Build an obstacle course for the hamsters.
        Be wonderful xxxxxx

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      2. Will you get an Egg. I put a couple of eggs and some little things in the garden for a hunt. Here it’s getting harder to get out and our world is slowly contracting. It’s starting to feel like the garden and the house now. But we will do our best, we owe it to the kids. Hope you found a way to get to the park or something. xxxxxx

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      3. I went to a Walmart yesterday and felt like I had entered an alien land. so strange. Do I get something? Nah, and I’m fine with that. Besides, I’d rather make sure I’ve got funds to create a new book cover for my old serialized story that used to be on Wattpad. About time that thing had a face lift. 🙂

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  6. Sure enough… I found a bunch of comments from you in the Comments Spam folder. I marked them all as “not spam” but don’t know where they went. Maybe to the Pending folder. Gotta check.

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  7. Your tree is beautiful – what a gorgeous backdrop – I would stare at that tree for hours!

    … this is spring break week for us too… but some people like daughter have another 2 essays to do for language arts – sorry woman / your spring break begins when that’s done.

    Also … I was not aware you can not say anything you want 😮 yikes I better watch myself lol … hopefully fixes soon for you

    Have a good night!

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    1. Sometimes it only takes someone accidentally marking you as spam. Also the software just looks for certain words but doesn’t look at the context you have used them in. It can even be where you start liking to many posts too quickly. There are a few protection sites but I’ve got the main one to check for me. Sometimes a few people marling you as not spam can stop it as well. It does happen quite often.

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      1. Oh wow! Well I was not aware of any of that lol … good to know!!!

        Oh well takes me awhile to read posts unless they are quick ones – otherwise I am slow with “liking” lol … I will not have problems there lol

        Watching what I say… that might be tough… but I don’t say any bad stuff? I don’t think?? 🤔 I don’t like censorship lol … I don’t like to be told I can’t be free so yeah that’s my rebellion button lol 😄✌️ kidding maybe – I am American lol

        But I don’t think I say anything bad?? I will be conscience of it I guess. I will try.

        I don’t know anything about “protection” sites?? It checks your words for you?? To tell you if good or bad?

        Yeah – I just come on and do stuff lol ✌️ hopefully it works out lol

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      2. There is a bad way? lol … cause I dunno if there is a bad way to be funny? All laughter is good, no? As long as not hurtful or disrespectful?

        Well … I always want to enjoy my life… I find many things funny… many many things … most of the time my humor is to just delight myself lol – so if you find it funny then that’s a bonus.

        I am always good though… pretty proper… I walk on the safe side of the sidewalk always … and I stay away from people… I went through a lot … but there is “a type of tension” there if that is what you are referring to. Yeah I’m like that – I like innuendoes and that sorta stuff – I like to be playful always… respectfully playful ✌️

        I am very playful. I am playful with everyone. I am bubbly and have a lot of life?

        I used to be a cart girl… I am pretty, and fit and I have a funny playful personality … but I have also had stalkers … only when I am comfortable will you see that personality. Just sometimes it overflows and I can’t control it lol ✌️

        Otherwise I keep that to myself and stay away. I kinda just stay quiet cause in real life I don’t want issues.

        I was allowed to just “be” when I worked as a cart girl – I could just say whatever I wanted and my boss would back me…. I was free there – and protected – both by my golf course and my police …

        At school – I stay proper… I know my place …

        The funeral home uses a different side – that pulls from my empathy

        But with my friends and people I am comfortable with or like here on the blog, where I am unknown and can be free? – so yeah – I got a personality ✌️ shhh 🤫

        I am always respectful – never ever mean to offend but I will throw the unexpected out there and I like to play… I like to laugh. I like to be free. ✌️

        So is that good or bad? Lol

        I am shy – but not? Lol … it IS the quiet ones 😄✌️

        Sorry crazy busy today 😔 – I’ll have to be back later

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      3. Hopefully the first and main target of my humour is me. I don’t like poking fun at others unless I really know that they are happy with it and actually want me to do it. I can really tell that you are respectful but also that you have inner strength. xx

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      4. Oh I like to be teased lol … I am a teaser myself – I do like to laugh at life or whatever… I am not easily offended. And if I ever have a problem – I speak if offended. Hope you will too.

        I had to stop being cart girl because of the cancer … that sucked – I miss it – I loved that job!! I could socialize and be free and protected … while at work… I didn’t have to socialize on my own time, cause I got it all out protected at work lol ✌️… on my own I am not protected lol so I don’t socialize lol

        When you work in offices you have to watch yourself … it’s weird… when I got the cart girl job I was used to being with the police where you have to watch how you are – mind your P’s and Q’s … you have a standard to uphold… I joke with a lot of them and it can get really funny but there is still a ??? hold back? With most – not all… I have a few that don’t hold back lol – I prefer that cause you laugh and then also you know what you deal with. Life should be fun and enjoyed anyway. When you are free to be whoever you are – you can balance yourself a little better

        At my golf course – my guys were hilarious and said whatever they wanted – was like a sports locker room lol … but was really really funny 😄😄😄 Lol … they were always still respectful of me – but nothing bothered me anyway – I am not sensitive in that area

        If offices everyone is uptight 🤨 … I don’t like the uprightness – I like the freedom I prefer to know the person I deal with… I wanna see who they are? I enjoy people when they are relaxed and free – I like that

        Poke away lol… I like to tease and also be teased – not an issue – as a cart girl you got hit on all the time – so you had to have come backs and you can’t be thinned skinned with people – you want people to have fun – but guys will be guys …so ya put em in their place lol 😄😄 kidding but not … I got schooled how to handle guys there lol – was perfect lol

        When I was married – I got hit on constantly always even saying nothing… and when I was young it was all the time… so it was a problem for him. I kept quiet and stayed away from men – avoided the issue completely… I wasn’t trying to have any issues. So that’s how I handled – and tucked myself away, which was bad too for reasons…

        When I learned he had affairs and was doing drugs and alcohol – I was done … so I got the golf course job which was gonna be hard …

        Alcohol made me uncomfortable and here I was selling it… and then men kinda ?? I had just tucked myself away for so long…

        So that job let me “be me”… and I was front and center, laughed constantly, was protected fiercely – I was free there ❤️ and I needed that at that time… and the money was good

        I hated it at first because of being hit on so much – I was really uncomfortable with that at first… but I forced myself to give it a month… and I ended up loving it and having the best time ever – it helped me grow who I am ❤️ I love who I am ❤️✌️

        So yes please – tease away!! I am happy with it… just be who you are. I prefer that!! You don’t have to really overthink with me – I appreciate laughter and honesty. I like to just enjoy life. Be happy… not so heavy. I do have heaviness too sometimes which is why I like the laughter balance – it helps

        Come at me bro lol 😄✌️… yes I am full of witty remarks lol

        But yes if I ever offend you please tell me, cause that is never my intention with anyone. I just like smiles ✌️

        Been through a lot myself and just wanna enjoy life. Wanna smile also. ✌️

        And yes I am respectful or always try to be… and I do have inner strength – loads of that lol ✌️thank you for saying


      5. Ok you are on the official tease list now. Alcohol had two sides with me. Sometimes it allowed me to be more extrovert with the people I liked. It helped hide my shyness and my childhood stutter. Yet it also made me sad. Sad at trying to be somebody I’m not. x

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      6. Good lol … look forward to it – yay!!

        Yeah you have to be careful with alcohol. Not meant to fix things or improve anything cause the opposite happens lol

        Are you a shy one? I have my shy moments too, I sometimes stutter… not often, only if I am nervous and uncomfortable.

        Yeah I would never want you to be someone you are not… I do appreciate differences.

        You learn things from people sometimes and when you are yourself… you teach them sometimes too ✌️

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  8. For those who are interested, you can use any language you like–until someone complains. I control my words on sites likely to be accessed by children, but otherwise I feel no such compunction. So far I’ve had no grief.
    Mind you, there are blogs that don’t actually allow your comments to show on others’ screens until they have been approved. I love those sites.

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  9. After you posted this, I thought I should check what WordPress has flagged as spam on my own blog. There were a few comments in my spam folder that shouldn’t have been there.

    It looks like the WordPress spam filter has become a little too aggressive over the past few weeks.

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      1. I was surprised at what I found in the spam folder. There was nothing spammy in the incorrectly flagged comments — no links and they were all from people who had commented before.

        It could well be a case of more traffic and people having time to post a lot more comments than usual.

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      2. Hey
        I logged on and found two comments from you marked as spam. I have unmarked them but they haven’t appeared as comments yet!
        We’ll see if they appear and if you can comment in the future!

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  10. I love that tree! Can you see it from the edge of your garden? Your son’s school is very different from my boys’ school. We received a letter last week basically saying there was work set, it was nothing new and just revision. If they aren’t up to completing it that’s ok. The kids mental well-being is the most important thing right now and spending time together as a family. Not sure if that’s a cop out but I quite liked it! Helped me relax about the amount they are doing anyway.
    Hmmm what else can you bounce on a trampoline with? 🤔

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      1. We only have 2 ice cream shops within 10 miles of us, both I think are closed until things improve. These are such strange times but one good thing is that it’s made me more respectful of things like food and milk. The freezer is now completely full of food which would have been thrown out and now the leftovers including things like cheese and milk are saved carefully. I guess we can get through most of April now without shopping. I really think that approach will stick even after things have calmed down.

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      2. My plan is to make a list of all the things I have in the freezer and meal plan to use them all up. The boys are eating anything snack based that I buy in a split second. I am now hiding it and putting out what I think is suitable for a week, if they eat in all in a day then there are no more snacks! They are eating so much now they are home all the time!

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  11. I wonder what the kids are going to remember the most about this time. What are they going to tell their kids about the coronavirus pandemic? Bobby will probably just say “I slept through it” since I don’t see his face until around 2-3PM.

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  12. Hmm, I only say “The Law of Attraction”… lol! I hope the WordPress issue is solved meanwhile. At least it is regarding my blog. I am so sorry that I did not notice earlier!

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      1. OMG, that sounds really bad… lol.
        I am barely posting on weekends. I need my time for scheduling posts for the coming week(s) and for catching up with all the things I don’t get to during the week. You know, I am not only employed but also self-employed… and I have soooo many project-ideas in my head… haha.

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      2. One “secret” is simply my time-management. But I also get my energy when I can work on things I really love – doing what I love. But yes, there were times when I reached my limits to say the least. But I learned and slowed things down. These days have already granted me a lot of additional hours which I made good use of. I could make up a lot peacefully which unburdened so much. This and the wonderful spring weather are like a power charger for my soul 🌞

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  13. I have one person on WP who gets my comments even though I can’t see them. No one can explain what is going one. It was happening with several people, but now it’s just the one. WP can be very strange.

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