My neighbours little tree ready for winter. It’s one of the local mole’s favourite places.

So we don’t feel left out, the Mole has made sure a present was left for us as well…..

Feels like autumn is already passing here. It looks like winter. It most definitely feels like winter. I am trying to get the garden ready for the coming dark months. Hopefully that will be finished this week. Getting ‘me’ ready for the dark months is more of an ongoing process. Needs much work….

Some people think that moles hibernate in the UK. That’s not the case. The underground tunnel structure is far enough down to avoid the frost line here. So they can continue to be active and thrive. The hope is that we(I) can do the same.

44 thoughts on “Mole

  1. Hope the moles do not cause too much damage – and for some reason I am reminded of an old Sunday comic where the man always deals with moles – and we did not have them in my area when growing up so it was foreign
    – and I like how you noted for us oeoooe to be “active and thrive” – hear hear

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      1. Do you guys do time change? I can’t recall if that’s just us. California voted to stop but it apparently takes years to work out (because it impacts a lot of federal things).

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  2. What a thoughtful little mole. You’re moving into winter and it’s finally starting to feel like fall here. 85 for the high today and a drop into the 60’s the next couple of days. Yay! You’ll make it through the dark months ☺ just take it one moment at a time.

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