Red morning sky over the temporary farm lake.

Red sky in the morning – fisherman’s warning…..

Well the folklore weather phrase is almost right. The forecast is for the weather to cloud over as the day goes on and then the rain starts this evening. Lots of it. Two days solid heavy rain. Then the gales arrive.

That lake might just get a little bigger…..

We were watching the latest Wonder Woman movie last night. Don’t worry I’m not planning to give any major spoilers away. Now I could talk about a few scenes dealing with grief. But no. Not this time. Just to say that even in a bizarre, fantasy, superhero movie – they still can sting……

No the scene that I’m going to mention is one where a wardrobe is ransacked and different outfits are tried on. If you see the movie then you will know the one I mean. It was pretty amusing. But it got me thinking about my wardrobe. An IKEA sliding door brute that even Wonder Woman isn’t ever shifting. The wardrobe is little visited these days. Life happens and things change. I haven’t worn a suit since the funerals of 2016. Most of the shirts are untouched since they were last ironed dating back to when my partner was still here.

Since March 2020 we have been in our local family lockdown. I that time I have worn jeans just once. Walking trousers not at all. For months on end I’ve just lived in tracksuits, shorts, joggers, T-shirt’s, hoodies and jumpers. If your not going anywhere or seeing anyone then WHY NOT.

Maybe I should have a sort out. Get rid of sone stuff as I probably won’t be needing as many things going forward. But then again. What would I do with the space. I could get a much smaller wardrobe but without Wonder Woman’s help I’m not winning that battle with that IKEA beast.

So let’s leave it for the time being and get back to looking at the lake. A much more pleasant thought than that IKEA wardrobe one….

60 thoughts on “Why not

  1. I can relate! I had to go to the doctor’s and dentist today for my regular check-ups and when I was getting ready to go I was wondering, “Should I wear these stretchy pants, or these stretchy pants? Hmmm…” There is no wardrobe going on these days 🙂 The good news is that my jeans still DO fit, but why would I even bother? These are the days of comfort!

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  2. At Christmas when I was dragging all the presents out of my closet, I saw some stuff way in the back the moved to this house with us… and probably sat in the back of the closet of the family home. It will come back in style right?🤣🤣🤣
    I live in pajama pants and tshirts and hoodies. I even wear them to the corner market.
    I did wear stretchy pants and tennis shoes to the doctor’s office today. Oh, and I wore a button down flannel shirt instead of a hoodie.😲 Shocking, I know😉

    Yes, let’s look at the lake. Let’s look at that gorgeous sky and the beautiful colors!💌💌💌

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    1. I think it all makes sense. Comfy clothes are a big must in these days of being home and the wardrobe will be there when your ready to tackle it. I do love the photo 🤍. One day our the world will resume. ( ideally soon 😊❤️).

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  3. What a perfectly lovely photo. I think a lot of us are with you on the clothing front — the only time I wear jeans now is if I’m taking a kid to a doctor’s appointment and want to look like a responsible grownup. 😆

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  4. Beautiful picture. When this all blows over, you should have someone help you with decluttering. I suggest the help because I think you are like me and feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of all the decision making…what stays, what goes, where does it go, how to design new spaces, etc. Some people, who are not me, have a real knack for it and can be a huge blessing! Just a thought. Hugs! 💕

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      1. I’ve got more than a couple, lol Some I can’t wear anymore, because of issues with my leg. But I love them, but there’s not point in having them anymore, but I love them, lol


  5. I wear the same clothes for days at a time. I rarely move so I consider them “clean enough”. Going into an office again is going to suck!!

    My knee blow out has left me in an odd situation.. out of clean undies and unable to walk to the washing machine, let alone carry clothes out/in. The next few days might involve a lot of “going commando”.

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  6. Loved that movie. I just watched the first one for the 18 time last night. My favorite of the two. I do remember the wardrobe scene she had him looking good. Hahaha.. It definitely does sting a bit. Another one I watched and many times over is Batman vs Superman with all three of them. Good movie. Give it a try if you haven’t seen it.

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