Two strange things have happened over the last few days. And NO it’s not that I have found sleep….

The two things are that clearly we have moved back into winter and I have switched to the new WP editor. I’m hoping both are short term changes.

Not sure the cover to my waterproof exercise bike cover is Yorkshire weather resistant

It’s winter. Very cold, very wet and exceedingly stormy. In fact the storm force wind has managed to shift the exercise bike a few feet since last night. I struggle to do that on a good day. It’s been that wet I’ve spent most of the morning trying to stop the rain from flooding out the Utility Room. Too bad even to exercise outside, so it was an indoor session. Problem with those are trying to find enough space and the PETS. The sight of me on my back trying to lift up weights is too much for a dog and cat. Suddenly it’s play time for the not so little hooligans. What chance do I have I’d focusing on posture and technique when I have various well chewed soft toys dropped on my face.

Using the new WP editor feels a little like having a soggy, well chewed pet toy repeatedly checked at you. It kinda works but only on its terms. It does like randomly reformatting posts, messing up links, deleting posts and generally messing up my blog. The deleting of my posts may well be seen as a wonderful feature amongst many. It’s basically as well behaved as our pets, which is not behaved at all…..

Unbelievably this little white flower continues to survive the buffeting. Clearly it was designed to cope with ‘its raining cats and dogs’ weather. I suspect it’s not designed to cope with mad pets although it might be able to design a more user friendly WP editor.

79 thoughts on “Two things

  1. I think I got forced to it early – I usually write my stuff on Word now and just copy it over (and deal with the consequences). It’s tough! And just like everyone else, I hate that kind of change. Why fix what wasn’t broken? My goodness, the pets! Yes! Every time I get on the floor it seems like an invitation for them to climb on me. They get so excited when I am at their level. It’s kind of funny, and I guess it just adds resistance to my workouts! (Although I do get equally annoyed!)

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  2. With the block editor, I switched back in May and just told myself I had no other options, better learn to use it. I’ve gotten used to it and don’t remember using the old one. I post more frequently now than I did before lockdown… probably more since March than the entire 3 or so years before🤣🤣🤣 WP is glitchy. Full Stop. I just expect things will be difficult but it’s worth it for the community! People like you and the rest of my WP gang.

    The pets, yes… the pets.🤪🤯 Dogzilla follows me all day. Every step I take, he’s right there. He’s whining at me now because he wants me to go to the kitchen so he can eat the food that’s been in his bowl ALL DAY! Big Dumb Dog!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ And as soon as Zeus is in bed with Ben, Sophie Cat will come in and want to lay on my chest.
    Pets… gotta love ’em. Comic relief and someone to blame the farts on!🤣🤣🤣🤣💌💌

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  3. I turned my editor off 6 months after I joined. Best move I ever made. I am capable of editting myself. Yeah, some typos or grammar errors get 5hrough, but that is completely my fault, and I will admit it. WP editors, though, are incapable of perfection either. Defiantly not!

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  4. I will never use new editor. So if they choose to get rid of old editor in the end, I will be gone as I have blogged about earlier this year.

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  5. I will use the old editor as long as possible, especially after reading your post and all the comments … and all comments on the WP forums as well.
    Hope the weather improves … winter in July … that’s not what we want.

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  6. That decides the issue for me – I’m sticking with the classic editor! Thanks for braving it’s nonsense so others of us don’t have to!

    Down here in East Anglia the weather has turned autumnal with some gusting winds. It’s very unusual for this time of year here. Normally the temperature is in the high twenties to low thirties and I am putting up home made sun reflectors in the windows to keep the indoor temperature down. But I was cold last night – I actually woke up shivering. Personally I like the respite from hot sunny days but a lot of folk are pretty bummed out about it.

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  7. I would like to blend your weather with mine. Every day for the past 3-4 weeks, we have had temps in the 90s, and very little rain. I figure if we can blend our temps and rainfall, we will both have near-perfect weather! As for the block editor … I tried it once when they first came out with it, decided I hated it, and refuse to use it. This old one isn’t perfect, but at least I know how to work around its glitches.

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  8. I’ll use the old one asap as well. Hated the new one and actually I find different colors of print and backgrounds and patterns to detract from the posts and many times I actually cannot even read them and just pass on.


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