As you might have guessed from the last post (now removed) WP has launched a successful power grab. For some reason it’s posting items from my draft folder rather than the versions actually scheduled to go. I’ve just tried manually posting the final version and still WP is sticking to publishing its preferred draft/incomplete version.

I could write a new one but I’m stubborn. My post is going to be published next.

Hang fire while I delete the App, give WP a dam good thrashing and reinstall.

If it goes badly wrong. It’s been nice knowing you…..

61 thoughts on “Mayhem

  1. Hm, many problems with WP now. The font suddenly changed for me a couple of day ago. It got very, very small. Almost impossible to work with. It seems to be a problem related to a lot of themes. But that one is reported and worked with. A lot of people also have problems with comments (I know you have also). I really hope the deletion and reinstall of the app will make it work for you again …
    Hang in there! We are in this together, all of us WP bloggers!

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  2. Ugh!!!
    Previously, the app was intermittently saving my posts to draft when I’d hit Publish. Yesterday it did the opposite – published a draft when I tried to just save it.

    I noticed the new “Follow conversation by email” option in Comments at the same time.

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  3. I certainly don’t miss blogging at WordPress since my blog ended and started anew, at Blogger.
    I certainly don’t use any apps on my phone, so my suggestion would be use your browser.
    Comnenting here at WordPress is certainly easier than posting.
    Good luck.

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  4. Ugh! How frustrating! I guess this is why I don’t do drafts. I sit down and just write. Of course that can have its drawbacks too as I sit down with the blank screen mocking me because I have no clue as what to write!

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  5. Cross my fingers and hope to die, but I use the free version and my biggest problem is disappearing comments. Just a short while ago I had to write a comment three times, because the first two tries disappeared into the ether. My posts, not that I post much anymore, come out right after two updates, done mainly because the Spelchek, whether on WP, or on my tablet, not sure which, turns simple words into gobbledygook. And you talk about Puritanical, hell becomes he’ll, shit becomes sit, fuck just completely disappears, or becomes face, or fork, no idea why it even has such
    choices. Those are the obvious ones. Many are more subtle, regular words like cat becoming cut, or post becoming pit. Who the hell wrote this program, the Pope?
    Maybe it’s time to do a wholesale change to a new blogsite? Maybe I can write poems again without the lines being separated by a block editor.
    But I need it to be free.

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