Where has it gone? A lovely post about a teddy bear and some memories. All formatted and scheduled to post. WP moves it from the scheduled list at the right time and……Then suddenly it’s gone. Not posted, nowhere to be found. Maybe WP has put it in the same place as my missing comments and people I’ve suddenly stopped following without being told.

Don’t you just love WP…….

98 thoughts on “Missing..

  1. Yes, I’ve just spentwasted the last eight hours of my life; first three in a support ‘live chat’ that went around in circles, and the next five composing a post to recount the frustrating episode — all because the WordPress ‘reblog’ function has been broken by something they’ve done. WordPress is trying hard to make things better, which is an admirable pursuit. However, it would seem that they’re breaking things in the process, which is not so good.

    I seem to recall someone explaining to me once that in software development you should have a ‘test’ system and a ‘live’ system. It seems to me that maybe they’re getting the two muddled up 😦

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      1. My son reassures me that all the things we ever put upon t’Internet is going to always be somewhere on t’Internet. I think that sort of is my conclusion about people. They might go from my life, but that who they are still lingers in the 🌍 world, the universe, πŸͺ somewhere.

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      2. Yes t’Internet is a difficult place < full stop. There's always down the back of the settee for the small things lost, ✏️ πŸ“Ž πŸƒ β™Ÿ but that it's wise to try not sweat the small things, unless they unlock our potential πŸ”‘ for [Happy] or [Kindness] or [Peace].

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  2. Oh dear πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    I hope you are still following me! I even did a post the other day … first one in ages. Felt good to write again actually. Get that PC … WP is sending you a subliminal message to buy one. X

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  3. Try adding the search bar widget to your site, webview, and searching on teddy or some other keyword. If wp hasn’t eaten it, that will be the easiest way to find if it published it with a past date.

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  4. Lovely photo! I’ve just been messing about and going a bit more anonymous prior to starting a new job. I’ve changed my public name, my gravatator thing, my photo and site name to thisisrachelann and Rachel. If you have a moment please can you click on my name as it appears by this comment and check it goes to my site. Last time I changed things I didn’t do it right and people were told my site had disappeared when they clicked on my name in comments. My fault though. Good luck with your missing post and thank you!

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  5. No, why I PAY them just flabbergasts me! I am sorry that so much is missing from you blog. That is terrible. I don’t trust the site so I generally write my posts in notepad on my computer so I have a copy of everything. But that doesn’t help when you are missing comments and have stopped following others. I think when they “improve” things they mess things up!

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