99 times out of a 100 not being able to sleep properly is a real pain in the posterior. It really is. It’s been like that for months. Yes the body gets use to it but it does slowly wear you down.

But there are some advantages. The quiet at night is a blessing. Our world is just too noisy. It’s a great time to think and daydream. In those moments you truly realise what is important to you. What you care more the most.


You get too hear and see the dawn. The new day start. The morning chorus of the birds is one is the great natural shows. The views are stunning in that new light. Even views you normally take for granted become epic.

Yes even insomnia can be wonderful.

49 thoughts on “Insomnia the gift

  1. I envy this.

    The one time I had insomnia was when all I could think of was increasing danger. I was going mad, under the pressure of it.

    I guess I never truly grasped how peaceful nighttime could be. Even these days, I want to get past it.

    Your post is intriguing.

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  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful time of day, but sleep would be nice sometimes too. Sorry you’re not getting nearly enough of it. We are matching socks, but I’m getting more sleep than you are. You take care of yourself Superdad. I hope and pray you get more sleep! ❤

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  3. I sometimes stop on the way to work of a morning in the [P] and take a photo of the sun rising to greet my day. Maybe I could fish one of them out of my phone and put them on here.

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    1. Nope, can’t do it. I am a technophobe and tried really hard with Bluetooth and WiFi and a USB thing, so all sorts of things and then gave up. I might ask one of my lovely kids to sort it, but for now, nope, no photo sharing yet.

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  4. Oh, right there with you. Those photos are so beautiful and peaceful. Oh, I’m back. I’ve been missing in action, lol, a lot on the mind these days. I just wanted you to know that since I’ve missed so many of your posts. ❤️

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  5. Of course, I wish you could sleep much better. But I agree, the morning hours are magical. I often think I would like to get up early and feel the peace when the world slowly awakens beginning with a light glow on the horizon and the first bird singing its song… magical indeed.

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