Apparently Hawklad missed 6 exams last week. That’s a whole lotta exams missed in just one week. On the bright side, Hawklad did complete 5….. 5 out of 11 is almost a pass.

Hawklad completed those 5 exams because the teacher or teaching assistant emailed him the paper. In the 6 he missed something didn’t happen and I just can’t put my finger on what didn’t happen…. Can you.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. The teachers are now tied up in the year above mock exams. It’s another mess. We bury will be so glad to see the back of this school year.

47 thoughts on “Missed

  1. Not acceptable. I hope you are making an official complaint un writing to the head, asking why those 6 exams were not sent and how they are affecting his future by this incident and in the past where you have had no help.
    Say at the end of the letter that if you don’t get a satisfactory response within 2 weeks, you will take the matter further.

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  2. Ugh!!!! I would be extremely relieved to see the end of this school year too, If I were you. So totally unacceptable!

    On a brighter note, we have those exact same roses here. We also had them in Newfoundland. Here they call them the Alberta Rose. Back home we called them wild roses. I love the scent – so much more scent than roses bought at a flower shop. 🙂

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      1. I am out of the loop as far as school goes. Our “kids” are all approaching their 40s now. Still, it’s awful to know how shoddy students are being treated, particularly when they already have mountains to climb, so to speak. It’s awful!

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