Colour has arrived to Yorkshire. Always great to see, it’s such a lift. Sadly it won’t last long and it will be gone for another year. It’s a reminder to me that time is precious. Got to make the most of it. Grab those moments. Live and not just survive.

Yes there will be darker, colder months. Those times will be more manageable if the gaze is in the moment or looking forward, rather than focused on what has been.

It can still be a such a wonderful life.

69 thoughts on “Gaze

  1. Tell yer what though chuck, how about starting a “Winter Garden” in the front and have things that bloom in the cold months? There’s Purple sage, Camellia Japonica, Hebe, Winter clematis, Cyclamen, Winter honeysuckle, Hellebore, Pansies, Elephant’s Ears, Winter aconites, Witch Hazel, Snowdrops, Mahonia, Bellis to name but a few.

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      1. Too far to drive Chuck. It is another country after all. Of course what is a weed to one person. is a beautiful wild flower 🌸 to another.


      2. I saw Charlie Dimmock make a rustic shallow pot the other day. She got some rubber gloves on first (important) and made a mound of sand, covered that in a bit of plastic sheet, then patted a layer of quick set concrete onto it, once set, then she carefully took it off of the sand and turned it up the right way… Oh but she did put a bit of plastic sheet in the shallow pot, because Alpine plants don’t like the pH of the concrete and used a mix of compost with grit.

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      3. I think the pot was just under 3 feet in diameter and very shallow. I don’t think she bothered with holes in the bottom, because it was so shallow, but don’t quote me on that.

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  2. Color really does lift my spirits. After a long winter when all I see is white I absolutely thirst for color. And you’re absolutely right, life can be wonderful. I think it has a lot to do with our attitudes and mental outlook.

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  3. We have it in two shades of red and it also comes in white. It’s a self seeding vagabond of a plant and I love it. It attracts a lot of insects. I think you’re lucky to have it, though many of my neighbours treat it as a weed.

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  4. Those flowers are certainly something to squeal about! Yes, it’s so easy to sigh over things which do not last forever. But a life lived in the past is a life stuck. The past, the present and the future all in balance and in perspective is the trick to living.
    Somebody please knock my head with that every few months😁

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