Sometimes nothing is better than spending a few minutes kicking fallen leaves randomly around the garden. It’s good to go back to childhood feelings again. Autumn is often a great time for that.

Today’s visit by our son’s health worker has been cancelled. She will try again in a few weeks. It is what it is. At least we are due to get some help, many are not so fortunate. We just have to accept that what support we do get is likely to be very patchy over the coming months. Yep, we will be travelling these roads for a long while to come.

If anything we have just started the journey. Son is still wracked with anxiety and fears. He is most definitely house and garden bound. No sign of progress as yet. Actually no sign if progress in ages. We are not talking a few days here. We are already 7 months into his isolation. We will be adding many more months to that. Realistically his anxieties have become intertwined with the wider pandemic situation. How can he improve, his anxieties ease when the country is still in pandemic mode. If he ventured out he would just end up seeing people wearing masks and frequently looking nervous. It feels like manning the battlements until things start to pick up again.

That’s where kicking fallen leaves comes in. It’s so important that Hawklad still enjoys life. Enjoys his childhood. We find ways to fill our small world with fun. Yes kicking leaves ticks all those boxes. AND it’s fun for his old Pop as well.

44 thoughts on “Patchy

  1. So much wisdom and insight here, Gary. Kicking leaves IS fun and can be good for the garden if you let them decompose wherever they’re kicked to. You are an excellent Dad, no wonder some call you sperDad. You are!


  2. Our government have said that vaccines, when they eventually get one, will be given to “priority” people first and most young people won’t get it till at least 2022. Wonder if we can get our kids bumped up the queue as it really seems to be the only way they’ll ever leave the house and get back to a semblance of normality.

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  3. ALWAYS let your inner child play! That’s my advice. It works for me. We dont have many leaves to kick, but I splash in puddles when it rains and I swing on swings, and go down slides… I’m still resisting climbing my tree. I’m trying to stay Injury-Free😉
    Too bad the nurse cancelled… but you’re right, there probably won’t be much progress until the world is safer.

    Keep playing Gary Kermit Superdad! Dr Angie’s orders😉💌💌💌

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