Not the best weather for a partial solar eclipse. But there is always hope. Lying on the ground with Hawklad looking up at the clouds when he should have been doing his science class.

Then for a couple of minutes we get the best type of science teaching. Real life science.

I give you the famed cloudy Yorkshire partial eclipse.

48 thoughts on “Cloudy eclipse

  1. A few years ago, me and my daughter decided to pop up to Gors Fawr to celebrate an eclipse. So with no humans watching, we dancing around the stones in and out like loons. It was a special moment that meant nothing to others and everything for a giggle for us.

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      1. It was sooooo cool and that’s because I am one of the most blessed parent ever, for my daughter is awesome. Plus, we blossom wherever we find ourselves planted. Currently we are in West Wales and here it’s just so full of 🗿 mysterious places, 🦀 beaches, beautiful views 🐬 and 🦋 nature.

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  2. Great job, considering how cloudy it was. I got up at 5 am but the smallest amount of cloud made the viewing quite imperfect. Still it was nice to be up with the cocks crowing!


  3. Very nice! Sounds like a nice break from things. Glad you had that real life Science moment. 😊 Enjoy life’s roses 🌹 🌹 🌹 Superdad. ❤

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