Another morning of home isolation. Another day of home schooling. Another largely sleepless night.

A night spent in a sleeping bag.

Yesterday morning I decided to give my duvet an airing outside as the sun had decided to shine. It wasn’t until 3am when I felt sufficiently tired that I noticed the duvet-less bed. Yes it was still outside. Outside in the pouring rain.

My poor duvet has been on the radiator for 8 hours now. It’s still drenched. So I guess it’s another sleeping bag night facing me. But actually that’s no bad thing. It’s something different. In seemingly ever repeating days of sameness, CHANGE is good.

Bring on the sleeping bag.

41 thoughts on “Sleeping Bag

  1. Life at times can seem the never ending chain of frustrations. From what you have shared, you are managing well, even with the sleepless nights. Change is indeed good, and if one thing is true, it is that nothing ever stays the same. Better days are coming.

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      1. I don’t blog as much cos I am getting near the have to pay limit and I sure am NOT paying for WP.. So I just remove posts from ages back to make space but even that is now a form of fine torture. Also it is time consuming. But the other reason I don’t blog as much is the utter torture it now is to get a post up.

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  2. I find the unexpected mishaps to be refreshing in an era where one day spills onto the next. The sleeping bag is probably happy to be used. The duvet will dry, but in the meantime relish where you are.

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