Tonight I was going to prattle on about loss and time. But the all seeing WordPress app decided to intervene. After about 6 lines of text WP is saving text in what appears to be something resembling subscript format. So I’ve only got 2 more readable lines left to write in. The pressure. That’s why I was rubbish at Twitter. Let’s just say. Time is such a precious gift let’s try not to waste it. ……..

39 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Oh geez BABASP, you’re nearly up to 5,000 followers. I hope that doesn’t happen to me, as I don’t want thousands of folks being bothered with my opinions and the like. Anyways, I have at last sorted out how to put photos from my phone onto my laptop, then onto WP. So there is that. An achievement for a technophobe don’t you think?

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  2. *too busy staring at your blog name* Whoa, that’s a long title!!! And also, I don’t use social media anymore. Already 25 and that crap is pretty old for me.

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