I sometimes worry that you think I’m a little drunk some days. The photos might look a little slanted. In my defence I have been tea total for years and struggling to get straight photos is down to living in the hills. Or maybe it’s because I tend to just be one second away from tripping over.

One of the highlights of the week these days is taking the car for a little run out. It doesn’t like sitting doing nothing. It seizes up and battery has a habit of going flat. Sounds a bit like me….. So once a week I take it for a 5 minute drive. Just along a few of our narrow country lanes. Most of them like this one are not wider enough for two cars. No motorways here.

Hawklad won’t currently come with me. Doesn’t feel comfortable enough. No point pushing that. He said that he will try to come with me starting in November. He stays at home hence it’s only a 5 minute trip. When I get back it’s time for full decontamination to keep him happy.

I thought I would take a photo of this one particular stretch of lane. It’s a favourite of mine. I would frequently run down here on my longer pre pandemic runs. Why is it a favourite?

It’s relatively flat. No ups and downs. Here that is such a lovely feeling. But even here I can’t get a truly level picture. But I will settle for this. At least I’m not falling over. Yet.

90 thoughts on “Lopsided

  1. That looks like just up the road from me, but it’s not, just that parts of Wales look like that. Having typed that, I realised that parts of France look like that too. Oh and parts of the midlands, England. Maybe there’s a little bit of Roman in me, for they loved straight lines.

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  2. Our car was like that. We ended up having to get a new battery as it was flat every single time we tried to start it and eventually the doors wouldn’t even unlock!
    We Nantes to get our son out of the house by going for a drive at night to a golf course to look at the meteor shower.

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  3. I guess the app is glitching… luckily I use the dot com and can see your lovely lane just fine. It does look like a peaceful place for a stroll!
    A lot of my pictures are crooked too… I ummm… do it on purpose, yeah… it’s ummm… an artistic thing. Yep! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!😉😂😂😂😂💌💌💌

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  4. When the pandemic began, one of our cars stayed parked in the driveway for about six weeks. When we started it again for the first time, it was an angry car. We’ve gotten a lot better about starting it and driving it so it stays happy too!

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  5. I don’t see a thing wrong with your photos, honestly. I love this one. I lived in Newfoundland a good many years and it is very hilly there also, some places more so than others. So, I can empathize with the difficulty finding fairly flat places to walk or run. I am so glad you haven’t tripped. And I hope Hawklad joins you for a little drive soon – November is only days away.

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  6. I thought strange. What photo? I can’t see it.
    Well… in reader it’s not visible. But when I click from there to go to your blog, I can. So anothee WordPress glitch.

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      1. Certainly odd what was going on. Although I couldn’t see your photo in the reader, but could directly on your blog, I could still see photos via other blogs on the reader.

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  7. At first I thought you were playing a joke on all of us. A quick scroll through the comments…darn app to blame for lack of photo. So glad you get to venture out for a few minutes here and there!

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