Don’t you just love WordPress. It’s a bit like Prunes. You know they are good for you. So many benefits but a monumental pain in the backside….

Blogging is really so good for me but WordPress is a monumental pain in the ….. It just feels like wading through treacle.

Will it just once allow me to format the post as I want it to look.

Will it just once have a truly user friendly editor.

Will it just once not keep trying mess up my photos so I have to constantly keep on reloading them.

Will it stop showing me that my blog looks fine when some users can’t see the photos or only see messed up formatting.

Will it stop messing up a post when I dare to try and include a music or video link.

Will it stop changing all my text into micro font if I accidentally delete a bit WP doesn’t want me to do.

Will it stop randomly deleting people from my following list and then not bothering to tell me.

Will it stop randomly deleting comments I post.

Will it stop randomly deciding to freeze the iPad app. In fact will it stop freezing my iPad – it’s the only app that has ever done that for me.

Will the help desk stop blaming Apple for the working of its App.


I like blogging. It helped me cope with loss. It helped me become a better parent. A better person. Made some great friends through it. Kept me connected with people during this period of isolation. So I guess I will keep taking my Prunes. The benefits are so worth it.


87 thoughts on “Prunes

  1. I have not experienced any issues with WP. I do find their newesteditor cumbersome. It works equally well on my cell with the App and on my desk top and laptop.
    I use the free version. Maybe they’re still wooing me to sign onto the paid version.

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  2. I haven’t had the same kind of issues but I use a desk top. I like big screens. I have occasionally used a tablet and had a few more issues with that. Sorry you’re experiencing so much frustration but very glad you’re here. Please don’t leave. Thank you.

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      1. It seems like the best sales are around this time of year and again in August when students are heading back to school. Sometimes I’ve found good second-hand lap tops as well. This is actually the first time I’ve bought a brand-new one. (I am very frugal LOL)

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  3. I’m sorry WP is being poopy!☹ Other than not being able to comment on Rory’s posts without his approval, I haven’t had many problems. I don’t use the app though. I go to the dot com on my android phone and it gives me a “mobile view” that works well enough. 🤷🏼‍♀️ plus I get to use all my emojis😉😂

    Stunning photo!! You’re giving me the envy again!💌💌💌💌

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  4. Where are you doing the bulk of your blogging? Laptop, tablet, phone? Might be an issue with the device.

    I’ve had a steep learning curve with the block editor but I persevered and lo, I believe I’m getting the hang of it. Both on labtop and on mobile.

    I hope you get an easier time with it soon. Nice to read you. 🙂

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    1. I mostly now use one of two android tablets for WP. An old one that fizzled out, then miraculously recovered after I bought a new one, which I use while lounging in bed, and a much newer Android which I use elsewhere. The new tablet works much better for WP, though I too use only the free blog, and use no bells and whistles. The new editor is great for prose, but horrible for poetry.
      When it comes to playing music, or posting videos, the new Android is hands-down, (a horse-racing term), better than the old android.
      Keep plugging away, Gary, your insights are amazing.

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  5. WP!! There are times when I have not meant to but deleted my blog when I was simply trying to make an update. I would love to make so many changes even the face of my blog but am afraid of the repercussions. I hope things work out better for you soon!

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  6. You really seem to have a lot of struggles with WP. I had mine too but thank God, never that bad (fingers crossed). But I am happy that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I would miss you, Gary!

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  7. Ditto…. Also I am sitting here and quite clearly it says at the foot of your blog. FOLlOW. I am following I get notifications. I also get tons of emails re people following me, who already do…like six times from the same person, so this is another new mess they have made.

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      1. Also I delete old posts to free up space and did that no bother in the past, found the accompanying media in seconds no bother, deleted that. . Under the new editor it is sheer and utter torture, the media takes forever to load to get that far back. It may say search but you can’t search no matter how you try, This takes ages. This is before you start trying to write anything with their maze of blocks and add ins It is awonder there is no tag to add in the kitchen sink, every other damn thing they could think of is there. A pity they never stuck to that grand philosophy about things not being broke.


  8. Oh dear…I wonder what i should look forward to. I’ve never tried posting using my iPad because I think it would be problematic. My iPad always says it doesn’t have enough space, no matter how much I free up. Technology!

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  9. Sorry to learn that you’re having so many problems in using WordPress. It has been a challenge for me to use the new block editor, but I’m getting better at it. However, I don’t experience any of the problems you’ve mentioned. I don’t have an iPad; I prefer working on a desktop computer. Perhaps, the Apple app is not yet compatible with WordPress’ new developments.

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  10. Gary you being here has helped me so many times.. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for that.. I have real problems loading photos on here which is why I do not use them at all much… anyway.. you are loved a lot..I just feel all of that love every time I read you posts and the comments.. hugs to you and Hawklad.. ❤

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