Are there any countries out there who would like a new citizen. I don’t take up much space, I’m happy to learn the language, sing the new national anthem and I’m house trained.

I’m sat here quite prepared to renounce my British citizenship. Clearly I don’t fit anymore. I don’t seem to fit in with the expected thinking.

Approval for the Government is at an all time high. On the back of a vaccination programme which was one of the few things they decided to leave entirely up to the public sector experts to sort out and deliver. Just don’t mention the fiasco of the privatised Track and Trace system which has now custom £37B. A country where many people turn a blind eye to the daily top level corruption which the Government don’t even bother hiding now. Where you are expected to ignore the court rulings that have found the Government is acting illegally. Shrug off the criminal negligence that has been our response to the pandemic costing thousands and thousands their life’s. Smiling at the empty food shelves and rising costs from the Brexit car crash. Preferring to moan about a bit of royal fall out rather than focus on the Government spending over £300k of tax payers money to pay off a bullying allegation against the Home Secretary. Seemingly ok with giving the wonderful NHS staff a miserly 1% pay increase while it hands out billions in dodgy contracts to party backers and personal friends. Believing that we are all in this together while the PM seeks rich charity funds to pay for a £200000 makeover of his flat.

As I’m not OK with this maybe it is time for me to pack my bags. The question is where do I go. Before Brexit I had the option of moving to any country in the EU. But now that right has been removed as clearly a loss of personal freedoms is seen as progress….

So where are the countries that I should move to. The ones that still have a moral compass. The ones you can be proud of. Sadly that is not Britain.

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  1. So sad. I don’t get how everything that govt is doing wrong – the 1% being the latest of so much – can be overlooked by a majority just because of the vaccine rollout. As much as I loved my time in York, come to Canada!! 😊🇨🇦

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    1. In our Canadian province one can homeschool without punitive action from the authorities and no rigourous scrutiny. The move would ameliorate two nagging concerns.
      ..and we support UK spelling of English words unlike our neighbours (or read neighbors) to the south. 😉

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      1. I was going to say, “Don’t come to Australia then.” Same issues of – oh I’m trying to hard not to swear – stuffed up, corrupt, immoral, inhumane, selfish acts by – oh the swearing is bubbling up – idiots. Apparently the link is having a Murdoch press. Where ever it exists, D-heads get in power.

        So NZ is the answer. No Murdoch. No National press. But it does have its own issues. And I mean political and economic, not the geographical ones. I think about moving there. No country seems to have such a compassionate PM at the moment.

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  2. I think Brits are still more respected than Americans. We’re gonna be living with the damage and shame of the last 4 years for a long, long time.

    That is a STUNNING photo!! I’ve got the envy again😉💌💌💌

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  3. Unfortunately most countries have their strong and weak points. Our PM is widely praised abroad but there are plenty who don’t agree with her here. You just have to find the country which has the strong points that you need. Yes New Zealand does have issues with tsunamis, earthquakes, Mosque slaughtering, massive floods, erupting volcanoes, and a plummeting economy suffering from lack of overseas tourists. but it all depends on what you are looking for.

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  4. Yes New Zealand does have issues with tsunamis (Only a concern if you live on the coast), earthquakes (but only one or two big ones each year, yesterday excepted), Mosque slaughtering (only once and hopefully never to be repeated), massive floods (only a concern if you choose to live on a flood plain, and why anyone would choose to do so is beyond me as there’s plenty of other places to live), erupting volcanoes (having seen a few, they do look spectacular, however I wouldn’t recommend having one next door. For this reason I’d avoid Auckland as it’s sitting on over 50 volcanoes, the newest only 600 years old), and a plummeting economy suffering from lack of overseas tourists (actually our GDP is up on pre-covid, but I wouldn’t recommend a job as a tourist guide). but it all depends on what you are looking for (never a truer word said).

    lifecameos forgot to mention New Zealand is the least corrupt nation, the 8th happiest, and rates first or second on every freedom index. Of course there is one very big minus mark about moving here at present. Our borders are closed to non citizens and non- residents, even to those who have valid visas. And at the rate expat Kiwis are rushing home there literally is a queue to get in.

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  5. I feel the same. Don’t want to be a Brit. But my move wherever I would fit in, would have to an english speaking country, as I just struggle learning another language full stop. Couldn’t learn another language at school.

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  6. You could give Ireland a trial run.
    No country is perfect but we have a lot going for us here and we speak English and you could be here in no time and we like people like you and Hawklad who are caring, fun, creative, open ….

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  7. Our corruption is sooooooooo much worse. I’d cross SA off the list (if it was ever on it). It’s still a beautiful country though 🙂 Switzerland sounds just the ticket, although I don’t know what their immigration requirements are. Still, worth looking into, don’t you think?

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  8. It’ll have to be somewhere they can fit loads of us in. How they can face the country and state the NHS pay increase is 1% is beyond me!! After all the billions they’ve wasted on back hand deals and failed ideas and refurbishing no 10! Total insult!! 😤

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  9. I suppose i am just used to country has been a shit show for a long time.My yearly pay raise has been 1 % for as long as i can a nurse..even throughout the pandemic.i highly recommend crossing us off the list..better yet dont even write it down…lol

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  10. Way ahead of you Gary. If we could leave, we’d go tomorrow. It is disgusting the pathetic increase our NHS workers have been offered and don’t start me on the budget freezing personal allowances for 5 years saying no-one will go home with less in their wage packet. Gvmnt numbers are not real……….. we know that from their massaging of the figures of everything they touch, from Covid deaths to the number of unemployed. The rising costs of utility bills, food, and everything else that is a must to live ‘comfortably’ in poverty will mean most will be about £1000 a year worse off by the end of it.

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  11. Yeah, Gary. My companion and I have the same conversation all the time. The places that I would consider know better than to let any of us in.. I’ve been asking myself for a long time where I would be if I hadn’t been sent to the states and then got stuck here. I think there are enough of your followers that we could form our own nation….if we could find a bit of unoccupied land.

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      1. It will have to have tall hills, in case of Tsunami’s, but no volcanoes. Have to have plenty fresh water, maybe a nice waterfall. Lots of chickens so we can have eggs. I think we’d better say vegetarians only? Don’t care about communication or any of that stuff, just bring your fav. books….will Hawklad like it?

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  12. Being Canadian, and if you want an English-speaking nation, I would recommend New Zealand. I do not know everything about it, and I am sure they have their own problems, but a woman I went to University went there for a two–year contract, and she is now a citizen, and can’t wait to go back when she comes home to visit her mother.

    However, if you want beautiful mountains, I might suggest beautiful British Columbia, where you can visit mountains and oceanscapes in the same day. Yes, the government is still corrupt, and you got bunches of rednecks, but there are also a lot of gentle people there, and a lot of good music, etc. Live in the interior, party in Vancouver. Best town to live in, Nelson, but there are many other options, too. The coat islands are great, but if the big quake comes, they are toast.

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      1. It is beauty personified. I spent many years there in the 60s, and the 90s, with many trips between and since. There is a large gay community, which is mostly accepted by everyone. The zeitgeist is wonderful.
        If you choose the coastal area, winter is dreary, with a heavy mist in the air that soaks through your clothing, and skin. And in the mountain valleys, you can get 10 feet of snow in one drop. Great for skiing, but not so good for driving to work, lol.

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  13. Finland! A bit of cold at times, lots of taxes to pay, free health care, schooling, universities, no corruption, silent people, lots of space and beautiful forests and lakes.

    I would move to New Zealand to grow apricots if I had a change 🙂

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  14. Canada, yes! Please come. There’s plenty of space and you can choose your preferences as far as weather etc. is concerned. also on the plus side, we speak English (except in Quebec, but that might be a good excuse to learn to speak French). I seem to remember you writing that Hawklad likes snow, and if it’s mountains you want, we got those too. Haha

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  15. I’ve never been but I hear Switzerland is nice and not too far away from Britain so if you ever get homesick at least it’s not too far. Also, there is always Scandinavia.

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