Where has it gone? A lovely post about a teddy bear and some memories. All formatted and scheduled to post. WP moves it from the scheduled list at the right time and……Then suddenly it’s gone. Not posted, nowhere to be found. Maybe WP has put it in the same place as my missing comments and people I’ve suddenly stopped following without being told.

Don’t you just love WP…….


An excuse for a snow picture…..

WP is in full Skynet evil computer mode at present. Having problems replying to some comments. My replies are getting deleted, ending up under the wrong comment or only part of the reply is showing.

All a bit bizarre really.

SORRY. Will soldier on…


Don’t you just love WordPress. It’s a bit like Prunes. You know they are good for you. So many benefits but a monumental pain in the backside….

Blogging is really so good for me but WordPress is a monumental pain in the ….. It just feels like wading through treacle.

Will it just once allow me to format the post as I want it to look.

Will it just once have a truly user friendly editor.

Will it just once not keep trying mess up my photos so I have to constantly keep on reloading them.

Will it stop showing me that my blog looks fine when some users can’t see the photos or only see messed up formatting.

Will it stop messing up a post when I dare to try and include a music or video link.

Will it stop changing all my text into micro font if I accidentally delete a bit WP doesn’t want me to do.

Will it stop randomly deleting people from my following list and then not bothering to tell me.

Will it stop randomly deleting comments I post.

Will it stop randomly deciding to freeze the iPad app. In fact will it stop freezing my iPad – it’s the only app that has ever done that for me.

Will the help desk stop blaming Apple for the working of its App.


I like blogging. It helped me cope with loss. It helped me become a better parent. A better person. Made some great friends through it. Kept me connected with people during this period of isolation. So I guess I will keep taking my Prunes. The benefits are so worth it.


Word Press meets Skynet…

If only WordPress was like walking through a lovely wood. Pleasant, enjoyable and with a clear path to guide you along your journey.

No it most certainly is not. Think more Terminator Skynet. A demonic software entity working against the humans. And just like Terminator movies (you think you’ve seen the last one and then another pops up), WordPress works for a bit and then another issue pop ups.

For a few months I’ve not been able to comment or leave comments on a few blogs I follow. Then randomly my scheduled and draft post lists will be published (when I’m not logged in) – often not even as the latest entry. Now some people can’t see my photos when they use the App – but the photos are there when viewed using the www route. The same has happened to me when viewing other sites.

I’ve contacted the fine folk at WordPress but I’m not hopeful. The last few issues I’ve had with the App were nothing to do with the software, apparently down to either my iPad or Apple. Bizarrely the issues are often fixed when an App upgrade is issued (unfortunately they are usually replaced by other issues).

I’m trying some of the suggestions other bloggers have tried

  • Only using the Classic Editor,
  • Making sure the photo is set as the Featured Image,
  • Reinstalling the App frequently,
  • Trying to avoid using too many photos,
  • Avoiding including links in posts.

I’m also trying a few ideas of my own. Avoid wearing pink when I’m writing a post, shielding my thoughts from WP by donning a tin foil hat, trying to talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger and not listening to any 1970s Glam Rock unless I have flowery bell bottoms on. Will let you know if they work.

But sorry if you encounter any issues viewing my posts. It’s bad enough reading them…..

Thank you

I don’t often do this……

I never really check blogger stats. Well I did this morning – great timing. All I can say is that you to everyone. You are so very kind and so very much appreciated.

I think back to 2017 and the first part of 2018. I had just started blogging. In the first year I had 300 views and 20 followers. I was in awe that anyone would take the time to read my waffles. Imagine how I feel now. I get really embarrassed when I see stunning blogs with such brilliantly talented writers with not many views. All I can say is stick with it. If a muppet like me can do it then someone as talented as you can absolutely soar.



Heralding a wonderful summers day – NOT

It’s been one of those wonderful Yorkshire Summer Days. Damp, exceedingly windy and cold. The cold that makes your toes curl. August and we have the heating full on. Not a day for cold drinks. It’s been steaming hot tea and decaf coffee. Hawklad has been on hot milk – on repeat. That’s a great way to get some calories into him.

August also sees the ongoing trials associated with my WordPress experiment. That pesky new editor. I am trying, really trying. I hear you shout – Your just so vexing. But I am trying to like the editor. But really should it be this hard. It crashes, it messes up formats, drops links. When you do get round to publishing then posts suddenly disappear or mess up. Comments go missing. And on and on. Even this grumpy Yorkshire man is easier to like than this so called editor.

But I will keep trying to get my head round it. Just like trying to get my head round this summer. Just like I’m trying to get my head round Hawklads food intake. He’s not had his weight officially tracked and assessed by the health professionals in over 2 years now. With the current service restrictions, it’s going to be well into 2021 before that happens. On the last assessment he was right on the edge of being ‘too underweight’ for his height. I think that he’s probably dropped below that now. So following the Paediatricians instructions I’m trying to get as many calories into him as possible. That’s not easy. He has such a limited range of foods he will eat. Over the years I have slowly managed to increase these so that he has 6 different main meals which he has over the week. It’s the same meals, weak in weak out. Not much scope to vary things there. Trying to get him to eat the occasional chocolate bar or bag of crisps helps. So does milk. So a cold day and repeated hot milks is a welcome bonus.

Yes a cold summer is good sometimes.

Two things

Two strange things have happened over the last few days. And NO it’s not that I have found sleep….

The two things are that clearly we have moved back into winter and I have switched to the new WP editor. I’m hoping both are short term changes.

Not sure the cover to my waterproof exercise bike cover is Yorkshire weather resistant

It’s winter. Very cold, very wet and exceedingly stormy. In fact the storm force wind has managed to shift the exercise bike a few feet since last night. I struggle to do that on a good day. It’s been that wet I’ve spent most of the morning trying to stop the rain from flooding out the Utility Room. Too bad even to exercise outside, so it was an indoor session. Problem with those are trying to find enough space and the PETS. The sight of me on my back trying to lift up weights is too much for a dog and cat. Suddenly it’s play time for the not so little hooligans. What chance do I have I’d focusing on posture and technique when I have various well chewed soft toys dropped on my face.

Using the new WP editor feels a little like having a soggy, well chewed pet toy repeatedly checked at you. It kinda works but only on its terms. It does like randomly reformatting posts, messing up links, deleting posts and generally messing up my blog. The deleting of my posts may well be seen as a wonderful feature amongst many. It’s basically as well behaved as our pets, which is not behaved at all…..

Unbelievably this little white flower continues to survive the buffeting. Clearly it was designed to cope with ‘its raining cats and dogs’ weather. I suspect it’s not designed to cope with mad pets although it might be able to design a more user friendly WP editor.

Oh WordPress

Oh no WordPress (our very own friendly Terminator Skynet) is messing about again. I’ve found out that many of the comments I’ve made on other sites have disappeared into the ether. Plus a few are struggling to comment on my site. SORRY.

So I am going to have to do a complete reinstall of the app and reset all the settings. This may take minutes or a millennia. See you on the other side.

Stuck in the WP mud

Today I am officially stuck in the WordPress mud. Just goes to show you should never tempt fate – yesterday I said that it had improved as it was now working in third gear. Clearly it was speeding up towards the cliff.

Recently I have been struggling to like and post on a number of sites. Some sites which I still receive comments from are listed as deleted. Yet others work fine. This was happening on both the website and the app. Now it’s gone into WP meltdown today. Most blogs are not loading correctly and making any comments is clearly as rare as my football team winning any silverware. Domestically that would be 1955…. even pre dating me.

I was trying to think of a better word combination for WP than WordPress. Maybe







So it’s the dreaded complete reinstall and resetting of WP. If I disappear – SORRY. But I will return when my technical experts – The Gerbils – restore connections to the outside world again. This could take minutes or years….

Wish us luck.

WordPress v iPad

I run the WordPress App on an iPad. It’s quite an old iPad – pre dates the world changing. But it’s still ok. It runs every app and game perfectly, except one. Yes you guessed it WordPress.

For some reason WordPress just does not want to play.

  • It frequently crashes
  • It lags
  • You like a post and when you leave the page – it regularly unlikes it
  • It refuses to edit properly
  • It often doesn’t let you upload photos – you need to leave it a few hours and try again
  • The help contact form won’t work
  • Words disappearing, words randomly being replaced with symbols
  • Regularly setting my blog sites to zero – unless that’s true….
  • The Reader will frequently only list a few relevant posts. Trying to tell me that for all the sites I follow we have only have something like 12 new posts to view in 8 hours. It will also frequently only list the posts from the previous 30 minutes – nothing after that.

Finally I managed to get some help from the developers. Basically it’s all my iPads fault. It’s too old and slow. Strange as it works well with all other apps..

Well we had a little experiment. I did some work which had to be done on an iPad. So for a couple of days I got my hands on the works latest iPad Pro performance monster. Have to say it was seriously impressive. If you have a spare million pounds it’s so worth it.

So having completed the job I loaded the WP app and had a quick play. Yes it doesn’t lag as bad, but worryingly it was still quite slow. The couple of photo uploads I tried did work ok. It crashed twice. Sadly all the other faults did appear at some stage.

So in a battle reminiscent of Godzilla v Ghidorah – WordPress still got the better of the iPad. Come on Apple clearly we need an even more powerful tablet to run WP…..