Another one of those school at home days for Hawklad. Two lessons fully made available and with in lesson email support. Can’t fault that support at all. Then two lessons with absolutely nothing. No support. No classroom material. No idea what the class did.

Yesterday was a similar picture. One complete lesson with full classroom support. One lesson with some documents shared but no support. Then two ghost lessons. Absolutely nothing. Complete radio silence.

That creates kind of a problem. In some subjects Hawklad is keeping up with the class. But in other subjects repeated missing or incomplete lessons will eventually take its toll. He will fall behind. With no prospect of him returning any time soon the issues with certain subjects will grow. A time will come when he can’t make up the gap.

It’s a real concern. I’ve spoken to school, but these are such challenging times for schools. I guess it’s just making the best of it for the moment. Hanging in there until Hawklad is able to return or he opts out of school teaching permanently.

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  1. Can’t he homeschool for this “year” then re-enroll next year if he’s ready/able? It doesn’t have to be forever does it?
    Younger did homeschool for a while, then finished at an actual school. Went from dropping out, being 1.5 years behind, to graduating early.

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    1. My 10p worth: The support for home-school instead of school at home is much better (parents and other parents and those that have done that, got the Tshirt…) There’s no fitting in to a system, it’s learning holistically around the child and how the child takes interest in things, not the school’s interest at heart (teacher advancements and league tables).

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      1. You do get what I mean by “Home School” right? Once you start home schooling under the “Education Otherwise” label, there’s no right or wrong way to educate. It is up to the parent and child to work together on out how to go forward in the child’s best interest. Learning things about one subject and finding that it has added benefits of maths and English thrown in. Say building a hen coup and finding out how to do the measurements and the best way to keep hens happy, well fed… Reading up on hen welfare, writing about that… Anyways, you never have to worry about going back to school again. Other children in the area being educated in the same way can become good buddies online etc… Well, like you say, the other local schools are full.


      2. You have had to become both “Dad” and “Mum” in a way. I know I’ve worn all the same hats you’re being asked to wear. 👑 Commanding respect and not demanding it. 👒 Being the one that comforts. 🎓 Teaching how to be real, survival skills and all by examples (not always the type of example I’d recommend retrospectively).

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      3. Thankfully home education is legal in the UK and is an alternative to the mandatory state school system and NOT a part of it. There are no strict rules for the parents to follow, but that we can all understand the need to prove an education is actually taking place. Therefore there’s an almost secretarial role to be played by the parent, making sure the local authority is reassured by their notes and that the child is not being left out. I suppose the Education Plan awards were invented in your area to reassure some members of the local authority staff. Bless ’em.

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  2. Aotearoa New Zealand has a 100 year tradition of providing “distance learning” to those who need it. It’s for students who may:
    •Live a long way from their nearest school
    •Live overseas
    •Have exceptional sporting or arts ability which means they cannot regularly attend school
    •Have been excluded/expelled or alienated from a face-to-face school
    •Have high health needs
    •Have special needs
    •Require curriculum adaptation
    •Not be able to enrol in specific subjects at their regular school
    •Be an adult wanting to learn or gain school qualifications.
    I think if Hawklad was here, he’d qualify under special needs, curriculum adaptation and possibly enrolment for specific subjects (I seem to recall that he wanted to study a subject not available at the local school)
    If a nation such as the UK doesn’t provide such an schooling service, then those in charge of education should be ashamed of themselves.

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    1. Oh my word, I just put “homeschooling” in the Google search and before I could put another word in, there was a sort of drop down menu appear and it had:
      homeschooling memes,
      homeschooling wales,
      homeschooling quotes…
      So, (and because you know how bad I have a sense of humour) of course I looked at the memes, they’re blinkin’ 🤪 hilarious! 😂 🤣 😁 and of course as well there was Basil!

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  3. One can only work with what one has. In the absence of anything….not much point in worrying…eventually school will have to acknowledge their short comings…won’t they? Your lad is smart…he’ll catch up.

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