Yes an excuse to sneak in a Switzerland photo when it’s not Sunday. A country which just does things better than here in England. When the Swiss organise a bird lineup it is always going to beat ours.

I was racking my brain to think of stuff my country can do better than Switzerland. It’s not an extensive list so far,

  • Queues,
  • Road pot holes,
  • Darts,
  • Football hooligans,
  • Classic Rock,
  • Rust,
  • Stuff being late,
  • Crap customer care,
  • Cheaper basic drugs like cold remedies,
  • The NHS, a big plus……
  • Charlatans like Boris Johnson,
  • Litter,
  • Royal Family (depends if your a republican or not)
  • Nigel Farage,
  • Katie Hopkins,
  • Fox hunting,
  • Badger culls,
  • Over fishing,
  • Child poverty,
  • Mental Health Crisis,
  • Care Home Crisis,
  • A shocking pandemic death total,
  • A Government proud of killing so many people,
  • Becoming insular and xenophobic,
  • Key service cuts,
  • Large school class sizes,
  • Navies,
  • Seaweed,
  • Inability to speak a second language,
  • Shouting and swearing,
  • Cricket,
  • Morris Dancing,
  • Fish and chips,
  • Potato Crisps,
  • Rhubard,
  • And raspberries.

Will stop now as the longer this list gets the more depressed I get at the thought of living in England. Yes we have some things we can be rightly proud of but the list of not so good stuff is rapidly expanding. Bring on my weekly Swiss Sunday…..

55 thoughts on “Just better

      1. When? Where? WHY? Outright 1st degree murder? How does someone even tlhink of making such a law. People are crazier than bedbugs. And bloodthirstier than mosquitos!
        Meanwhile, like humans, wolves are not hibernators, but they can go longer without food, and eat much more when food ia available. But they wake up every day, just like us.

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  1. Well if you want to escape somewhere give me a shout. Right now, after an email I’ve just received from work (at 11.45pm) I am pretty much ready to say goodbye the the NHS, to this crappy place and start afresh with a simpler life all round. I’m done. Switzerland here I come …

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  2. The only time I’ve been away from North America is when I went to Hawaii in 1986.
    The US has a lot of beautiful country and there are some wonderful people doing wonderful things… then there’s all the craptacular stuff everyone reads about.
    All we can do is try to make our area around us as good as we can.

    That being said, I agree… bring on Swiss Sunday! I really thought today was Saturday for a while and I was looking forward to Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night 😉😂💌

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      1. Ok. If Wikipedia writes up a “nasty-gram” on someone, that means they say things that others don’t like. Interesting.

        She actually sounds like the British version of Ann Coulter…sans attorney training.

        I’m big advocate of people speaking their minds…right or wrong. They may be stupid but, they have a right to an opinion and a right to speak.

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