That’s more like a Yorkshire midday. Very dark and brooding.

The sky may be bleak but it’s actually quite inspiring. Makes the landscape feel full of character and emotion. In a funny sort of way I prefer looking at this type of sky to a blue cloudless one.

Did I just say that!!

I came inside freezing cold, jet blasted and very very damp.

I guess the point I’m making is that in an ideal world I would have a view filled with snow capped mountains. It’s a climbers thing with me. I feel at home with the peaks. If I can’t have that view then maybe a view of the Sea. That is down to someone being brought up in a Yorkshire Fishing Town.

That is just not happening where we live. A small hill top 40 miles from the sea. The view we have is open farmland and countryside. Lovely yes but not on the surface that inspiring for me. But it does have something special. The sky. As we are on a hill top with no surrounding peaks or high buildings or trees …. we have a big sky. So I look to that for my inspiration. Hence my liking for a dark, brooding sky. The kind of sky that really deserves the old Hammer Horror movie treatment. Doesn’t have to be horror. A sky perfect for Jayne Eyre or Wuthering Heights.

I remember my mum would listen to sad records to cheer herself up. My partner would watch sad movies to lift the spirits. Which is kind of understandable when you have to live with me. I guess a brooding sky does something similar with me. It sparks my imagination. Helps me dream.

So that’s another item on the list of things to be thankful for. For me it’s so easy to fall into the trap of just seeing the bad things in my life. Depression brings all the bad thoughts to the front of my nogging. They end up dominating my thinking. Doing all they can to bring me down. But the reality is so different. I am so fortunate. So many wonderful things are a part of my life. Yes I’ve known sadness and loss but that’s the human condition. We will all venture down that road in our life’s. So that’s not unique to me. Life deserves to be lived. And yes that can mean smiling at a brooding midday sky.

So let’s dream under that sky. Shall I be Heathcliff or Dracula. Let’s not kid myself, with my looks it better be the Bram Stoker character then.

68 thoughts on “Midday

  1. Don’t worry, that there swimming pool you ha’e there will be filled up shortly 🏊 as the [YELLOW] rain warning seems to have come back. It might even get windy too! πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

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  2. Seems you stopped writing mid-word, Gary. Don’t suppose The L was supposed to be the end of the post.
    Meanwhile, those clouds could presage the end of the world. I used to see clouds like that growing up in Winnipeg, and generally they meant heavy precipitation, be it rain, snow, sleet, or hail. 3 feet of snow could fall out of them in hours, or 6 inches of rain in mere minutes. (Don’t try to compare the amounts of moisture, snow falls in sheets, rains falls in buckets, lol.) Where I live now, while we get storms, I never see clouds like that. And I do not miss them one iota.


      1. Could be, with the L being Hell, I presume. Not something we use much in Westrrn Canada, so never even considered it. Heard it lot in Atlantic Canada though, which was settled mostly by the English and Scots, and of course, The French. The further west you go, the more came the influences of more easterly European peoples, with the prairies heavily influenced by Ukrainians and Poles, not to ignore the First Nations, who lived coast to coast, but are now the definite minority. Even Asia Africa, and the Middle East have more of an influence than those of us who were here before the whole began. That seems somehow wrong!
        A Canadian history lesson encapsulated in one capital letter. Amazing, yet true.
        So, what’s the British history of the L? Does that take you back to the Gaelic tribes, or the Picts and Angles? Or maybe the Romans. My money is on the Romans, lol.

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      2. Got that, but I like the L being a bastardization of hell, dropping the aitch, and making the ‘ell like an L. grammatically and visually brilliant, even if totally unintentional.


  3. When in the depths of my worst depression, I listened to nothing but NIN and read Henry Rollins’ books to feel better. Henry has a LOT of anger, which felt good when I was otherwise feeling nothing!

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  4. You and I are in the same boat, yet very different views of the sky. In Florida we have big sky as well, but big blue sky (on most days). Good post, it really speaks to our inner perspectives as human beings. Grass isn’t greener on the other side, only in the mind eh? Keep on dreaming,

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  5. I have been watching your blog go up and down all day – glad to see you are back in the blogosphere, blogging friend!
    That is a sky I would like to see when I was beginning a murder mystery movie or book. My favorite of those is the 1985 movie, Clue – such funny dialogue! I just read The Guest List and that sky would be perfect for that book too!
    Glad to see you are up and running again! WP can be so frustrating at times!

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  6. Heathcliff for sure! I hate the negativity that comes with depression. It’s skews thoughts and feelings and it can be hard to turn that around. You do a great job of looking for the positives, even when in a battle with WP. Lovely sky … from YC x

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  7. I love your big sky. I live in a valley, more like a bowl actually, so there are hills in every direction. Everything feels kinda close, but the views are still excellent.
    Brooding is okay for a while… you gotta feel your feels. I have my melancholy days too. I like being around myself better when I’m not all emo though.

    Focusing on the good things is a habit that took me a while to form. There are SO many good things… like Blogging Buddies!!πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  8. I’m glad you got the original post published. I agree with you absolutely, this is an inspiring sky! Gives you a lot to think about. Life is both sad and happy, and at times both together too.


  9. It is a interesting thought pattern. When I’m in a full blown depression, I will watch only comedies. Most of the time though, listen to something sad, makes me happy again? It’s like that … I’m going to see if I can find the quote from Butters, from South Park.

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    1. I found it quicker than I thought, lol
      Butters : Well yeah, and I’m sad, but at the same time I’m really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin’ really good before.

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