Everyday a large bird of prey has decided to spend some of its hunting time in the field next to us. A free nature cinematic thrill ride. Now if it would just come a little closer and not fly so fast then I might get some closer shots.

Hawklad (son) is so happy that this can now be seen from the safety of his garden. This is such a bonus. With it looking like a few more months of isolation we look to nature to bring the world to us. With patience it never lets us down.

65 thoughts on “Hunting

  1. This bird teaches us that life lives on life. It is the first law of nature. And it is harsh reality. Would that it were not so, that we could find nourishment in rocks and stones. but it will never be.

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      1. Yes!! … they do!! …

        I don’t wanna let my little chihuahuas out when they are around 😮

        They would swoop them right up!

        We see them all the time out here in the country… hawks and buzzards 😮

        Their wings spans always have me in awe!!! Sooo huge!

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      2. I am thank you 😘 … I am going to be kind of away for a little while… cause I have to focus on all my court stuff – I have that appt Wednesday morning. Want to be ready and set for it.

        Ugh 😑 yuck! I might be in and out but quieter for next few days 😘 a lot of pressure.

        I hope you are doing well too!! Hope you are enjoying your moments and your time 😘✌️ … I will catch you soon! Take care – stay safe

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  2. I just spent the morning watching some Rosella’s in the neighbours tree. What I found so interesting, is that there doesn’t seem anything on the tree for them to eat. They have a lovely sound though.

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  3. Nice shots.

    Be sure to walk around in your yard, barefooted. Skin contact directly on the Earth is VERY healing. Rubber soled shoes insulate us from our planet. You should reconnect as often as possible. It’s called “Earthing” or “Grounding.” We need it as much as the Vitamin D our sun provides.

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  4. There is something about birds of prey that is so thrilling and awe-inspiring. I love seeing hawks when we drive down to the big city. What amazing eyesight they must have to see prey so far below them! Birds are notoriously hard to photograph but you captured this one’s graceful glide! I always wish I had a stronger zoom lens for moments like these.

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