On Friday the UK Government and the Minister in charge of Health (Hancock) were found guilty of acting UNLAWFULLY. The real whiff of corruption. A few years back that would have been news. BIG NEWS. Politicians with principles would have resigned.

Not anymore.

It’s definitely move on, nothing to concern you here.

A check on the main BBC News website not 24 hours after the court judgement and absolutely nothing. Not one reference. Lots of news about Hancock. Lots of quotes from him about other issues but not a single reference to the giant elephant in the room. Even on the 10 must read news items the BBC thinks you need to read – nothing. Government publicity photo shoots, Kim Kardashian, Royal News and a bear attack in Alaska are more deserving of our attention. What has happened to a valued news organisation that was independent and respected.

Our news is BUSTED.

65 thoughts on “Busted News Busted BBC News

  1. Tell me about it. There has been so much corruption in the U.S. in the past 4 years that they have to just move on to the next thing or they couldn’t cover it all. When powerful men have control of the media and and cronies of powerful men who have control of the government. Watch out.

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  2. I read the Guardian online now and then. Based in the U.K. they also have offices in N.Y.C. and cover news from around the world. I also read the CBC online. They are usually pretty good sources, but I agree, news sources are not what they once were, which is very troubling. Part of the issue in Canada is that a couple of huge media conglomerates have bought up most communication including newspapers, magazines, radio and t.v. stations and all the like. Which means they decide what will or will not be published. since democracy is best served by independent news sources it is beyond concerning. Social media often is often completely untrue or at the very least give one-sided stories. Corruption breeds easily when there is no media to hold them to task – to “speak truth to power”. That, sadly, is missing in most news agencies these days, all around the world.

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  3. Huge comments about this over Twitter regarding him and BBC. I say him, as I have heard enough of his name since yesterday and thats including what I have grilled him on, with others.
    The question is though, is ‘him’ going to resign, or preferably get the sack? That’s what we are all asking on Twitter, because if he had been in an average job, he wouldn’t have a job. ‘Him’ can take clown with him too.

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  4. I miss Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather!! I’m exhausted by sensationalism and biased OPINIONS be passed off as news.
    I usually go to foriegn or small independent sites. Still have to check several to compare and get the facts straight. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    Really sad that BBC has gone to the money side. They were a well respected organization.

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  5. “News” is now on a need-to-know basis… they tell us what they think we need to know.

    It’s all a popularity contests for likes and follows, and politicians behaving badly…or you know, breaking the law, don’t rate near as high as celebrity marriages and Twitter cat fights.

    We’re so screwed.

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