It’s definitely been Social Distancing Sods Law.

It’s been a yucky winter. Storm after storm. Zero snow. Rain, rain, rain. The ground became a constant mud fest. Cold and so very grey. And don’t start me off with the constant high winds. Just not conducive to venturing out. It’s was that bad that we have not been to the coast in well over 6 months. Running became an absolute weather ordeal. Then social distancing becomes a new national obsession. We go into lockdown and guess what. The rain stops (almost completely and the ground has completely dried out). The wind dies down. The Sun decides to make a return. Perfect beach walking weather. Beautiful running conditions. Sods Law.

Unbelievably a local weather station has recoded ZERO rain in 3 weeks. This is Yorkshire, what on earth is happening. One day we even had to get the sun cream out…..

Yes no trips out and no longer runs. No social interaction. Almost complete isolation. But we are so lucky. We have a garden to help practice social distancing. Our own little world to enjoy this settled spell.

But let’s not forget that social distancing is not new here. It’s not new in many autism households. Its not new in many disabled households. It’s not new in households who have been cut adrift from society. Its not new for many single parents. It’s not new for far too many you are living alone. It’s something which happens with or without a virus. Week in week out. Year after year. Regardless of the weather. Nothing to do with Sods Law. It’s just normal life for many in our society. What is unusual is that for a brief spell, everyone gets to try it.

84 thoughts on “Regardless of the weather.

  1. It’s an interesting concept really. I don’t actually mind not seeing other people much. I became a little bit introverted once I took alcohol away and I’m happy in my own company and messaging others, reading and commenting on blogs and occasional video calls to family. My circle was becoming smaller anyway and now I just keep in contact with those I choose to! I do hope you can get on your longer runs soon though x

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      1. It’s been the biggest thing I’ve learnt over recent months.
        Just got to make some big decisions about who that includes and who it doesn’t. All in good time though x

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      2. I can see why that might stick you in a naughty category.
        Its easier to view when I’m on my laptop, not phone. If you like a comment I’ll check if you’ve commented. If you haven’t then you’ll be on the naughty list – again! Mine.

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      3. I’d love to go to the opera in Vienna – how fab.
        Yep, there isn’t even a beach near Birmingham. Its the furthest place in the UK from from the sea. I love the sea too. Looking at it.

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      4. It is so weird.
        I have no idea why mine has stopped with the response comment notifications. I have contacted to ask the question. We will see. It’s a complicated process this blogging.
        Hope your day is warm and sunny 😎 x

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      5. Oh ok. It isn’t just me then!
        Maybe it’ll fix itself over night. Prob a bit tired like the rest of us. It’s really warm here.
        You are so good doing exercises every morning! Commitment indeed. X

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  2. I resonate with this. As someone who is sensitive to mold, I find myself isolated from many activities or, if I choose not to, I end up sick. A lot of people judge this on the basis that there is a lack of information regarding this sensitivity and the harsh and sad reality that everyone is affected. I feel this situation has provided me with a lot of insight. I hope you are finding ways to enjoy this time. Blessings!

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  3. Another important reminder for people to read, wrapped up in engaging writing. Almost every day I think to myself that I shouldn’t “Like” every post, it will just seem like a rote response. But pretty well every day your post has something special to say in that engaging way. Hence yet another “Like”! 😊

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      1. It is loely. We have one. Found it beneath the jungle that was this garden when we moved here. It was all bent …under a fallen fence and chocked by other shrubs. It is still all bent .. I didn’t want to cut it but it is centrepiece of that decidedly Oriental corner…with the other nice shrubs …also all bent.. I left like that too. They are so very pretty.

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      2. To be truthful I didn’t know what it was to start with. Whoever planted that bit of the garden way way back must have liked nice shrubs though cos for every one still thre, I had to remove at least four and the ones that are left are really bonnie. That is not down to me. I prob threw as nice out….

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  4. I relate so much to your last words. I feel this way often. This isn’t new for Andrew and I. This is normal. You wrote those last words so well.

    The biggest adjustment for us has been getting our groceries. I don’t drive and Andrew isn’t always able to drive, so we got down to nothing before we managed to get stocked up on groceries again. We used to have our groceries delivered, but that got so messed up. We are no longer able to have them delivered, but I have finally got us on a schedule for weekly orders and pickups. That will help Andrew some, but if he has a day where he isn’t able to drive we may have to bug family. We don’t like to bug family.

    Other than that adjustment the thing that affects me the most is knowing that others are struggling with this. We can survive it. We can manage. We’ve been practicing for quite some time. It makes you feel a bit like a bird in a cage sometimes though.

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    1. Bird in a cage is so right. It’s the conflicting advice which hurts. Deliveries is either safe or you here they can be contaminated for hours. A virus expert said that we won’t know for definite for a year or so. His gut feel was that the virus may be able to live on packaging for a short while. His tip was if you can, leave the packaging outside in the sun, rain or wind for a couple of hours. Then if you want to be doubly certain, if it’s not going to go off then just then dump it in a spare room or garage for a day. Then it’s good to be used. But so confusing.


  5. I learned about sheltering in place and isolation the week after my husband died last yearwhen my daughter returned to her home. Being alone for the first time in 36 years wasn’t easy – and still is a struggle some days – but if coVID19 wasn’t killing people, this would be a walk in the park for me. 🙂

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  6. Hello! Well, even if you are in Yorkshire, far away from my place in Europe, I got to admit that the weather does not fail to surprise me either.

    We get to enjoy a few days of the sun from inside the home, and then, bam, we have snow. I mean, in my human thinking it’s impossible to switch from 26-celsius degrees to 0 or minus degrees. But what do I know?

    You are lucky enough to enjoy the garden, I would love to just get out and work on the garden or just enjoy the sunrise. And another thing, you are lucky to have each other out here. Social distancing doesn’t count if you have a second person to spend time with.

    Btw, the picture is so great and the flower is amazing!

    Thank you for sharing! 🙃😇

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