Its now officially over a year since our family lockdown started. A whole year. How spooky is that. Well at least I’ve kept my sanity.

Well that’s what the Apple Tree told me but the Nettle Patch wasn’t so sure. Unbelievably this Flower Patch thought I had completely flipped my lid. But these have always been PERENNIAL troublemakers. With feedback like that no wonder I talk to myself.

63 thoughts on “Sanity

      1. I STILL have that pain in my foot if I am on it too long. I have tried getting up really early to get some slow miles on my treadmill before Bob “goes to work.” It is something I guess. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do distance again. I am hoping for a few flat miles here and there.

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  1. I just read a headline that Canada’s capital, Ottawa, which is about a 4ish hours’ drive east of Toronto, is considering stepping back toward lockdown again as of tomorrow. Something about the variants. They are in red zone now. The zone before lockdown is grey. They want to go back to grey. Even though I did not see any significant downturns in numbers (or significant increases in deaths) while in lockdown. It makes ZERO sense to me.

    No clue if/when vaccines are coming. They are barely getting the over 80s done (and they aren’t even the spreaders in the community, so don’t ask me about the logic there)…Why can’t they vaccinate those who are working/shopping in the community SIMULTANEOUSLY as the seniors? They release info on social media, people call or book online only to be told they have no vaccines. Sigh.

    Maddening. It’ll be months until the GenXers get their vaccines in Canada. Ridiculous.

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  2. I enjoyed our six weeks of lockdown. The hustle and bustle of modern life is rather ;exhausting, but even tben i was able to visit parks etc within an hour’s walking distance. I’m not sure that I could survive a whole year in lockdown. I wouldn’t just be talking to myself, I’d be having full blown shouting matches, possibly with some violence thrown in for good measure.

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