So the government has known that the new strain, the even more pesky strain of Covid has been here for weeks. In that time it has issued travel warnings and banned travel to other countries that had the slightest whiff of this strain. But it failed to mention that we had it all that time. It encouraged people to meet up and plan for a largely restriction free Christmas. Allowed people and businesses to make plans. Hurled abuse at those who dared to mention that easing restrictions might be a mistake. And then at the last minute they have cancelled the Christmas easing and have hit millions with further restrictions. How do some people still think that these people are fit to lead us. One rule for us and another rule for them. Making a priority of making making millions for their friends and themselves.

Avoiding making decisions, ignoring facts and putting things off to the last minute never works…

I’ve had a supersized bag of chickpeas propped up on the kitchen sideboard for weeks and weeks. The bag is opened at the top. Wide open…..I should have put the chickpeas into a large container. Or resealed the bag. Or moved them somewhere safe. Oh no. I’ve left them there. Courting kitchen floor disaster. Well this morning it happened. As I tried to clean the work surfaces I spectacularly elbowed the open chickpea bag. Given how far it went into the air it might as well have been a NASA Saturn 5 rocket launch. Strangely given an opportunity to escape, chickpeas will not refuse the opportunity. They are everywhere. On the floor. Under units. In the sink. All over the work surfaces. I’m wearing a few. Actually some found their way into the toaster. Even some foolish souls dived into my training shoes. Not content with that, they enticed the pets to spread the chickpea invasion to other parts of the house. Mayhem.

If only I had done something sooner. Now you could argue that I’m just as bad as the government for letting this happen. Well maybe not. I don’t get paid handsomely for doing this. I don’t get advice from top scientists and logistical planners. I don’t have a duty of care to look after millions. Decisions over my 3kg chickpea packet do not impact of the life and health of a country.

Yes I’m a muppet but I’m not wilfully negligent…..

61 thoughts on “Chickpeas

  1. You are not alone in the oopsie adult muppet thing. I went to do dishes and did not quite turn off the tap so the sink overflowed all over the floor. Oops.

    I have been watching news on your side of the pond and am perplexed why they have done things as they have. But the U.S has mucked things up too so maybe it is not country of origin that is suspect,it us just all politicians. Knowing our lot we could have a mutant strain loose and not learn of it til February.

    Good luck with the chickpeas. Have a feeling no matter how well you tidy you will be seeing stray ones here and there for months.

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  2. I have grown so weary at the ineptitude of Boris Johnson and his cronies. This period of government was always going to expose them for the half-wits they are with the calamitous decision to head all-out for a no deal Brexit and then along came COVID-19, and they have made an utter balls-up of that too. I hang my head in shame for my country, and I say shame to all those who voted them in thinking that their lives would improve. They fell for the bullshit narrative hook, line and sinker. Maybe folk will be less gullible in future.

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  3. Take care, Gary. I very nearly choked on a chickpea once! Seriously though, what in the world are some governments thinking? I’m just waiting to see whether with the new spike and new variant prompts another hard lockdown here. The beaches have already been closed again and gatherings limited, but it’s now a toss up between health and the economy.

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  4. I saw a picture of the crowds in T5 at Heathrow. Ridiculous. I’m sure the airlines are happy but it’s just wrong, in my view. I see that some countries have a ban on accepting traffic from the UK. In these situations leadership is critical but what we have is a bunch of no-hopers. I hooe you can get rid of yours sometime soon. What would Churchill have done, I wonder?

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  5. I bet you scared the sheep when you yelled “PANTS!” After that happened. The Cap’n probably thought it was new game, just for him.
    I feel horrible for all the people who are struggling financially and the businesses that won’t recover, but people’s health and safety really should come first. Or at least give out accurate information so people can decide for themselves if they want to risk it.

    I am an expert at spilling or knocking things over. It’s like I have a “slapstick” gene or something. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️💌💌💌

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  6. I’m not usually one to cry “fake news” but I wondered if the new strain were made up, so that when they cancelled Christmas they could blame that instead of their own craptitude.

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  7. We realised a long time ago that the only people who were going to keep us safe was us. But even then the government have thwarted our efforts with no availability of decent PPE for Joe Public.
    I’ve said it before, they’re going to kill us all.

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  8. What ever is happening with the new strain or mutation it just hit the national news in Canada today. Not a peep before that.
    The COVID strain New York was dealing with during the first wave had not come from China. Apparently it arrived via Europe.
    Like chickpea, it’s all over and showing up in surprising places. Iqaluit had the I first death from COVID recently. That’s scary for a northern community.

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  9. I crouched down to put shopping into a cupboard yesterday, stumbled backwards and to rebalance I leaned forward and stood slightly. I managed to head but the work surface and knock myself out!

    I too am a muppet. You and I pay the consequences of our own muppetry. Sadly we are also living the consequences of the negligence and dangerous actions of our government. Unforgivable xx

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