A beautiful train line in the distance. Even beautiful at night…

Last night we had a chat about Christmas. This year will be a slightly different one. No family visits and wider family meals. No friend visits. No 50000 spectator football match. No concert. No special trips out. No nice country walks. No carol singers. No Father Christmas riding through the village on a tractor collecting for charity and then handing out sweets to the kids. Basically just us, the pets, the house, the garden and one visit from the jolly big fella dressed in red.

It’s still Christmas. Still a time to make memories. Still a time to live. So we make the best of it. Never forgetting those we love the most.

Last year we thought that we had started a new tradition. A trip out on a Christmas Train. A wonderful night trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. A beautiful illuminated stream train with even some magical creatures in the passing fields.

So we had planned to do the same this year……

Well it’s not happening. So it’s time for plan b. We have decided that on the same day as last year we will head out on our own polar express. I have some really cheap solar powered Christmas lights. The car will adorned with these. A Christmas music cd will be loaded up on the car stereo. Christmas snacks will find their way into the car. Silly hats and reindeer jumpers will be donned. And off we go on our own polar express. A slow drive around a little used country lane route.

That’s a start. What else can we come up with. What new memories can be born. Always remembering to carry those we love in our hearts as memories are made.

62 thoughts on “Polar express

  1. We were just talking about this yesterday. We figured there would be no yearly picture of this kids with santa at the mall. Such a strange year. Definitely one of new traditions.

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  2. That’s a very nice idea and it will cheer up people who see you drive by. One has to improvise sometimes. I was taken to SE Asia as a kid and they didn’t do Christmas then, hadn’t discovered the commercial aspect of it, so Mum bought a little green plant and decorated it with paper roses that she made. Somehow she made a cake and pudding…a bit heavy in that heat, but she made it festive. You will too and you’re off to a good start. New traditions will be created!

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  3. May you laugh until you nearly pee yourself! It’s a fantastic idea! I know Hawklad will want to avoid people, but I bet the villagers would get a kick out of seeing you drive past.
    Hope you don’t run into any caribou 😉😂💌💌💌

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  4. An amazing Christmas celebration, Dad! May I suggest that you can take it further by inviting your relatives, friends, and neighbors to join your “Polar Car Express.” All participants would be in their own vehicles, moving at a safe distance apart. Ask Hawklad what he thinks of this suggestion.

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  5. Oh that train looks like such fun. Love that you are re-creating it. Next year, you’ll have the real thing again. That’s my prediction. But in the meantime…your creativity is brilliant. And that’s what he’ll remember. 💕

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