Good to see I’m bringing our son up correctly. He learning the important stuff. The stuff which he will need going forward.

English set some homework to be done overnight. Read an article on a specific subject and answer questions. The class is currently analysing Macbeth. So the article was all about King James I and witchcraft.

Oh that’s fine Dad, don’t need to look at the article. I can answer any question on that subject….”

Really Son. The questions are quite random. They are about witches and folklore.

No problem at all Dad. I can do that…”

Ok without reading why was Macbeth shorter than other plays

James I was well known to become restless sitting through long plays”

Ok how many people were killed in Scotland during the witch trials.

Somewhere between 1400 and 1800″

What event convinced James I to act on witches

A bad storm almost killed Anne of Denmark at sea”

How do you know that… what was his first act against witchcraft after that event.

Easy he ordered the biggest ever witch hunt and witch trials around Berwick.”


James I wrote a book on witchcraft. He clearly had issues with witches. He passed the Witchcraft Act which made the first offence for any suspected witch behaviour a hanging and burning offence. Before that you only got executed if murder was involved

I think I need a coffee. That’s my level. I can’t even find my glasses most days….

66 thoughts on “Witches

  1. Trust him to know the gory stuff….isn’t that what appeals to kids? I had to learn Macbeth as well. Can’t believe after so many decades they are still analyzing it! Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

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  2. Brilliant! I love it. He knows what he loves. What interests him. I only wish that he was not being forced to fit into a square rather than being allowed to be fluid and learn about the things he finds of interest. Sorry same sentence twice to lazy to backspace lol. I love that he knows those facts more than if he knew the square root of 1,798,664. Hugs to both you and Hawklad. 🙂

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      1. Many years ago in another life I played Lady Macduff, got murdered for weeks on end, twice on Sats where there was a matinee, the best bit being how the lead murderer could never mind if the son was the young egg of treachery or the young fry and the discussions in the pub afterwards after we acted it out anyway. Nutz looking back but good times.

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      2. Ps..half the time when the murderers came in anyway they were already well tanked up. You have no idea how much a test of my ‘acting talents’ it was to pretend to be scared. But good times Great laughs,

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      3. You know…. it was such fun. Diff world. It also came back to me that one night once we’d all come offstage, yak, yak yakking , in the dark I stepped off the edge of the spiral staircase at the back of the scaffolding plunging several feet to the ground, to this day, having a gammy ankle over the head of that.

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      4. I know. It came back to me yesterday that that night was this awful one entirely for secondary schoolchildren…….. Just letting that sit there. I think at the time after the struggle the leads were having, at every turn, we were chinning about how it was good to get out our bit alive…….

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  3. The truth about autism: Somewhere there is genius-level ability. I think Hawklad just showed you his. I advise taking him to Salem to practise sighting witches, and then take him to Parliament, and then Congress, with a stopover in Canadian Parliament. He can rid the governments of useless politicians, just tell him to look for the witch-like zombies who can’t sleep at night because they are too busy trying to ignore their consciences.
    What am I thinking? Politicians don’t have consciences! But they are ?itches.


  4. Bright lad. He does have his areas of expertise. I guess we all do. You do too. Aren’t you a sporty super being? You did also mention something about catching coins from your elbow. Oh, and there’s that whole Superdad thing. I bet there are more super skills. 😊 Stay out of the rain Superdad. ❤

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  5. I guess Hawklad had a slight interest in James I 🤣🤣🤣 It’s too bad schools don’t let kids pursue their interests… make learning fun.

    I bet you could tell us lots about climbing 😉 I agree with Tina, don’t sell yourself short Gary Kermit Superdad 💌💌💌

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