If only WordPress was like walking through a lovely wood. Pleasant, enjoyable and with a clear path to guide you along your journey.

No it most certainly is not. Think more Terminator Skynet. A demonic software entity working against the humans. And just like Terminator movies (you think you’ve seen the last one and then another pops up), WordPress works for a bit and then another issue pop ups.

For a few months I’ve not been able to comment or leave comments on a few blogs I follow. Then randomly my scheduled and draft post lists will be published (when I’m not logged in) – often not even as the latest entry. Now some people can’t see my photos when they use the App – but the photos are there when viewed using the www route. The same has happened to me when viewing other sites.

I’ve contacted the fine folk at WordPress but I’m not hopeful. The last few issues I’ve had with the App were nothing to do with the software, apparently down to either my iPad or Apple. Bizarrely the issues are often fixed when an App upgrade is issued (unfortunately they are usually replaced by other issues).

I’m trying some of the suggestions other bloggers have tried

  • Only using the Classic Editor,
  • Making sure the photo is set as the Featured Image,
  • Reinstalling the App frequently,
  • Trying to avoid using too many photos,
  • Avoiding including links in posts.

I’m also trying a few ideas of my own. Avoid wearing pink when I’m writing a post, shielding my thoughts from WP by donning a tin foil hat, trying to talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger and not listening to any 1970s Glam Rock unless I have flowery bell bottoms on. Will let you know if they work.

But sorry if you encounter any issues viewing my posts. It’s bad enough reading them…..

75 thoughts on “Word Press meets Skynet…

  1. I can’t use the new improved (HA!) Gutenberg editor and was ready to shut down my blog and migrate til someone showed me how to use classic. My problems ended there. The app is a whole other story.

    I can see where your son gets his sense of humor. You’re pretty funny, and that’s without even seeing you in your tinfoil hat and bell bottoms. 😉

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  2. I like reading your posts AND your photos Gary! I only have my laptop so no apps necessary, and thanks to Pam at Butterfly Sands, found a way to use the Classic Editor for my posts, though editing doesn’t always revert to it once published, and I can’t do any as WIP and come back to them in it.

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  3. Hi umm I was exploring blogs after you know being 13 I starts my own cooking blog, I just found your blog and I am surprised. First of all I am very sorry on hearing about what happened. I know how hard it must be for you… but I am also very glad that I found it because you posts are amazinggg. So inspired! And all the best to you and your child !

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  4. I keep my blog as simple as it can be. I don’t ever try anything clever because I know what would happen. I am mad at technology today too, but for me it is in terms of my ISP. Where I live we have one basic choice and ut is HORRIBLE. Can’t repeat the names I’ve called them!

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  5. I have not experienced any of the issues you describe, but then I use a desktop computer, and when absolutely necessary, a tablet. I wonder if that makes a difference? There was a spell when it didn’t want to publish comments I made on other blogs, which was frustrating, especially when it was a rather long comment. Love your last paragraph (but now I have images of you prancing around in flowered bell bottoms).

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  6. Photo evidence requested!😉 I use the dot com from my android phone. I have the app downloaded but rarely use it. I’ve not experienced any of the picture issues. Another thing, Paula wrote that having text first instead of a picture first sometimes helps.🤷🏼‍♀️ worth a try… that tinfoil hat might be a bit cold.
    I recently played Sweet, so I wanna see the flowered bellbottoms!😆💌💌💌

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  7. I’ve had those issues. The inability to like or comment — now I press refresh until it happens (I press like before I dive in, though, cos that one’s a regular pita).
    The pics — it used to be they preferred .png but now it’s jpeg. And no docs but .pdf, please. And, and, and … sometimes, it’s all just a pita (especially for an arthritic old temper-tantrum-throwing old woman (me, that is)).
    But I can’t miss the people, that would knock me for six. I have to stay — where else would I see such wonderful discussions of world matters? Where else would I find humour and sense?
    I just keep refreshing the page until it does what I want … or I come back tomorrow — if I remember.

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  8. 😂 I almost missed this post. It wasn’t WP’s fault this time. It got barried in my email. I like your last suggestions. 😀 The only problems I’ve encountered are when WP unfollows people I’m trying to follow… most of the time that’s you. 😂 And not being notified I have comments and finding them much later.

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  9. Hahaha… well I only use the app for WP… I never use computer for it… I do not like it on the computer.

    I can usually see your photos – sometimes they take a long time to load but whatever … if I want to see and am curious – I will wait lol ✌️ or you can actually click on the area of the unloaded photo and it will load that way instead

    I don’t really pay attention to whatever features they have or what editors there are … I don’t pay attention to any of that… I don’t care as long as works for me… does what I want it to… I don’t umm schedule posts? I do instant posts … so don’t have the scheduled or drafts… sometimes I’ll have a draft if I am trying to write instantly and things keep happening and I am unable? I MIGHT go back to it or I MIGHT toss it because other things have now happened lol … I prefer instant myself. Otherwise it would seem like a job to me, and I just want it to be like talking to friends or a diary 📔

    WP DOES annoy me when it spams comments – I do not like that.

    It also annoys me when they make it so it just crashes 🤨😠 who’s the genius?

    Do they not check their shit before they release to us?? They have to know we gonna talk shit lol ✌️😘

    For the most part – I do really really love WP… I can kinda forgive and look the other way on their crappy crap… cause I still get to write and there is an incredible community here too ❤️

    So whatever – instead of the terminator… you should imagine “the internship” 😄😄✌️ way funnier and I can totally imagine that is why they mess up lol … tell me that didn’t make you smile and you didn’t imagine that for one split second lol

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  10. I’m also trying a few ideas of my own. Avoid wearing pink when I’m writing a post, shielding my thoughts from WP by donning a tin foil hat, trying to talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger and not listening to any 1970s Glam Rock unless I have flowery bell bottoms on. Will let you know if they work. <—sometimes you worry me.

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  11. Hey, at least you have over a hundred likes and 57 comments. Now 58! Lol, I can not seem to jump through the hoops to get readers engaged. It’s felt like WP is designed to make us spend our time reading and commenting others’ work and suck us down a dark hall of time when trying to post our own. Sigh. Rant over.

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  12. I was having issues ‘liking’ or commenting on other people’s blogs, but I found the problem was in my browser. I switched from the ‘Opera’ browser back to ‘Firefox’, and poof! Problems solved. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have other issues with WordPress, but at least that one little (major) problem is resolved!

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  13. You have my sympathies. Sometimes WordPress, Apple/Google, etc. don’t like speaking nicely to one another. I’ve had similar issues where comments could not be left/seen but then miraculously resolve themselves. When they haven’t the “Happiness Coaches” have been, for the most part, very helpful and resolved my issues quickly. Good luck.

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  14. I knew something like this gonna come up, just my luck as all of my social media accounts glitching and i har very bad luck at facebook and youtube. Anyways. One door is closed, other one is open. I am hopefull.

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  15. Word Press can be difficult, especially since they switched to block editor. I use the classic option on the writing page, which helps, but it still isn’t as easy as it used to be. I look forward to hearing how your new ideas work out!

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