The sky is always adapting and changing. Constant motion. Never staying the same.

I was thinking about how life moves on. How life sends you down roads that force changes to your world, to your lifestyle, to your way of thinking. But often you still have to go in that direction. It’s seemingly beyond our control. That is so stressful.

The question for me is whether this stress comes from trying to resist the inevitable or it comes from not adjusting to the new world!

I suspect that it’s a bit of both. Initially fighting being pushed down a life path but then eventually coming to the realisation that it is futile to fight this. What’s the line from The Avengers movie. I AM INEVITABLE….

Now I increasingly find myself saying IT IS WHAT IT IS. But then I have a tendency to then do nothing about the new world. Even when my old self clearly does not match the present anymore. That causes stress. It also risks just surviving and not living.

At least I now realise it’s time for a major rethink.

50 thoughts on “New world

  1. “Life sends you down roads that force changes to your world, to your lifestyle, to your way of thinking. But often you still have to go in that direction. It’s seemingly beyond our control”

    Think you answered your own question right there. It’s hard and I’m not suggesting otherwise or even pretending to understand how hard for you but as you say, life goes on and the world will keep turning and bringing new things with it whether you’re ready and willing or fight it all the way.

    Fighting it is one battle we don’t win it’s a futile, exhausting waste of your time and energy. We have to take that one step forward, move on and go see what life is gonna bring us round the next corner.

    Whatever that may be can’t be any worse than staying in the place you are mentally right now.

    Go nuts, scare yourself shitless and put a deposit down for flights to Switzerland for next year. You can’t keep living with memories of all these brilliant experiences when there are so many more memories and brilliant experiences ready and waiting for you both to hop on and enjoy.

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  2. So apparently (for women at least) it takes five positive remarks from someone to counteract one negative remark (bear with me in this ,,, ). Now, I’ve had my fair share of grief and in my mind it takes five NEW happy memories to counteract a little of the grief. So what I’m saying in allegiance with Auntysocial above is that doing new things will create new memories and new things to look back on just you and your heavenly boy. I think you know this and I’m not suggesting for one moment that it’s easy, but even just creating your own new traditions is a lovely thing to do … from cooking together a new pudding or six (despite their bad reputation chocolate soufflés are not difficult and utter heaven on a spoon if you two like chocolate!), to day trips away (money depending) etc etc. Maybe keep a scrapbook of new things you’re doing together … something to giggle about together. Hey, these are just thoughts and do by all means tell me to shut up, but I thought I’d mention it just in case you thought it might be a plan. It sounds like you’re moving into a slightly new and different emotional space that’s all… Take great care and thinking of you. Katie x

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    1. Have you heard of “Nonviolent Communication” because that just gives us the heads up that it isn’t us when someone goes off on one or says something hurtful… I’m totally with you on how lovely it is to be able to talk through things, for not everyone can. Oh we are so lucky. No wonder those who have lived through being in Intensive Care come out needing help.

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      1. Oh those days I’ve argued with what’s sent my way, real strong points against the reality of some of it, but sometimes I’ve just had to accept that the pen is blue!


  3. Beautiful photo and when I see these gifts of nature it does give me a lift. I try to look forward with positive thoughts, sometimes it works, sometimes not. It’s okay to look back and be sad sometimes.

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  4. Photo Envy!! My goodness, I’m going to have to visit Yorshire just to photograph the sky. I won’t eat rhubarb though… just sayin!😉🤣🤣🤣
    Change is never easy. We humans don’t like it. But as you wisely recognized, it happens whether we like it or not. The best we can do is focus on the parts we DO like. It’s helps get past the not so fun parts. Like Mary Poppins says “a spoonful of sugar…”
    We got this!💌💌💌

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  5. You’re not alone, Gary. I suspect we’re all struggling with this new reality. I know things will not be the same as before. Life is constantly changing, much like the skies (gorgeous pic btw). I was very resistant at the beginning of this damned pandemic but am slowly coming to accept that life has changed and so must I. But I also am in the process of processing what to do and how to move forward in the midst of it all.

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