This is my fault. I finally got round to ordering some factor 50 sun cream. It was always asking for trouble here in Yorkshire.

Asking for trouble has been my new middle name recently.

  • It’s 6am and I’ve crawled out of bed. With my indoor gym clothes on I headed outside for my workout. That black cloud looked menacing. Should I go back inside for a waterproof. No can’t be bothered and the forecast said no rain until after lunch. Asking for trouble. Ten minutes later and the heavens opened. Absolutely drenched. I was wetter than Aquaman.
  • Son asked if our lockdown was continuing. I said yes then added and nobody is due to visit us. Asking for trouble. Two minutes later a loud knock at the door. Someone asking if I wanted the windows cleaning. I clearly forgot that was classed as an essential service.
  • I had been such a good boy. For ages I separated out wash items into separate piles and then strictly followed washing instructions. Then I became lazy and started randomly throwing items in the machine. Asking for trouble. For some bizarre reason I decided to throw my favourite jumper (woollen sweater) into a wash with grass stained clothes. Strangely wool does not take kindly to the nuclear reactor like soiled item setting. Now my jumper has been shrunk. It might have fit me when I was say 10…..
  • I tried to bake some bread yesterday. Put the bread dough in the oven. I won’t bother setting the timer, I won’t forget. Asking for trouble. Three hours later my beautiful gluten free loaf was harder than iron. I’m going to sell it to the military as a missile defence shield. On a separate note. Even after three hours of incineration the gluten free loaf came out looking like all it’s colour had still been sucked out of it. One day I will learn how to make gluten free food look cooked.
  • Our freezer is not very big, so space is premium. A couple of months back we had a home shopping delivery which replaced some items with some random frozen vegetarian pies of different flavours. I removed the pie packaging and didn’t label them. Asking for trouble. Last night I fancied a treat. So I had mashed potato, peas, gravy and a pie. Unfortunately I forgot that the pies which had been sent all those months ago where Apple and Summer Fruits filled. Apple pie and gravy is not a great combo.

Asking for trouble…..

103 thoughts on “Asking for trouble

  1. Oh dear… I set alarms for everything because I know I forget.
    I’ll make a list when I’m going to the corner market, forget the list AND forget the main item I went to get.🤦‍♀️ You are not alone. I am also… what’s the word?? A muppet??🤷🏼‍♀️ We have great entertainment value😉😂😂💌

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      1. That’s it! Our very own reality tv show. Make our fortune (with added royalties from the balancing on one leg challenge). Set for life! Now for a name …

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  2. Lol. Sorry but the bit with the piece is funny. I nearly put iced cider in my coffee earlier. I keep some in a plastic milk carton in the freezer cos I do roast tomatoes in it and I had brought the carton out to let it defrost slightly…… DUHHHH

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  3. Uffdah, asking for trouble is right! I’ve been putting leftovers into the freezer without labels, and Biff’s determined to bike down the neighborhood hill before he has proper control of the brakes…

    Yeah, the lockdown’s still going on here, though a couple things have reopened, thank goodness. I’m really hoping more will change in the coming weeks–all we can do is hope and pray. Hope you have a reason to smile today…and gosh, I really should try and get some workout time in, too…

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      1. Ha! Sorry about that. 🙂 But wouldn’t that be curious if all three were buried in the same place? Who else would be in a cemetery like that? Are there guards in this cemetery? How does one get in? What would the gravestones look like? Soooo many questions…

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      2. This one had massive gravestones which you had to rub the dust off to reveal the names. Basically it was a bigger version of the Whitby Abbey one set on the cliff top. It’s one of those locations I so wish you could see. One of those imagination portals.

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  4. Hahaha… those dark clouds looked fierce! I bet those heavens opened up! Sometimes that’s fun too though lol

    Sorry about your sweater, I have turned everyone’s things pink before lol … totally by accident – my boys were not thrilled by that lol (it was one time! By accident!)

    But did you enjoy the pie? Lol ✌️

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  5. I’m famous for putting something on to cook and then totally forget about it. I remember once wondering who was burning something until I finally remembered I was cooking macaroni. Fortunately I was able to salvage most of it, all accept the part that was almost permanently glued to the bottom of the pot. Now I cook pasta in these tubes I have for the purpose. You cover the pasta with boiling water and wait until it is cooked. Of course, there is always the chance that I will forget even that and end up with mush. Not very tasty. But I have been cooking most of my food including eggs, oatmeal, fish, all my veggies etc. in a 3-tiered steamer. At least nothing can burn in that as I always set the timer and it switches to warm for a while before it turns off automatically. It’s definitely my best safeguard to having edible food for dinner.

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