Looking at a big sky opens up so many possibilities. It can fill your heart with wonder. It can fuel dreams and adventures. Bring back forgotten memories. It can also calm the internal raging storm.

It can also stop you taking a large sledgehammer to the telephone…

I received a letter from the bank informing me that my local branch was closing. I apparently had two options. Start using a branch which is 15 miles further away or set up an online banking option. I opted for the latter as the setup process was fully online and could be completed in just a few moments.

Did have a third option…. switch to another bank.

So I started the process from the comfort of my sofa. Rather than being complete in just a few moments the process was clearly going to be more akin to spending a few hours in the company of the Spanish Inquisition. Three hours later the trial was still ongoing. New passwords, passcodes, PIN numbers, memorable words and identifying questions seemingly required for each screen. The process was clearly not complicated enough so suddenly the iPhone was required to join in with the tablet. Verification codes started flying between the two. I’ve got a degree in computing and the process was still pigging beyond me.

Then at last the final screen. Confirm your new online banking arrangements….. then the sting in the tail.

You will need to go into your branch in person to sign a form before the process can be completed. You can now however view your account balance online.

Very kind of them to allow me to view my bank balance (or lack of it) online. Who needs the other stuff like transfer money, make payments, control direct debits. That’s all minor stuff when it comes to online banking.

Then followed a most enjoyable one hour spent in a call queue listening to a recorded message telling me that I was a valued customer but unfortunately the bank was experiencing high call volumes. Finally a person. Unfortunately a person in a different country who didn’t understand the fine twangs of the Yorkshire accent and also clearly had no idea what it was to live in a country dealing with lockdowns.

So I eventually found myself outside. Trying to calm the internal rage and work out how to pay a visit to the new bank branch. But then the sky caught my attention. Thoughts quickly moved to happier things. Yes the sky is magical.

51 thoughts on “Magical sky

  1. 😂 Oh I understand the pain… I locked myself out of my grocery store account today. Thankfully it was a very minor incident and passed quite quickly. Skies ARE magical.😀

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  2. OOh I feel your pain! So glad you saw the sky before taking sledgehammer to the phone!! But yes, I just love the irony about being a valued customer as you continue to be on hold forever! Good luck in getting everything straightened out!

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  3. Sheesh! I just did the bank thing too, only mine was a mistaken debit of $1100🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ forever on the phone, valued customer… yep! 2nd time it has happened too. A proper P.I.T.A.
    You already know how much I love the sky! I’m glad it worked for you too! It’s breathtaking!

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  4. Oh how I share your frustration Gary. Setting it up for me as a blind person has been horrific, and in my own personal experience ended in failure. I still cannot do banking. I still cannot get at my own money. Yes, the Spanish Inquisition is alive and well, sadly. I hope you can get it sorted in the end Gary. But totally with you on the sky. It is my salvation too. Xxxx

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      1. I think we’re all having nightmares of difderent kinds at the moment. Wish it would all end! Keep going xx


  5. Its only getting worse.. It gets to the point that when you know you have to deal with the bank you have to be prepared to be almost twisted up in frustration. Anyway that sky is beautiful we are so lucky nature is always there waiting for us to connect to what is most real.

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  6. Just want to say I’m with Reliance Bank, who are the Salvation Army’s bank, and they are awesome. They only have one branch in London so it has always been online/telephone style banking but they are so small when you phone up they know who you are.
    Once I was travelling abroad and Reliance Bank was paying money to Halifax to cover my credit card but suddenly my credit card got stopped. After half a dozen phone calls with Simon, who was calling me Diane when he heard my voice, Simon managed to find my money in Halifax’s holding bank, something the Halifax bods were not able to do.

    Suggestion – switch to a smaller bank 🙂 X

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  7. I dealt with the phone monster recently too. Mine was for an expensive birthday gift for Bob that never arrived and no shipping information was available. Thankfully, we both could understand each other. The language or accent barrier is tough. And the multiple devices – I hate that! Whenever there is an issue with one of our iPhones and we have to have a code sent it’s always a guess who is going to get the info so the other person can put it in their phone. You really should earn a degree after going through all that. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I hope it is all sorted or will be soon so you don’t have to worry about that.

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  8. So agree… all these pin codes & setting up the page can take ageeeessss!! 🤨🧐 and often irritating 😠
    … still, I’m happy that the sky is “there” 🙂 & the peace of nature is supporting us, crazy humans 🙃

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  9. Ya know… you would think if they so technical with their shit… they could do Docusign! I can’t believe a bank doesn’t do that especially in these moments – what idiots

    Ridiculous to make you go in for a stupid signature. Obviously they fail the technology aspect even with all their crazy encryption shit! I’m sorry this is 2020… they need to step it up

    But whatever – there will be crap stuff from time to time. Annoying AF!

    What kind of bank doesn’t let you call them directly???
    Or is that the technical aspect? I would still call the local branch – speak to a manager directly… they handle your money- they work for you ✌️😘

    You stay safe!!

    I kinda like the mask 😷… not just safety, and mystery … but is kinda cool?? Do you rock a cool looking one?

    I have a few… I have an American 🇺🇸 Flag one (lol of course) … and a breast cancer one 🎀 ❤️, and I also wear the actual surgical ones from time to time. I just got a FULL face mask which is sooooooo cool!!! Ya know what it reminds me of??? You know welders? 😄😄 It reminds me of a welders helmet thing 😄❤️

    Ok I have to run – have great day! And ask for docusign!!! We in covid they should do that!

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      1. Oh it’s very cool!!

        At first I thought – oh I am not going to like that… by my coworker had huge smile and just went on and on about how amazing these things were 🤨😄😄

        She was like here you have to have one… she tell me they sell them on Amazon 10 for $10… (I don’t know what your money would be)

        So I took one… took me a minute to try it… but ok let me see – the fogging of my glasses was annoying me that day!! I couldn’t see or I had to hold my breath … screw that… and then I tried it…

        So it’s this full face shield … just similar to a welders face shield but all see through … i though would be uncomfortable but is not!! Is comfortable – I can have my glasses on and nothing fogs up!!! Is awesome ❤️

        Just like my coworker – I have a huge smile telling you about it… and think is amazing lol ✌️ ❤️❤️❤️ so far is perfect ❤️ and you can even wear a mask on underneath if feel safer with duel… it’s so comfortable you completely forget it is there!! I keep doing that – I bring and wear everywhere ever since lol – is awesome!!

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  10. That whole business would have infuriated me. Quite apart from my recent fiasco, I was forced into on-line banking when the second of our reachable branches was closed down – however, we were at least given notice and training in the process before the doors finally closed.

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  11. I feel your pain. I spent two days over a compromised credit card. The bastards promptly started using the new one before it was even in my hand! There are not enough bad words in the English language! Your sky is nicer than mine today.


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