Here’s a thought for you. A view of another part of Yorkshire. Still green. Still beautiful. Unfortunately still covered by the madness of King Boris. Now imagine. Insert a group of 7 people. Two famines with children. They come from two different households. They have been carefully observing all the rules. They meet for a picnic just beside the lake. Currently they are braking the law and will be fined £10000.

Now change the image. Same location but this time the two loving and careful families are replaced. This time by 30 strangers. Possible drinking. 30 strangers dressed in green. They sit together. Eat and drink together. Ignore all social distancing rules. Each has a shotgun and are called Grouse Shooters. Now this is completely legal. Exempt from any Covid Rules. Even specifically encouraged by our Government.

That’s the madness of King Boris.

83 thoughts on “Madness of King Boris

  1. Very accurate and sadly true. No grouse safe…. don’t start me though on the TWAT we have at the top of the helm at this present time ……. there is no sanity to this madness.

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  2. Yes. This has bloody angered me too. Not that I want to sit with a group of 6,because I don’t. But the point is Boris has shown exactly where his prorities lie. Us, no more than 6. Them, do what they like.

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  3. We vote for guys like this because we want someone big and strong and “confident” to take care of us that won’t require us to think. They end up only taking care of themselves and their “yes” men. It all comes crashing down eventually since a house divided can’t stand and we are left cleaning up the mess. Oh to finally have the opportunity to get back to the hard work of thinking! We like the school system to take care of things for us too. I don’t think it’s so bad for us to have to think a little bit about what our kids need to learn.

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      1. I’ve had to do both cause the school just babysits kids like mine. I’ve had to be doctor as well when they prescribed my child the wrong medication. That’s how it is when certain lives don’t matter. I have a sister who is Black. In rural Canada where racism still abounds we’ve had to be vigilant or else she receives subpar services. Was never any screening for common Black health issues that made certain medications dangerous. Some lives just don’t matter as much to a lot of people.

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  4. here in Scotland the kids don’t count … and it is now become so neither do the people after Sturgeon just had to follow suit. You can only push people so far. And this latest is beyond folly. My Mr can go and play footie outdoors with as many as he wants… Yesterday after school I took the wee man to the play park which is right beside it. it was full of kids playing and folks chatting but I am not allowed to have 6 people from 3 households…my girls and their hubbies to my house?? I can have them but at separate times, one couple when the other couple leaves… Sorry.. I don’t think so. When these shits start paying my mortgage they can tell me who I can have in my house.

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      1. They have totally lost this . Now they are fingers wagging…if things don’t improve it will be hard lockdown. Wlel good luck wi that now when they are failing to do anything re demos and raves and all ……if we are talking spread. No. it is hammer everyone else. Good luck wi telling people they can’t see loved ones when they are allowing grouse shootings in groups, when people can’t get treatment hardly for anything that is not covid. There’s been a lockdown and obvi rates dropped. but we cannot live behind doors forever and any ‘leader’ who is aiming for no cases here is a bellend who needs locked up and tied down. And yes there was this get out and eat out nonsense. It is the same nonsense as letting the hospitality industry open but so tying their hands who would want to spend money in a pub or restaurant now? That experience at the Clachaig Inn was beyond vile and came in at 159 quid a night. That was not including evening meals which were so bad they had a damned neck offering them never mind charging. Then the press bleats…people are too scared to go out. CONVENIENTLY . Just as that same press screams every covid case but not the breakdown of severity. You test more people you get more positives. The time for testing was back at the start where people who had symptoms –and I know quite a few–could not get one. When cos they enver tested then properly in any kind of real number, we don’t know how many folks may have had this without knowing. So their data is entirely screwed and always has been. Just a shambles, start to finish and not just in England courtesy of the clown.

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      2. One or two were laying into the young. Let’s face it though, we have all been young, it’s to live, what life is for. And frankly you keep people bolted down and the first chance they get they’re off.. The young especially. I feel that the politicians have no grasp of people’s lives. Things like they opened the pubs…Well when they did, did it no occur to them that some people would pub crawl And that does not necessarily mean in big crowds till they can’t stand either. I mean the Mr and I quite like a pub crawl, espesh of a winter’s afternoon and we are very well behaved. But when they decided to open the pubs, they were so busy handing out their q & a’s on what are you doing re this, that and the next thing, to the publicans, they never thought re saying to the punters…. pub crawling is a bad idea right now. Think about why. Look at how they have not thought through your boy’s situation with regard to schooling, doing nothing for the children and young people who genuinely would not manage in school just now.

        I know you can’t cover every aspect of this but they stand up there and put into force things that have not been thought through. They ask for our goodwill and treat us like toddlers and fools, when, not only have they not thought things through, the figures are not standing up.

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      3. Abso… Also carry on come out re the tests being done on the footballers up here for fixtures. That is now twice some tested positive, the negative when the test was redone a wee while later… Funny how the negative tests were the ones done by the NHS, not the private company. What’s that about then????

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      4. Up here there are NHS tests… that is what made it so very interesting in terms of results. But the entire thing lurches from bad to worse. The latest headline screaming shit up here was some UGov poll saying how two thirds of Scots were in favor of another lockdown… When I say this was a whole NATIONWIDE England Scotland, Wales NI. nationwide poll of roughly 2800 people… you really start to wonder even more what are we being brainwashed and marched into. That cretin keeps banging on about how it is a war. Well in wartime the press are gagged. The other week when the press barons were shouting about Extinction Rebellion’s blockade being an attack on the freedom of the press, exactly what freedom was this? Headlines like that poll one are not freedom of speech. It is an abuse of the very concept. The other week that Byline Times lot who pride themselves on freedom, solving injustices and standing up for what is right, sacked one of their writers cos he was retweeting ‘Covid Deniers’..(Their words.) In other words folks who were just tweeting–far as I could see– the actual death figures lately and the flu figures in relation to this. How 300 men a day die of prostate cancer but we never scream that on national telly every day. One of them was a retweet of Andrew Mar who simply tweeted at Sky news for not giving the breakdown of these figures.

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      5. Too many have lost face with the cretins at the top. It’s just a mess and the government just seems intent on making things worse while they line their pockets. There is always hope. Going to read one of your novels starting this weekend. Going to decide which one tonight. x

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      6. Listen you do not need to read anything of mine. Hell I wouldn’t. Gov is awful and that goes for up here too. Interesting tonight we went doon the road for one drink and the chain owned places were empty but the wee..’indy’ family ..owned were flourishing and no-one was breaking anything . Ok.. yes they were, but 5 old old guys , 2 on sticks and zimmer frames, just wanting a seat wi their pals for one drink and the staff who were so nice to every customer and abiding by everything in every other way just thought okay ( one household is prob the home on the corner. ) Also the indy owned had spent tons out their pockets to build outside decking, beer gardens out of car parks. while chain owned had not bothered. Ps Let me send you a pdf of any book of mine … I mean that. just say here if that is okay. Got your email

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      7. I was speaking to a work colleague today. He went out in York for a drink and meal. They went to a chain pub first, reduced menu and wouldn’t do a special for a person with dietary issues, really off with them. Went to a little cafe, completely different. Happy to make special meal for them, so friendly. But the cafe staff were saying that they were struggling as they just can’t compete now with the chains. Worse since pandemic.

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      8. I found last night really interesting. That place we were in was aye stowed out at that time on a Friday and it wasn’t when we went in but it did fill up and if you took account of this big decking area they had been allowed to build on the road there cos it only through traffic for residents they prob had the same numbers as ever, just spread out. On the way home cos we were just out for one and having a meal and wine at home, we walked past another 4 pubs. (Yes Broughty Ferry has a lot of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants.And they all hotch on a Fri Sat, despite being next door to each other, or opposite or in the same street…in fact this 4 are. ) 2 indy 2 Belhaven or Green whatever it is now called. Now one way or another 3 of them are well kent. One is the oldest pub in the area, the other is an old Fisherman’s tavern now Belhaven owned. Now they do have a prob cos it is what I just said, with very low roofs and lots of wee bits to it. Usually on a Fri tea time you can’t get in the door. It was empty. The other two, both indy, owned were very busy. One had spent 24 thou converting the car park to a beer garden. The other belhaven one is a sports bar, very roomy with an upstairs and down and beer garden. Prime position a the bus stop to and from Dundee. Does good cheap food so we often go there with pals although it’s not got any atmosphere. Again if you are not in the door and seated by a certain time on Fri you won’t get in the door. It was deserted. So maybe we are a bit diff in the Ferry but it is a shame that the indies are working so much harder cos this is their livelihood and not getting the support of customers. Now off to mail you Fury x

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      9. I was listening to a local cafe owner on the radio this morning. It’s a cracking cafe. The owner was saying that they can’t absorb the crap like the big companies. The cafe had spent thousands concerting the outside into seating space. As he said. This isn’t going away. Could be here in and off for years. If they don’t change then they go out of business. They had to try to find a way to make coming to there cafe still enjoyable and feel safe. Just got to hope that now they can pay for it.


  5. You wanna see madness… wait til November when Emperor Orange either refuses to leave (c’mon Blue Wave) or somehow rigs & steals the election.
    I’m honestly, no BS, afraid of a second Cival War. What is even scarier is that all his followers are the avid gun collectors.
    Utter madness!

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  6. 😮😮😱😱 what??!! $12,934 😮😮 are you serious?? There are no fines that I am aware of here for those things!!

    But yet he’s sending kids to school and forcing that? What sense is he making?? I am confused

    None of this post makes any sense!!

    We do have things that make no sense here also… but not like that

    We have a HUGE service coming on Saturday 😮😮 is that BIG one from the semi 😱 we are expecting HUNDREDS 😮😮😱

    We have restrictions – we have to hold outside … and we will have to form a line and have everyone go past, pay respects and leave.

    Oh boy! Crazy crazy!! We have to do it that way cause we still have massive restrictions on us. People won’t be allowed without masks.

    But it will be hundreds 😳

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      1. 🙄😑 Your Boris guy is something else.

        Some vote about soft or hard borders with Ireland

        Now I really don’t like him – who he think he is? He is ruining your stuff!! He’s gonna create massive issues!

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  7. I cannot imagine anyone being whacked with a fine and / or convicted for observing basic common sense, maintaining a safe and suitable distance but somehow flouting the rules and not least because of the continued problem with face coverings not being mandatory in all shops and fewer still enforcing it.

    When we first went into lock-down I was furious at the public shaming of a very select few walking in the Peak District or wherever because what the police were effectively saying was it’s more sensible, safer and reasonable that everyone should stick to a small area where they’ll inevitably cross paths and be in much closer proximity to others – all of whom are left with no choice but to put themselves and others at increased risk because there’s no other area in which they can legally be.

    The nearby woodland area, picnic sites and public footpaths that go along the perimeter of a huge golf course, along a riverbank and take you way out of residential areas were all closed, had police tape across the main entrance and signs saying they were closed to the public.

    Everyone was now even more restricted, at greater risk to themselves and others because these people who would otherwise have used the areas were forced into smaller, more confined spaces and closer proximity to each other.

    There’s only one pharmacy in our village which has always been dire and painfully slow to start with. Honest to God they’re shocking. Despite being able to more than safely allow for 2-3 customers they operated a “one in – one out” policy, reduced their hours, closed for an hour and half at lunch and instead of using their loaf and working out a simple system that would mean they could allow a second person inside whilst the first was waiting for prescriptions to be dispensed, they had one person hanging around waiting for maybe 10 mins, four staff behind the tills and a literal mile and half long queue of people keeping apart.

    Those now forced to exercise within that one small area were having to step in the road with kids, prams, dogs and even those with mobility scooters and wheelchairs were forced onto the main road so they could keep a safe distance from those backed up and queuing on the pavement to get in the pharmacy.

    Dog poo and general litter bins were continually overflowing because the council had reduced capacity and staff so locals were leaving huge garden sacks attached to rails and next to bins so there was somewhere to leave bags and clean up behind their dogs. As we went into warmer weather it was absolutely rancid. The local tip / waste recycling centre closed completely and didn’t operate any opening times or booking system at all for about two or three months. Fly tipping increased dramatically with people having nowhere to take anything that couldn’t go into normal household waste and wheelie bins.

    Absolutely the most barmy, absurd logic and I chose not to play, did go out with my dogs at 5am (normal time for us anyway) ducked under the police tape, used the woods and footpaths right out in the middle of nowhere because I had no qualms or concerns that anyone could possibly say doing that was less safe, selfish or unreasonable given the alternative.

    We’ve been seeing my Mum and Mother in Law weekly but from outside the house i.e. sitting on the wall of the driveway beyond the social distancing minimum and they bring a chair to the front door, park themselves, we grab a brew on the way and keep a good 10ft and have a quick chat, make sure they don’t need anything or if they do pick up and drop off shopping etc. If someone should report us for “mingling” with another household and the police actually pull us up and try taking us to task, I will argue that one to the death and be polite and respectful but point out the madness in the risk they are putting us at just by attending and inevitably coming into closer contact than we were with out own Mothers.

    Mother in law lives alone right out in the sticks and my Mum lives in a small bungalow with her husband who has considerable memory problems. I am perfectly happy and able to justify keeping up with regular visits and doing so from outside their house.

    I stay safe, don’t put anyone at risk nor suggest, condone or want to sound like I’m encouraging people not to take notice and go flouting restrictions but I do think people should take every reasonable step to maintain safety and be cautious and not impact or affect others but not worry too much about being cuffed and thrown into the back of a police van if you happen to turn a corner and literally bump into others.

    You won’t. If we’re still unable to enforce face coverings in shops and most public places and there’s still a very vast and grey area in terms of what the law allows anyway you can take yourself, your kids and your dog for a walk miles out of the way where you don’t come into contact with other people and in my view, it makes you the much more sensible, thoughtful and reasonable and nobody can argue otherwise.

    Go outside, get fresh air and exercise and try not to let this crap bring your world and life even more isolated when there’s no actual need.

    You’re safer, much better off and likely to remain healthy wrapping up and heading off out in winter woollens and wellies than staying indoors over Autumn and Winter 😀

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    1. It’s the dual standards. If it makes money then go for it, anything else is too dangerous and has to be curtailed. The last time I saw the stats, 15% of schools have multiple infections and rising. Studies are showing that the two biggest spreading locations are schools and offices. Yet these are the two that will be last to close. What will it take for the penny to drop. Actually we have to change. More kids and workers have to work from home to create space.

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      1. I drove past a high school last week in Blackburn right in the one area causing the greatest concern – just as it was closing at around 3pm

        No word of a lie I saw this mass of kids pour out and spew down the main road, filter off into side streets or join the others via side streets, what looked like a couple of hundred crossed the road and went into Lidl or Netto whichever it is, a load more went pouring into local takeaways and even the takeaways were happy to have them all just pile in nice and tightly inside this tiny place waiting for a burger or chips.

        No masks or face coverings and no chance for other people to get out the way and maintain a safe distance if they wanted to either. I was absolutely gob-smacked.

        Not sure what Netto / Lidl will have done but they’re pretty on the ball so presumably ready for it and have some restricted numbers allowed inside the store but can you imagine being caught off guard by over a thousand kids rocking up to buy flat bread and Mountain Dew???

        Even in normal circumstances I imagine it’d be a logistical nightmare to turf out everyone all at once but the sight of these kids just pouring all over made me look up how many kids the school has.

        It’s a secondary and sixth form with capacity for just under 1600. And some absolute genius decided it’d be fine to have all end the day’s lessons at the same time and go swimming down the main road in the area with worst infection rate of any in Blackburn with Darwen.

        So considering that, it’s not unsafe, unreasonable and can’t possibly be considered an offence for those living there to go Witton Park even if means “mingling” with maybe one or two more than is allowed.

        Felt bad for the people that live, work and have very little safeguards in place for their safety. Sat there in stationary traffic for about five minutes whilst they all left the gates, crossed roads and got in cars waiting for them / were dropped off by others and just went “What… the actual….?” it was surreal.


      2. 15% of schools have multiple infections already. Many schools can’t get tests to confirm cases. When will we recognise that crowded spaces are a thing of the past for many situations. We need to change where we can. Adopt some homeschooling for many allows schools to create space. To improve the learning environment.

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