This is a fine, beautiful tree. A special tree. Any tree that is shaped by lightning strikes is special. Definitely so worth walking there. Maybe even one day a lovely picnic under its branches. One day.

It’s also a completely sensible tree. Sensible is much needed some days.

I did something silly this morning. Monumentally silly. Not sensible at all.

I forgot that the delivery man had can come yesterday and dropped a small parcel into the outside metal letter box. So I went outside to retrieve the parcel. It’s a lockable letter box. So this muppet went out with the keys in hand. A sensible person would have separated the three keys for the box by now. A sensible person would then unlock the front box door and retrieve said parcel….

A sensible person certainly wouldn’t think it was much quicker to just stick his hand in the letter slot and try to rummage around until his fingers found the parcel. A sensible person must certainly wouldn’t use a hand to do that – which was still holding the only keys for the letter box. Only a monument muppet would get his hand stuck.

The only way I could pull my hand out of the slot was to let go of the keys. The only keys.

So now my hand is free but the keys have now joined the parcel at the bottom of the box. So with no keys to now unlock the box what would the sensible person do?

Unfortunately this muppet keeps coming up with plans that involve large hammers.

79 thoughts on “Sensible person

      1. I am ok!
        So when I realized on Saturday that I will not see my family and I will be all alone from Friday – Sunday, yes there were a few tears on the phone to my parents and sister – yes.

        But I feel good for doing the right thing. Protecting them. I am baffled about how many who have been told London is a danger zone are still determined to travel. Silly billies.

        I will be hosting an online party on Friday CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB and I am working on ideas to make it an absolute blast!!

        If you have chance please do pop by and check out who is connecting on Friday. I have some ideas to make it lots of fun! ❀

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  1. I love your vulnerability! You take moments that could be overwhelming and turn them into short snippets of humor. This allows for connectivity and lightens my spirit; I am sure it does the same for all the others who come across your page! Blessings!

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  2. I’m sorry. But not. Sometimes sensible is just not fun! To me…I like the silly side of the story and the fact that you can find humor in the situation. I was envisioning the hand version, attempting to get the parcel out…but getting your whole darn arm stuck. That version would require the fire department. So this went quite well actually! Lol.
    Best wishes once you find that hammer.πŸ˜‰

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  3. Oh goodness! Hammers can break fingers… hmmm… maybe you can jiggle the lock with a screwdriver??
    Or make some locksmith’s day by giving him/her business and a great story to tell.

    Or maybe you can fish them out with a bit of string and a hook of some kind.
    Good luck!!πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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